Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 290: Shall We Go to Fengshi Kindergarten to Meet Cindy?

Amber White felt shortness of breath. They were close, and her red lips were between Sean Smith’s breath. She could kiss him with a slight bow.

After leaning over, Sean Smith found out that Amber White’s face was very smooth and clean, which seemed to be covered with a thin layer of white velvet, and it stimulated his heart.

Sean Smith thought that he seemed to be crazy and wanted to kiss Amber White …

“President Smith?”

Amber White suddenly spoke, Sean Smith instantly came to his senses, and his pupil contracted with a cold light.

Amber White licked her lips and whispered, “I have finished the needles. Let’s go to Fengshi kindergarten to meet Cindy, shall we?”

Sean Smith stared at Amber White’s lips carefully, and she showed some redness of the skin. When the tip of her tongue stretched out, it seemed very tempting. Sean Smith thought that his throat was still a little dry …

“After receiving Cindy, we will buy some clothes and daily necessities. I will move to Hai Wan Xiang Xie today.”

Sean Smith’s lustful eyes disappeared in an instant.

He leaned back slightly and said with a sneer, “I haven’t finished yet!”

Amber White looked over and found that Sean Smith was approaching her again. He leaned against Amber White’s ear and said, “For Smith Group, I am willing to make concessions and cooperate with you …”

“But, Amber White, you are absolutely not allowed to go to Hai Wan Xiang Xie!”

Amber White paused and looked at Sean Smith in disbelief. He said coldly, “Don’t Director White remember? Hai Wan Xiang Xie is the wedding room I am going to use to marry Lin Man! “

Amber White’s eyelashes suddenly jumped and her face turned pale.

Yes, she suddenly remembered a little thing that happened three years ago!

On the wedding day, after they came out of the hotel, Tomas Smith originally wanted to send her to Hai Wan Xiang Xie.

However, Hai Wan Xiang Xie was empty, but Hai Wan Xiang Xie was replaced by a fingerprint lock. Sean Smith was very dissatisfied with this and Tomas Smith felt helpless. Finally, she was welcomed to the Smith family’s old house!

Tomas Smith once called Sean Smith, and she stood aside, so she heard very clearly!

Sean Smith said that Hai Wan Xiang Xie was his wedding room with Lin Man. No one could live in except Lin Man!

When she was pregnant, she felt as if she was in the ice and snow, full of despair!

After recalling the past, Amber White still felt breathless. She had loved him for so many years, but he took good care of others and was full of feelings …

Amber White felt bored, but suddenly she smiled, “Sean, I just want Hai Wan Xiang Xie. I advise you to stop thinking about Lin Man. If I don’t give the position of Mrs. Smith to others, she will never have a chance! “

Sean Smith’s pupils contracted. “Amber White, don’t be greedy!”

“If you agree, I will take you and Cindy to live in the old house!”

“This effect is the same!”

Amber White wouldn’t give in, “I just want Hai Wan Xiang Xie. If you think that you and Lin Man still have a chance, then you can help her prepare the wedding room at the other places! “

“In addition, on the night when Tang Tian was locked in Ye Se Bar, I had already lived in Hai Wan Xiang Xie!”

“Sean, don’t you have the sopophobia, don’t you think it is creepy if you give it to Lin Man?”

Sean Smith suddenly showed a cold face. He tilted his head and stared at Amber White with deep and remote eyes. After a while, he suddenly sneered and said, “Okay!”


“Amber White, you are so good!”

He suddenly stood up and was about to leave when Amber White suddenly reached out and grabbed Sean Smith’s wrist.

“Sean, you can’t go!”

Amber White whispered, “There must be reporters outside the hospital. If you leave now, then our previous efforts will fall short! “

“For Smith Group and your dad, you must be patient!”

Sean Smith took a deep breath. He looked very gloomy with a straight face. “Can’t I go out and smoke?”

Amber White licked her lips and let go.

After walking out of the ward, Sean Smith was instantly enveloped in the sultry air outside. Sean Smith lit a cigarette and took a heavy breath.

Amber White was really having too many intrigues and she was simply a modern schemer!

Her heart is not pure. He was really worried that one day in the future, if he neglected something, he would be set up by Amber White!

Sean Smith lit a cigarette and saw an incoming call.

Sean Smith took out his mobile phone and glanced at the caller ID. This was Xu Lin.

Sean Smith suddenly remembered that the owner of the paternity test agency had been sent to the police station, and Sean Smith asked Xu Lin to know about the follow-up…

He suddenly understood, and immediately connected the phone.

“What is it?”

“President Smith, the police have accepted the case. I signed a confidentiality agreement with this boss before… “

“If he go through the operation of the our ministry of law, this person is expected to be severely punished!”

Sean Smith didn’t hear a word he wanted to hear. His veins stood out on his forehead, and he seemed to have an impulse to remove Xu Lin!

He didn’t have any insight except his ability to handle affairs!

“I ask you, did he explain why he wanted to disclose the paternity test?”

Xu Lin replied, “He did. He said he knew me, so he knew you were going to have a paternity test. Finally, he wants to blackmail some money … “

“He originally wanted to blackmail your money, but I signed a confidentiality agreement with him. So he deliberately sold it to reporters! “

Sean Smith spat out the smoke with a straight face.

“According to you, the paternity test I got before is true?”

The other end of the phone became silent, and Sean Smith also paused.

After that, Xu Lin said, “He said that the paternity test that came out on the Internet is true!”

That was to say, Cindy White was not his daughter.

Sean Smith licked his lips, and Xu Lin immediately said, “President Smith, you can rest assured. The relationship at the police station has been cleared, and I can guarantee that there will be no gossip! “

Sean Smith kept silent, and Xu Lin came to his senses.

What Sean Smith wanted to hear was definitely not this!

“President Smith, I think that boss can do anything for money, so his words are not credible!”

“We might as well take this opportunity to urgently go to a formal institution to do it again.”

Xu Lin became cautious when talking, while Sean Smith sneered and said, “What if the baby really isn’t mine?!”

“Will you bear the losses of Smith Group?”

Xu Lin shrank his neck. “So … I’ll go to other places and continue to do it again?”

Sean Smith shook his head. “No!”

It’s enough that this happened once. No matter how unreliable the boss was, he was better than Amber White!

Sean Smith had thought that if Cindy White was really a child for Smith family, Amber White must have many ways to send her to Smith family’s genealogy.

She was a thoughtful person, so she wouldn’t endure humiliation for so many years!

With this, Sean Smith hung up the phone directly.

The sunlight outside was dazzling. There was a huge poplar tree outside the window of the corridor. Its leaves were delicate and charming, but it blocked half of the light.

This made the environment look a little narrow.

Sean Smith stood for a while and finally came to his senses from his daze, then turned around.

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