Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 294: Decent Woman?

“Or let me discuss with my cousin to adjust her position with him?”

There wasn’t much of promotion potential in marketing department, and she didn’t even have a man. How could Amber live her life happily?

Tomas’ face darkened in an instant. He slapped his hand against the table, “Son of a bitch. That decent woman will be willing to move to the public relations department?”

“Don’t ever say such word again! Or I will never forgive you!”

Tomas glared, yet Sean wasn’t afraid. The smile on his face grew.

“Decent woman?”

“Three years ago, I think you have ever heard how Amber’s reputation was in Tong City!”

“Even if never heard of it, how far can a person be so decent when you got pregnant before marriage?”

Amber’s face had turned pale. The smile on Sean’s face grew and he whispered, “Furthermore, dad, what period is it now? People are all equal in terms of work!”

“There are plenty of women in the Smith Group’s public relations department. You can’t say that they all aren’t decent! Right, Director White?”

Amber had turned pale. She knew that the reason Sean said that was to humiliate her.

“People indeed are all equal in terms of work, but I’m lucky to deal with those two news!”

“Lu Yi has worked longer in the Smith Group than me. He understands the Smith Group’s culture, origin and development far better than me!”

“Besides, he’s an expert in cultural literacy. I may not be able to do better than Lu Yi if I go to the public relations department!”

There was a smile again in the corner of Tomas’ eyes, “Lu Yi is also a good child!”

Sean’s face was looking grave.

It was the same old stuff for Amber to praise Lu Yi.

She could even get the old man’s approval!

Amber was really great at flattery. It was no wonder that the old man didn’t move when he saw his own biological son. It was because he wasn’t as entertaining as Amber White!

All three of them had smiles on their faces and the atmosphere seemed very harmonious. When Mrs. Smith came downstairs, she felt strange.

After she arrived, she started to eat. Jiang Xue and Fang Weiwei weren’t around, and there wasn’t a lot of dishes were prepared.

Sitting at the dining table, Mrs. Smith couldn’t hold back and asked, “Which one is the real paternity test’s result?”

Amber’s movement was halted.

Tomas was the first one to glance at Mrs. Smith unhappily.

“Of course the one in Sean’s hand is the real one. The moment Amber entered the door, I ever said that the child in her stomach is belonged to Sean!”

“Isn’t this all because of this unfilial son? He didn’t believe me and must do a paternity test!”

“If it isn’t for him looking for troubles and messing the Smith Group with wicked tricks, he has almost made the Smith Group lose its reputation!”


Mrs. Smith’s face bloomed with a smile. She looked at Cindy. No matter how she looked at her, she had always liked her.

“I’ve said how Cindy looks similar to Sean when he was a child. How could she not be Sean’s child?!”

“Beautiful. My granddaughter is indeed beautiful!”

Mrs. Smith and Tomas were delighted, yet Amber didn’t have the appetite to eat.

She felt a little uneasy. As soon as she stopped her movement, Sean suddenly slammed down his chopsticks.

The atmosphere suddenly froze.

His movement was sudden and his chopsticks had knocked on his soup.

Tomas glanced at Sean, “What are you doing?!”

“Get out of here if you’re not hungry!”

Even Mrs. Smith, who had always been caring of Sean, took a look at Sean and said, “Yeah. Everything was good. What are you doing slamming down your chopsticks?”

“What if you have scared the child?”

Mrs. Smith said, reaching out to touch Cindy’s face. She stroked her frightened face and softly soothed her, “Your dad has gone too far, scaring our little sweetie. I’ll scold him!”

Sean sneered, “Little sweetie?”

“Mom, come on. Have you called the wrong person?!”

Sean got up and said, “The boss of the paternity test institution has been sent to the police station by me. He has already said that I have nothing to do with that child!”

“I have never touched Amber. She’s even a person who isn’t interested in asexual reproduction!”

Sean’s mouth had always been venomous. The words he said was full of humiliation. Amber could only feel the heat on her face. There was never a time that she wouldn’t rush over Sean in an instant to shut his mouth.

Sean glanced at Amber and saw her crimson face.

Was she pretending to be innocent in front of the elders? Playing self-pity?

Amber was simply wanting him to be rewarded with a whip. They had just a one or two meal together. He wasn’t afraid!

Sean looked at Mrs. Smith who was surprised, and he said, “Mom, I’ve accepted to raise someone else’s child!”

“But more than that, I’ve done what I should have done. The things I didn’t do it, I won’t admit any of them!”

Amber gently put down her chopsticks, “Sean, you’ve said too far!”

“Three years of marriage. I can count how many times you came to Xingyue Bay with my fingers. What do you mean you raise someone else’s child?!”

“Is your misunderstanding to the word ‘raise’ too deep?”

As she spoke, Tomas had returned to his senses too.

The corner of Amber’s mouth twitched, “I don’t care what you say about me. But please don’t involve my child!”

“This is the most basic etiquette a person has to have in the world!”

“For you have lived in a century-old family like the Smith shouldn’t have not understand it!”

Sean’s eyelashes fluttered and his lips were shut tightly. He stared at Amber, motionless, like a perfect sculpture.

Amber White was mocking him!

She dared to mock his lack of education in front of the elders!

Sean sneered. Did Amber has the right to critique his lack of education when she had the nerve to do that kind of thing in the bedroom?

“Fantastic. Director White is indeed the director of the marketing department. She has a really sharp tongue!”

Amber pressed her lips and Cindy had stopped eating. She turned her head to look at Amber, and there were tears filling her eyes.

“Mommy, what are you guys talking?”

As soon as Cindy opened her mouth, Tomas’ face darkened. He glared at Sean, “You son of a bitch. What are you talking about?”

“Apologize to Amber and Cindy!”

Sean was motionless.

Amber didn’t put it into her heart either. She lowered her head, wanting to coax Cindy. Then her right side of her face was instantly exposed to Tomas’ eyes.

Before she came, Amber had treated her injury again and covered it with powder.

The concealment before was pretty good. With her lowering head, Tomas’ line of sight saw through the powder and saw the unneglectable wound under it.

“Amber, you…”

“Why is your face injured?” Tomas said, then he suddenly remembered of something. His eyes were like iron hooks that could pierce through human flesh. He glared at Sean and asked Amber, “Did this bastard do it?”

Amber helplessly whispered, “Dad, it has nothing to do with him!”

Tomas didn’t believe her. He widened his eyes and angrily snarled, “I saw the news today. It said that the reason for him to do the paternity test is to prevent Cindy from being bullied!”

“I have stupidly believed it. How can I not know what kind of bastard Sean is?”

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