Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 296: Amber’s Daughter Looks A Lot Like Me When I Was A Child

Mrs. Smith was a little anxious, “Amber, even if you’re angry, you have to think about your dad’s health!”

“If something happens to the Smith Group again, your dad, he…”

Amber pursed her lips and finally moved. She turned her head and fixed her gaze at Mrs. Smith, “Mom, dad was emotional today isn’t my responsibility!”

“And you. I’m afraid you don’t consider dad’s health too when you slapped me in this critical moment.”

Although Tomas was old, he would immediately know who had hit her if he saw the slap marks on her face, and why?

Amber put her phone away and stood at the top of the stairs. The living room on the first floor was brightly lit, but her face was covered with ice, “Mom, I’m not going upstairs. Help me to call Cindy for me. We’ll be going back first!”

Hearing this, Mrs. Smith asked in panic, “How could you in this critical moment? If your dad asks about you later, how should I tell him?”

“If I don’t leave, dad will definitely call me. My skin is sensitive. I’m afraid this mark won’t disappear if I don’t give it a night!”

“If I see dad, I can’t tell him that this was done by sister Zhang, right?”

Mrs. Smith froze for a moment.

Amber didn’t say more either. The atmosphere between the two was quiet. When sister Zhang passed by, Mrs. Smith suddenly said, “Go upstairs to call Cindy to come down!”


Upstairs, Sean leaned back against the chair. He changed his lazy sitting posture to sit tight.

Slender figure, sitting on a chair stiffly, and his eyes as deep as the sea fell on Tomas Smith.

Sean had always been an introvert. His expression was faint and showed no sign.

Tomas’ eyes were a little cloudy mainly because he had fallen sick. He looked at Sean and asked the question he had asked previously, “I’m asking you again. Sean, what was your original intention to do a paternity test?”

When Tomas was asking the question, his eyes were stained with anger, and even his breathing began to tighten up.

The uncomfortable feeling in Sean’s heart reappeared.

There was no doubt that by looking at the old man, if his answer was still the same as before, maybe today the old man would directly die on his bed because he was too angry.

How did Amber do it that she could get into the old man’s heart?

He could see that the old man only recognized Amber as his daughter-in-law!

Sean didn’t answer. Tomas’ gaze on him darkened, “I’m asking you a question!”

Sean paused for a moment and said, “Last time when I went back to the old house and looked through the album, Amber’s daughter looks a lot like me when I was a child.”

Sean didn’t answer his reason for the paternity test specifically, but his words made Tomas breathe a sigh of relief.

Sean frowned.

The old man had ignored his health and insisted on doing the paternity test. Amber had to have said something to the old man!

If it wasn’t for him worrying that the old man would die of anger, he wouldn’t say such things!

Sure enough, as soon as Sean had said it, the grave expression on Tomas’ face disappeared, and so was his anger.

Sean felt even more upset. He couldn’t help it and then said, “But dad, the owner of the paternity test institute has said it!”

“There’s no relationship between me and Amber’s daughter!”

Tomas’ eyes widened and glared at him, “You believe him?”

Sean was silent.

How could he not? She was a person who he had never met before; a woman who racked her brain to snatch her best friend’s boyfriend and marry into the Smith. Anyone would have known who they should believe, right?

Besides, when you got into the police station, few people would be dishonest!

But Sean knew that Tomas’ current condition couldn’t stand any more attacks at all. He considered for a moment before he said tactfully, “The police station reported that the owner has no money, so that’s why he thought to reveal the real paternity test’s result!”

“He thought about it. Then I could pay him a high price to testify, to prove that I have a relationship with the child. I keep the Smith Group off imminent danger when the time comes!”

“With this way, he can get both the Smith Group and the media’s money!”

However, he miscalculated Amber who was able to reverse the situation.

The corner of Sean’s mouth curled up. It was stranger for Amber to let him go!

The expression on Tomas’ face looked unconvinced.

“Sean, the reason why Cindy looks like you is because she’s your daughter!”

“That owner’s motive isn’t pure. His words could be believed!”

Tomas had a faint expression, “If he wants money, he should have blackmailed you when he recognizes Xu Lin!”

“Instead of making such a big turn!”

“There are a lot of things we don’t know about this matter’s background!”

Sean wanted to laugh.

Did the old man insist that Cindy was his daughter because they looked alike?

In this world, there were a lot of people who looked alike!

Should anyone who looked like him call him dad?!

Sean snorted, but he didn’t refute due to Tomas’ condition.

Yet Tomas continued to speak, “Sean, there’s one thing you have to promise me. No matter what, you have to be nice towards Cindy!”

Sean pulled his lips and smiled.

He neither agreed nor refuse. His attitude was ambiguous. Tomas still wanted to speak, but the door of his master bedroom was pushed open and Mrs. Smith walked in.

Tomas paused for a moment, then he looked at her and asked, “Where’s Amber?”

A trace of tension flashed across Mrs. Smith’s face, but Tomas wasn’t feeling well and didn’t notice.

“Amber has received a call and hurried out with Cindy…”

Tomas didn’t doubt her, then looked at Sean and said, “What are you still doing here? Amber probably hasn’t gone far yet, hurry up and chase her!”

“Don’t always think of letting Amber fight alone when something goes wrong!”

Sean’s expression didn’t change He stood up from the chair indifferently with a strong elegance in his gestures.

His hands stretched out to pat at the folds on his body. He had just taken a step when he was stopped by his mother, “Sean, stay for tonight. I see you have grown thinner. Tonight, mom will cook for you!”

Sean hadn’t responded yet, but Tomas unhappily cut in first, “What do you mean ‘stay’?”

“There are many rumors outside, you better stick by Amber’s side!”

“Get out!”

Sean’s mouth tightened and curled down, looking like he was suppressing the anger on his body deliberately.

For a long while, he didn’t say a word, and went straight out of the master bedroom and went downstairs.

The car he drove was parked at front of the Smith’s old residence’s parking lot. It wasn’t as prestigious as a Maserati, it was silver Bentley.

It had a certain standard, but it was very valuable.

Sean opened the car door, and when he was just about to get in the car, he noticed something strange.

On the right side of the parking lot, there was a long wooden bench where a woman was sitting while carrying a little girl. They had been hidden by the car. She lowered her head to the left, staring at Cindy who had whispered something. And the right side of her face was caught by Sean’s eyes.

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