Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 292: Dad, Do You Feel Unhappy?

Cindy White’s eyes became brightened. “Dad!”

Sean Smith’s deep eyes suddenly became gloomy.

Almost when his mood fluctuated, Cindy White felt it keenly. She looked up at Sean Smith timidly. “Dad, are you unhappy?”

Sean Smith took the drink, had a sip and then walked to Cindy White.

After he hesitated, he still seemed relaxed, fell heavily into the sofa.

Amber White came out of the kitchen before answering Cindy White’s words. She came out with egg custard.

Walking to Cindy White, she slowly fed the custard to Cindy White.

“Mom, why does Dad ignore me?”

Amber White’s movements suddenly stopped. She glanced in Sean Smith’s direction and whispered, “Don’t feel sad, your father will take you to your grandparents’ home later!”

Sean Smith suddenly stopped.

Was this the decision Amber White just made?

Did he agree to this?

When going to their old house before, she made such a big noise. Now Amber White was going to go to the old house and accuse of him?

Sean Smith turned his head and stared at Amber White, while he spoke with a creepy and calm tone. “When did I say we were going to the old house?”

Amber White didn’t look back. “Just now your father called and asked us to have dinner.”

“I am very busy!”

What he meant was that he wouldn’t go. If they wanted to go, they would go there.

Sean Smith had just finished it when his cell phone on the desktop rang. On the broken screen, the name Lin Man seemed to be split apart and dazzling for no reason.

Amber White looked back and just saw these two words.

She tugged at the corners of her mouth, her eyes were mingled with a few casual looks. Fine light seeped in, which seemed to give this carelessness a shallow sadness.

“Sean, you said you were very busy. Are you just busy meeting your old lover? “

The way she talked…

Sean Smith’s eyes flashed with anger.

Amber White dared to question him in such a confident tone. What made her do so?

Did she forget how she took the position of young lady of Smith family?

“Why, does Director White have a problem with this?”

Sean Smith smiled and then asked, “In what role did Director White give advice? Mrs Smith? The young lady of Smith family? Lin Man’s best friend? Or … “

His eyes fell on Cindy White, biting his teeth and saying in a cold and heavy tone, “In the name of my child’s mother?”

No matter from which angle, he said this to humiliate her.

Amber White seemed calm. She smiled and said lightly.

“I have no opinion on this. Sean, you are under the attack of public opinion now. If you go to her, it doesn’t seem appropriate, does it? “

“I heard that a reporter knocked on Lin Man’s door. Do you still want to drag her into this trouble?”

Sean Smith wore a straight face.

His cell phone bell was still ringing, and Amber White’s fingertips holding porcelain bowls and spoons were faintly pale.

Sean Smith didn’t have the habit of saving the mobile phone number, but for so many years, he had always had a contact in his phone book.

Eleven years ago, maybe for a time, this was Amber White’s number, and now …

Amber White’s eyes flashed a trace of shock.

While they confronted each other, Cindy White touched Sean Smith’s cell phone with her hand. The screen of this mobile phone was broken, and Cindy White slid the connect button to connect the phone.

She asked lovingly, “Hello?”


Lin Man’s voice was as calm as ever, which was like a spring flowing in the heart, making people feel relaxed.

“It’s me! Aunt Lin Man, are you looking for my father? “

Amber White turned pale when she heard Cindy White call out Lin Man’s name accurately. She tilted her head stiffly and looked at her daughter.

She sat between them with her head down and her legs crossed. With a smile on her white face, she seemed to be in a good mood.

“Yes, where is your father?”

Sean Smith reached out to answer the phone, but Cindy White suddenly said,

“My father and mother are together.”

Sean Smith’s body suddenly became stiff. he looked at Cindy White in disbelief, and her face had a pure smile,

“Aunt Lin Man, why do you want to see my father?”

“We are going to play at my grandparent’s home today. When we come back, my father and mother and I will go to play with you again, okay? “

The other end of the phone became silent.

Amber White suddenly grabbed the mobile phone and threw it into Sean Smith’s hand. She reached out and grabbed Cindy’s shoulder, then dragged her into her arms.

Her face turned pale, and her heart seemed to be buried in the snow. Even her breath seemed to be frozen, with a cold breath.

Lin Man’s voice seemed to ring in her ear again.

[Amber, Smith family forced me to give birth a child for Sean, and forced me to give him a descendant! ] [Amber, you like him, right? Please help me. Smith family needs at least one child. As for who gave birth to this child, Smith family doesn’t care at all! ]

How did Lin Man and Cindy get to know each other so well?

She suddenly remembered the news she had seen at the police station.

Sean Smith came back with Lin Man last night.

Amber White was angry, but finally wanted to laugh. At that time last night, Sean Smith thought Cindy was his daughter, and then he was anxious to call Lin Man!

Was Sean Smith going to let Cindy know her stepmother first?

Amber White closed her eyes. If so, she would rather hope that Sean Smith never know his relationship with Cindy!

Her trance were finally called back by the stinging pain on her chin.

Amber White came to her senses and saw Sean Smith’s gloomy eyes.

“Amber White, this is the good daughter you taught!”

Sean Smith’s hands were so strong that Amber White couldn’t help but cry out in pain.

There was a ferocious look in his eyes.

Cindy White was only three years old now, so she wouldn’t show off with Lin Man at all. Unless Amber White taught her to do so!

She was taught by her biological mother to protect Amber White’s interests, and then to help her stabilize her position!

Amber White just felt that her chin seemed to be crushed by Sean Smith, and the pain made her gasp involuntarily.

The atmosphere between them instantly became very tense. Cindy White was among them, and her eyes turned red instantly.


“Dad, don’t hit my mother!”

Cindy White took Sean Smith’s arm, showing her pale face, while her eyes were full of horror.

Sean Smith came to his senses and suddenly pulled back his hand with a straight face.

Amber White’s chin was left with two deep finger marks.

She rubbed her chin with her hand and lowered her eyes. She took out her mobile phone and looked at the time, “Sean, it’s four o’clock in the afternoon, we should go to the old house!”

Upstairs, the decoration of the secondary bedroom was deafening. Sean Smith loosened the neckline, while his lips pinched into a thin blade. He suddenly stood up and walked out quickly.

Cindy White looked at Sean Smith’s back with tears in her eyes,

“Mom,doesn’t dad like what I said?”

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