Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 297: Distinct Fingers Mark

The distinct fingers mark was exposed to Sean’s vision.

He was started, remembering Mrs. Smith’s tense appearance when she entered the master bedroom.

Amber left not because of what his mom had said about receiving a call, but because of the slap on her face!

The corner of his mouth tugged up and burst into laughter.

His mom’s head was clearer than the old man’s!

Amber had to have said or done something that made his mother angry!

Otherwise, Mrs. Smith, who paid attention to etiquette the most, would never lay a hand on Amber.

Sean leaned back against the driver’s seat and lit a cigarette. His mood was like a wild horse and he couldn’t help it.

What had Amber said that maid Mrs. Smith so unhappy?

Could it be that because the news this time was handled in a timely and good, she had asked for the Smith Group’s shares for a repayment?

Or, while the old man was lying ill in bed, she blackmailed Mrs. Smith to put the child into the Smith’s family tree?

Or the worst one was did Amber said something too far?

For example, he would die of the blood cancer sooner or later, so how about arranging the Smith’s next heir as soon as possible?

A glint of red flashed through Sean’s eyes. He stared at Amber’s face gravely, fixing at the palm print on it. It bothered Sean a lot!

He had been here for a while. It was impossible for Amber not to notice him!

She had showed this to him on purpose that his mother had hit her, right?

When Amber had slapped him back then, he wasn’t that childish to complain it to someone!

Sean exhaled a puff of smoke and a flash of blood crossed his eyes.

As soon as Sean approached the car, Amber noticed him and so was Cindy.

She was going to get in the car, but Cindy pulled on Amber.

It was very hot outside. Although the two sat outside for not a long time, Cindy was still sweating.

Amber was surprised, “Cindy, dad is here. We’re going back!”

Cindy didn’t move. Her small mouth looked slumped. She stared at Amber’s face with wide eyes, “Mom, did grandma hit you just now?”

Amber was stunned, “No…”

“Mom is lying. Cindy saw it.” Cindy felt a bit wronged, “I don’t like grandma’s house. Mom, can we not come here anymore?”

Cindy’s eyes were filled with tears. She blinked and her tone was sad, “Everybody in grandma’s house doesn’t like Cindy.”

“They even said that I’m not dad’s child!”

The gentle smile on Amber’s face instantly disappeared.

The Smith’s old residence was a trouble place. Amber had long expected it, but when Cindy cried and said it, Amber’s heart felt like it was pierced and was full of despair.

She swallowed the itch that stuck in her throat, and then the silver Bentley’s passenger side’s window slowly rolled down.

Sean’s eyes, which looked like an abyss, were marked with a bit of obvious impatience, “Director White, how long are you going to sit there with your daughter?”

Amber took a deep breath and looked away first. She stretch out her hand and took Cindy’s hand, putting her into the back seat.

Then she lowered her head, opened the passenger’s seat door and got into the car.

After Amber fastened her seatbelt, she just noticed Sean’s gaze.

He stared at Amber’s face with scorching eyes. Sean’s stare was very aggressive. Amber felt a little uncomfortable by his stare, she tilted her head, “Sean?”

Sean snorted out a chuckle.

His voice was low and hoarse with an inexplicable magnetism. Then he suddenly smiled, looking frivolous and sultry.

He suddenly leaned in, reached out his hand to clasp Amber’s chin, pressing in his fingertips slightly. Amber’s right cheek was exposed to Sean’s sight.

“What happened with Director White’s face? Is it too thick? So thick that it swollen?”

Amber stiffened. Her eyelashes fluttered and her lips was pressed tightly. She showed no expression on her face, “Sean, you waited me for so long just for me to get in the car and humiliate me?”

She blinked her eyelashes, pursed her lips and stared at the specious smile on Sean’s face. With a very soft voice, he said, “Are you happy that I got slapped?”

“I am!”

Sean said loudly, “How can I not be happy?!”

With that said, the happiness in Sean’s heart suddenly went away.

He stared at Amber’s injured area, as if he could see a flower in the next second.

Why was he unhappy that Amber was hit?

Was he not angry enough at Amber?

With a pain of his fingertips, Sean turned his head to the side, and his burning cigarette burned to the end.

Sean lifted his hand and pushed the cigarette butt against the ashtray in the car. He moved his hand and took out an ointment for swelling from the car, throwing it to Amber.

The ointment was new and he still didn’t say anything.

“Use it! Don’t shaming my family!”

Amber’s body loosened up. She unscrewed the ointment and inside the car with strange atmosphere, she used it.

She couldn’t see the wound on her face, so she squeezed out a little and smeared it on her face that felt a little pain.

She didn’t know what kind of ointment it was. When Amber applied it on her wound, it suddenly stung.

Amber gasped all of sudden.

Sean started the engine, driving out and quickly going into the traffic.

Amber had a slender figure, sitting on the car seat, she applied the ointment to her face. The luxurious style of her skirt made the woman look feminine and gentle with an indistinct cuteness.

Sean’s heart thumped.

He turned the steering wheel and drove the car into another lane. Amber’s eyelashes moved, “Sean, are we not returning to Hai Wan Xiang Xie?”

Sean’s expression didn’t change as he looked indifferent, “There’s no food at Hai Wan Xiang Xie. Let’s eat outside tonight!”

Amber’s lips moved without saying a word.

She could have never understood Sean. And after everything, she wasn’t in the mood to go home too.

Sean drove the car and directly stopped in front of a western restaurant.

He unlocked the doors and was about to get out of the car when Amber called out, “Sean, is there any mask in the car?”

The fingers mark on Amber’s face grew more obvious, and it looked bad for her beauty. Then Sean found a mask in the car and handed it to Amber.

It was a black once-used mask and Amber used it to cover the mark.

Sean got out of the car and opened the back seat door, carrying Cindy out and holding her hand to the western restaurant.

Amber followed them from behind.

Sean was the SVIP of this western restaurant. After he entered, the waiter led him to an exclusive private room.

Sean had ordered a foie gras, a fruit and vegetable salad, then he looked at Cindy. She was still young. Sean hesitated for a moment, then ordered a child’s meal for Cindy.

Then he handed the menu to Amber.

Amber glanced at the menu and said in a low voice, “A black pepper steak. Medium well. Thank you.”

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