Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 293: Your Dad Didn’t Beat Your Mom!

Amber White felt anxious.

Cindy regarded Sean Smith as her father, and lived in a family situation similar to single parent since childhood. Therefore, it was understandable that she swore sovereignty to those who coveted her father …

Amber White could only hold back her tears, wore a gentle smile on her face. “Cindy, you can’t say such things in the future, do you know?”

“You can’t answer your father’s phone without your father’s consent! It is very impolite to do so! “

Cindy White nodded with tears in her eyes. She choked and said, “Mom, if I were polite, wouldn’t my father beat you?”

Amber White rubbed Cindy White’s head with her hand. “No, your father didn’t beat your mother!”

She took Cindy White’s sun-protective clothing, then put it on her body and whispered, “Cindy, be good, we will go to your grandparents’ house with your father!”

Cindy White shrank into Amber White’s arms and nodded sadly.

She was very good. Her cleverness was shown when she was young.

Amber White licked her dry lips and whispered to Cindy White, “Cindy, you have to promise your mother that when your father goes out to play with friends again in the future, don’t go with him, Okay?”

Cindy White looked at Amber White with her crystal eyes and said, “Mom, are you talking about Lin Man?”

She turned her head sideways, twisted her little hands together and said with injustice,

“But my father said Lin Man is his girlfriend, and they will get married in the future!”

Sean Smith came to the underground garage of Hai Wan Xiang Xie and suddenly stopped.

He frowned.

Something was wrong! Why did Amber White say he was going to the old house and he had to obey?

Sean Smith turned around subconsciously. Was Amber White going to train him as a dog?

He took a step and then suddenly stopped

No way. If he went back now, it would become a clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure!

He must be going to the old house. He couldn’t waste his precious time in anger with Amber White!

With this, Sean Smith went into the underground garage, then drove out the car closest to the door and stopped at the edge of the flower bed. He lit a cigarette while waiting for Amber White.

Xu Lin was in Hai Wan Xiang Xie at this time, and Sean Smith wanted to know about the company, so he directly touched his mobile phone and made a phone call to Zhou Ruo.

No sooner had the phone been connected than the woman over there answered the phone.

“President Smith!”

Sean Smith replied, and then asked in a low voice, “What is the situation of the company now?”

Zhou Ruo’s voice was a little relaxed, “President Smith, the online public opinion has been controlled. The clarification method chosen by Director White is very effective! “

“We counted in the morning that after the scandal broke, the market value of Smith Group lost 8.4 billion yuan.”

“Since the clarification plan came out, the previously lost benefits are being fully recovered!”

“President Smith, this turmoil not only did not bring losses to Smith Group, but we actually gained more than the last wife abuse scandal!”

In the end, Zhou Ruo remained silent.

After that, she regretted it. She shouldn’t mention his privacy and shortcomings!

The other end of the phone became silent, and Sean Smith turned his head and watched Amber White lead Cindy White out of the villa.

After a while, he didn’t answer.

Amber White was still wearing that little dress. She was not particularly tall, so when she led Cindy White to this side, it made her slender figure look even slimmer.

Undeniably, Amber White’s public relations means even made Lu Yi, the head of public relations department, suffer an eclipse.

Her bra in seemed to be a perfect machine, and she could always find a solution at the first time after something happened.

Sean Smith raised his lips, but he soon pinched his lips.

It’s interesting that he observed this turbulent event. The relationship between Amber White and him was also incompatible as fire and water!

He was still in the mood to praise Amber White here!

If she was incapable, how could she overcome mountains of difficulties, take care of the children, and then made Lin Man out and became Mrs Smith?

If she didn’t have any means, how could she coax her father to be happy, and then let him directly teach him a lesson if he encountered anything?

Sean Smith raised his mouth, but this time, there was no trace of smile between his lips and teeth.

“I know!”

With this, Sean Smith hung up the phone.

At this point, Amber White had opened the door and put Cindy White on the rear seat. She went round to the co-pilot and sat down.

Before Amber White’s seat belt was fastened, Sean Smith stepped on the accelerator, and the car was like an arrow leaving the string and suddenly rushed out!

Amber White was unprepared for this and immediately moved forward. Her brain hit the car and she felt dizzy.


Amber White shook his head and whispered, “I’m fine.”

Sean Smith squinted at in this direction. His expression was dull, and there was hardly any difference.

If he didn’t make trouble in the car now, how could Amber White tell his father when he arrived at the old house later?

An hour later, Smith family’s old house.

Sean Smith and his parties entered the door. At this point, the old house seemed quiet and there was no sound at all.

Amber White went ahead. When she walked to the living room, she saw Tomas Smith sitting in the living room with glasses and playing with his mobile phone.


Amber White cried, “Why are you the only one here? Where’s mom? “

With this, Tomas Smith looked back and saw Amber White coming, and a smile appeared on his serious face, “It’s Amber. Your mother is upstairs, she will come down later! “

With this, Tomas Smith lowered his head to look at the mobile phone again.

At his age, he usually read economic, military and political newspapers. Amber White saw him bow his head to play with his mobile phone and asked curiously.

“Dad, what are you looking at?”

Tomas Smith didn’t look up, smiled and whispered, “I’m watching today’s entertainment news.”

The smile on Amber White’s face was solidified instantly. She looked at Sean Smith subconsciously. At this time, his feet just stepped into the living room. When he heard it, he looked at Amber White with gloomy eyes.

He just came in a little late, and Amber White encouraged his father to watch the news?

His father was sure to feel angry after such a big incident. At that time, wasn’t he the one who was scolded?

Was Amber White worried that he would recover from his back injury?

He took a deep breath and led Cindy White through the door.

Even when he saw Sean Smith, Tomas Smith’s face didn’t change much, but the gentleness on his face disappeared a little.

Amber White frowned.

“Dad, something on the Internet …”

Tomas Smith suddenly interrupted her, “Cindy, who thought of this clarification plan?”

Amber White paused and made no answer.

Sean Smith, who sat idly on the sofa, sneered. No wonder she suddenly came to the old house.

It turned out that she looked for his father to get something and let him watch Amber White “get a reward”?

Sean Smith’s face became more gloomy. “Who else could this be? How can it be others except your daughter-in-law? “

“Dad, I think Mrs. Smith’s mind is so meticulous and her means of public relations is so strong. If you just let her stay in the marketing department, it really put her on a job unworthy of her talents! “

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