Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 295: Why Did You Suddenly Think of to Do a Paternity Test?!

Tomas stood up and picked up a stool to throw it at Sean!

“You bastard!”

“You don’t care the Smith Group’s safety, you don’t respect your parents, and you even ruined Amber’s face! You even have the thought to kill someone before. Are you even a human being? If I kill you today, it’s for the society!”

Amber was so surprised that she hurriedly stopped Tomas. The Smith’s dining stools were made of gold nyatoh wood. They weren’t only heavy, but also very strong. If he was hit by it, Sean would seriously die!

Mrs. Smith was also surprised by Tomas. By the way he moved, he looked like he really wanted to kill her son!

She collapsed on the chair in frightened and her whole face was pale!

However, as soon as the situation changed, the servant hurriedly took Cindy upstairs.


“The injury on my face is because of an unreliable entertainment reporter!”

“If it was really because of Sean and he wanted to ruin my face, how would he make such a small wound?”

“It really has nothing to do with him!”

Hearing this, Tomas didn’t loosen his grip on the dining stool. Instead, he glared at Sean with dark eyes and he said with hatred, “Okay. Let’s say that the injury on Amber’s face has nothing to do with you!”

“Sean Smith, explain honestly to me. It’s been three years, why did you suddenly think of to do a paternity test?!”

The expression on Sean’s face didn’t change. As if even if Tomas was really going to kill him, his expression won’t change a little!

“Don’t tell me bullshits like it’s for the child’s sake!”

“I don’t believe it!”

Sean laughed.

The old man was his father. He had wanted to kill him for Amber White wasn’t the first time too!

This was Amber’s scheme!

She had been provoking the relationship between him and the old man more than once!

When the old man killed him and made a will, the first heir had to be Amber’s daughter!

Sean laughed. His face stained with gloominess. “Why else did I do a paternity test?”

“In order to divorce her. Not only that, but I also want her to leave the Smith!”

“Don’t even think that Amber White will take even a cent from the Smith!”

The blood in Tomas’ whole body was flowing and rushing straight to his forehead. The air in his chest seemed to be squeezed, and his breathing looked ragged…


Amber immediately noticed the strangeness in Tomas.

She stretched out her hands to support Tomas. She said in panicked, “Dad, what’s wrong?”

“Mom, mom! Call the doctor!”

“No! We drive to the hospital!”

Sean was also startled. He walked towards Tomas’ side in a two or three steps, carrying him to go outside.

“No, you can’t go to the hospital!”

Tomas’ voice was stammering. It was hoarse and unpleasant, “To send me to the hospital at this time will collapse… your clarification. The Smith Group… will be over.”

Amber was anxious with tears falling.

“Dad, stop talking…”

Amber felt like her heart was being torn into two. It had been so long for her to feel this painful.

In this world, he was the only elder who treated her sincerely and took care of her!

The moment she thought that something would happen to Tomas, her whole body was trembling.

“Ru… Smith Group is… my life’s hard work.”

Amber burst into tears in an instant and Mrs. Smith was trembling, stopping Sean and helping Tomas to sit on the sofa.

“I’ll call our family doctor!”

Tomas had just had a heart bypass surgery not long ago and he was upset. At this time, the safest thing to do was to send Tomas to the hospital!

But he wouldn’t.

For his entire life, he only risked for the Smith Group. He really hoped that the Smith Group could continue!

The doctor arrived soon. Tomas’ condition wasn’t that serious. The doctor gave him an injection and his dark face slowly disappeared.

“Mr. Smith can’t get any emotional anymore in this condition!”

“It was lucky for him this time! His luck can’t be this good every time!”

Mrs. Smith nodded with tears in her eyes.

She had lost three of her sons. She couldn’t lose Tomas too.

After the doctor left, Tomas was lying on the large bed and said, “Ru, Amber, I want to talk with… Sean alone!”

Amber and Mrs. Smith looked at each other, and walked of the bedroom unanimously in the end.

Amber carefully closed the master bedroom’ door. Mrs. Smith gave her a cold look and said, “Amber, come with me!”

Amber followed Mrs. Smith to downstairs and walked to the corner of the stairs. Mrs. Smith couldn’t hold back and suddenly turned her head, swinging a slap on Amber’s face.


Amber didn’t see that coming. And Mrs. Smith’s slap was filled with rage too. The woman’s white and tender face quickly showed five fingers red marks.

Amber’s face was hot and painful. She was dumbfounded. She unconsciously reached out her hand to cover her face. Mrs. Smith lowered her voice and cursed, “Amber White, you’re a walking disaster. Since you entered our door, there isn’t a day our family can live peacefully!”

“In the beginning, it was just Sean who got the whip, and now even Tomas was attacked. Are you planning to kill me next?!”

Amber covered her face and stood at the stairs. Her eyes were dimmed.

This time, as far as Amber was concerned, it was truly an undeserved bad luck!

She rubbed her throbbing face. Mrs. Smith had hit her right cheek which was injured and it was seriously burning.

“Mom, you hit the wrong person!”

Amber said and suddenly smiled.

“It wasn’t me who asked Sean to do the paternity test. The paternity test was exposed has nothing to do with me. After the news came out, I racked my brain to turn the tide…”

Amber looked at Mrs. Smith and chuckled, “Or, are you not satisfied with the result I handled?”

“Or, I’ll confess to the reporter. That the result is changed by me and that Cindy isn’t Sean’s daughter, then we immediately divorce?!”

“I dare you!”

Mrs. Smith screamed and glared at Amber as if she wanted to swallow Amber alive.

“Why do I not?”

Amber simply smiled, “Since mom doesn’t agree how I handled before. I can change to another way!”

After Amber finished speaking, she directly passed through Mrs. Smith and went downstairs. She was walking while fumbling out her phone which surprised Mrs. Smith.

For some reason, Mrs. Smith suddenly thought of Shen Ruyun.

Shen Ruyun liked to gamble, but did Amber know too much detail?

She might really not just to scare her, but she might actually go to the media talk about the scandal between her and Sean because of her slap!

Mrs. Smith subconsciously reached out and pulled Amber back. Her tone was trembling, “Amber, you can’t say it!”

“Mom is sorry. Mom is anxious because I just saw your dad faint. Mom reacted too violently. Mom is sorry!”

Amber was motionless.

Her eyes were indifferent, even those misty eyes didn’t stop her.

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