Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 298: His and Lin Man’s Anniversary Date

The waiter glanced at Sean with red ears and asked in a low voice, “Mr. Smith, would you like a wine?”

The man raised his eyes and simply said, “No.”

The waiter nodded and walked out from the private room.

Because it was a western restaurant, the atmosphere in the private room was very good. There was pink roses on the table that the atmosphere felt like a date.

After the atmosphere calmed down, Sean then felt awkward.

He pursed his lips and took out his phone. The screen was cracked and some buttons didn’t work well.

Sean casually put his phone on top of the table and his finger knocked against the surface. “Phone!” he said in a low voice.

Amber took out her phone from her bag and handed it to Sean.

Sean swiped open the phone screen, entered its password and unlocked it. His fingertips stopped after he logged into Weibo.

He raised his eyes in disbelief and glanced at Amber.

When he unlocked her phone, Sean conveniently entered the password which was his phone’s password!


June 27th was his and Man Man’s anniversary date.

He had great memories, so that was why he set it up as his password. But it was a little strange for Amber to use it as her password.

The emotions in Sean’s eyes seemed to have been erased clean, they left with a cold and hidden feelings.

The Smith Group had basic information about its employees. Just after Sean was transferred to Smith Group, he needed to know about the heads of various departments.

If he remembered correctly, Amber’s birthday wasn’t in June.

Moreover, Sean had never believed in any coincidences in this world!

He tilted his head, stared at Amber and asked, “Director White, does your phone’s password have any special meaning?”

Amber’s pupils shrank back all of the sudden. She looked unnatural as she pulled at the hair around her ears. She nodded, “Cindy learned to call me mom on June 27th.”

Sean didn’t experience Cindy’s growth, so he naturally didn’t know that Amber was lying.

But in the bottom of Sean’s heart, he still felt extremely suspicious. He felt that Amber was not telling the truth!

It suddenly occurred to him that Amber had ever held his phone and unlocked it.

Could it be that Amber knew the special meaning of the date, so she deliberately set an identical one to annoy him?

He suppressed the instantaneous anger burst in his heart, then lowered his head to check on Weibo.

The turmoil of the paternity test this time hadn’t gone down yet. It wasn’t because there was still someone who wasn’t letting them go, but it was because Amber had spoken nonsense about his reason for doing the paternity test that it reached the top search.

It was because Cindy was bullied by her classmates, and several similar incidents of the school violence involvement were resurfaced too.

The Tong City Police Department also arrested several teachers and educated several parents.

A scandal broke out which brought out a few good things increased the Smith Group’s reputation.

Sean swiped down and found that the Smith Group’s official website had also established a foundation to help minors grow up healthily in his name.

People could donate and the Smith Group would allocate a sum of money to the foundation every year.

The Smith Group and Sean Smith’s market value had soared up, surpassing many popular stars in one swoop.

Sean’s heart felt a little complicated.

No matter how much he couldn’t differentiate good from bad, he also knew that the cause of this incident was because he asked Xu Lin to do the paternity test.

For this reason, Amber’s reputation was damaged. And she was maliciously attacked twice by people who were among the reporters.

T he loss she suffered was immeasurable, but things came quickly and disappeared quickly. Not only did Smith Group not lose a single cent, but because of this incident, he also was washed away all the stains on his body from the previous years.

After hesitating for a moment, Sean finally asked, “Is the foundation that helps minors grow up healthily your idea?”

Sean spoke very aggressively. Amber licked her lips. She had thought that Sean was blaming her for using the Smith Group’s funds without authorization, so she unconsciously explained, “Sean, this foundation doesn’t spend a lot of money every year, and it does some goodness for the company to do this charity…”

“Also, I called the public relations department today, and they said that you have intention to do this.”

She called the public relations department? That was very tactful of her. She had called Lu Yi, right?!

Amber really couldn’t relax for a moment. He had thought that she might suffer from the disturbance and her idea was too naïve.

Would someone like Amber White made herself suffer?

Maybe it was to retreat to advance, she wanted to attract his attention, to change his view of her!

He was really almost fooled!

Sean clenched his jaw tightly and through his gritted teeth, he said in a low voice, “I do have the intention, but I have no plans to use this platform!”

“Sean, the foundation’s establishment can grow better reputation. It’ll be more effective and attract everyone’s attention…”

Sean sneered.

Did he need Amber’s teaching?

“Director White, are you doing it for me, or do you do it to take this chance to protect your daughter better!?”

“I have publicly acknowledged her identity and established a foundation for her. With this high importance, who will dare to touch your daughter?”

With a few words from Sean, the atmosphere in the private room suddenly became grave.

She licked the corner of her lips and her eyes were quiet.

Fortunately, at this time, the door of the private room was opened from the outside and the water pushed in the serving cart.

After their meals were placed on the table, the waiters left again.

In Cindy’s kids’ meal set, there was a steak. Amber pressed her lips and cut the steak for Cindy.

Her arm was injured by sulfuric acid and she couldn’t use much of her strength. After a while, Amber still hadn’t managed to cut it, yet a thin layer of cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

In less than a minute, Sean suddenly stretched out his hands to pull the plate over to him.

Amber looked at his direction. He pointed at the knife and fork in her hands.

Amber immediately handed them over. Sean took them and cut the steak into small pieces in two minutes, which was just the right size for Cindy to eat.

The indoor lighting was pink. If it wasn’t for Cindy, it would be a bit ambiguous.

Amber hesitated, then stood up, “I’m going to the restroom. Sean, please look after Cindy!”

Sean’s eyes fell on Amber for a moment, and the corners of his mouth twitched without a noise.

He watched Amber walk out while Cindy was eating.

The man glanced at the steak in front of Amber.

What did Amber mean? Did she go out at this time for asking his help to cut the steak for her?

Was this the reason why Amber acted the bitter play in front of him just now?

Sean didn’t know what Amber’s true intention was, but unless she was paralysis, she couldn’t even think that he would cut the steak for her.

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