Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 299: Dad, Will You Cut Her Steak for Mom?

“Dad, mom’s arm is hurt!”

Cindy stared at Amber with wide eyes, and whispered, “She can’t cut the steak for Cindy.”

“Dad, will you cut her steak for mom?”

Sean froze.

He suddenly remembered that Amber’s arm was burned by sulfuric acid this morning. It could be that she really couldn’t use her strength…

But then Sean felt she was being exaggerating. She hurt her arm, and it wasn’t crippled. So how could she unable to use her strength?

In Sean’s mind, it suddenly flashed across the cold sweat building on Amber’s forehead.

Amber was attacked, and it was related to him…

Sean looked at Cindy and asked, “Kid, do you want to cut steak for your mom?”

“I… I can’t!”

“Learn if you can’t!”


After Amber walked out of the private room, she directly went to the restroom.

The ointment which was given by Sean was very sticky. Even if the air condition in the private room was on, Amber still felt very uncomfortable!

She came here not because she wanted to go to the toilet, but it was because the atmosphere in the private room was really bad. Besides, her arm felt uncomfortable. After she calmed down, the tingling feeling felt more obvious.

Standing in front of the restroom’s mirror, Amber washed her face with water.

The sticky feeling disappeared a bit.

She raised her head and saw a figure in the restroom.

A slender figure wearing white skirt was standing in the middle of the restroom, alone and striking.

Amber’s movements were halted, and she couldn’t help standing up straight, looking at the person in the mirror.

“Amber, long time no see.”

Lin Man greeted Amber.

Her long hair covered her shoulders, and there was a smile on her face, but Amber couldn’t smile.

She and Lin Man. Amber couldn’t understand. What was there for them to say hello?

Amber was too lazy to greet her, but Lin Man didn’t stop there, “Amber, your face…”

“Does the Smith not treat you well?”

The corner of Amber’s mouth twitched. She realized for the first time that the feeling to ridicule could really give people a feeling of catharsis.

She put on her mask after she washed her face, “What do you want to say?”

“Miss Lin, please finish your sentence!”

Lin Man smiled, “Amber, Sean’s mother isn’t easy to get along with. She slapped you, didn’t she?”

“Amber, I’ve given you three years to get along with Sean! But obviously, you still can’t win his heart!”

“He doesn’t love you, and it’s useless for you to force it. It’s better to let go the Mrs. Smith title. Then maybe Sean’s attitude to you can change!”

Amber’s expression was blank. When she heard that, she smiled, “So do you come back this time is to be Mrs. Smith?”

The smile on Lin Man’s face grew wider—obviously an answer.

Amber nodded, “Lin Man, whether I want my things or not, you’re still quite interested in them!”

“What’s wrong? Four years ago, you were afraid of being a widow. Are you not afraid now?”

Lin Man looked down.

The chance to cure blood cancer was very small.

“Amber, I love Sean.”

Amber couldn’t hold back. The mockery on her face grew.


After what happened three years ago, Lin Man still dared to stand before her and said that?

Did she have the right to say that word?

Lin Man took a step forward, and said with a smile, “Amber, I know that you love Sean very much too.”

“Your bone marrow and Sean’s can match successfully. If Sean’s blood cancer really acts up, you won’t just watch him die!”

“Right, Amber?”

Amber really wanted to give Lin Man an applause. She could always say the most disgusting words in the simplest and innocent tone!

Sean really had bad eyes for women!

Amber chuckled, “Lin Man, why would you think I’m that kind?”

“Give Sean my bone marrow, and give you Mrs. Smith position too… Do I look stupid?”

Lin Man didn’t answer.

“Miss Lin, don’t you know? I was locked in the bedroom by him three years ago and almost died in childbirth!”

“If Sean Smith has an accident, I will never donate my bone marrow!”

“I have Cindy. She has the Smith’s blood. When Sean dies, Cindy will be the first heiress of the Smith. After I have the Smith Group, how many Sean Smith do I want?”

“I don’t need to be that stupid!”

Standing at the door by the restroom, Amber’s face showed indifference, but Lin Man, who initially had a lazy posture, slowly stood up straight.

Her eyes were clear and a gleam of light flashed. A smile appeared on her lips, “Amber, I was just kidding. Why are you so serious?”

She bent down, patted the wrinkles on her skirt, and stood in front of the huge mirror to wash her hands. Then she shook the water droplets off her hands.

She was beautiful, and her action was also pleasing to the eyes.

Amber had no intention of admiring her. She turned and planned to leave, then Lin Man called her again, “Amber, you come together with Sean, right? We’ve known each other for so many years. Let’s go to greet him.”

After she said that, Lin Man didn’t give Amber a chance to refuse and walked to her side with a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

Amber and Lin Man walked into the private room.

At that time, Cindy was struggling to help Amber cut the steak. The little girl’s strength wasn’t strong, and there were pieces of steak which was cut small and big.

Seeing Amber entering, her eyes brightened.


As soon as she finished speaking, a slender figure appeared behind Amber. The half of the cigarette in Sean’s hand suddenly fell off his fingers.

“Man Man?”

His lips curled up and his eyes locked on Lin Man’s body for a moment, then they fell on Amber.

Amber had gone out, then Man Man was here. Was it a coincidence?

Lin Man nodded with a smile, “Sean, I’m eating upstairs. When you guys came in, I saw you, so I came down to say hello.”

“I’m not interrupting your meal, right?”

Sean licked the corner of his lips. The tip of his tongue was bright red and he looked giddy.

“No. Have you eaten? Do you want to order more?”

Lin Man stared at Amber and asked, “Can I?”

What was there to say no to? Amber smiled silently, the corners of her lips curled up. She lazily glanced at Lin Man, “Mr. Smith has invited Miss Lin.”

“The way Miss Lin ask, do you mean for me to take Cindy away to give you two room so that you guys can enjoy in your own world?”

Amber halted.

Lin Man’s face turned pale, and the smile on her face instantly disappeared.

“Amber, I didn’t mean that…”

The way she explained in a hurry caught Sean’s eyes, and a rift was split under the man’s eyes.

“Man Man.”

He stopped Lin Man with a word, but his eyes were burning staring at Amber.

The woman, who was standing under the light, was wearing a luxurious style of suit wrapped around her exquisite and attractive body. A section of her calves was exposed to the air. His skin was white and soft. Her existence pressed down the vivid and beautiful Lin Man.

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