Please go away, Mr. smith: Chapter 3 Three years later.

Three years later.

The sun was shining, and another spring came to City Tong.

The 68-story building of Smith’s Group was so high, it was like a landmark, standing in the most eye-catching prime location in the center of City Tong.

Amber White went out of the conference room with a stack of documents. Assistant Anran and her secretary Shen stopped their breath in a sudden, they wanted to put away the gossip magazine in front of them. But it was too late.

“…Director.” An Ran glanced at her with scare, then they quickly lowered her head.

Amber White put down the documents and took a glance at the magazine.

The man on the cover was as handsome as three years ago, his prety facial features had become more mature and sexy. Sean Smith was wearing a light blue shirt, his cuffs rolled into his arms, and he stared at the woman around him. He laughed unscrupulously, as if he didn’t remember that he was married.

The woman around Sean Smith was the latest artist in his film company. She was tall and plump. She was not beautiful, but she looked like Lin Man.

The title on the magazine: Tang Tian stayed in the Sean Smith’s villa, Another woman who had been stayed there.

“Tang Tian? She’s good,but too fat.”Amber Whiter turned,and said calmly. “Notify her agent, let her lose 10kg, otherwise the marketing department would not recommend.”

Both of Anran and Shen were stunned.They thought she would cry, or she would be so sad about it, but what shocked them was that she didn’t care at all,like nothing happened.

Not only that,she also avenged secretly.

Tang Tian was a actress of plump style, but her weight was less than 50kG. If she lost 10kg.170cm, 40Kg,How think would she be?

If she did not lose weigt, then the marketing department won’t recommended her. For her,that meant that she would never be famous.

As everyone knew, If any of the actor who want to have some work to do, they should pleased the public relations department or the marketing department.

The director Lu of the public relations department was Amber White’s university classmate. If the marketing department didn’t recommend her, then the public relations department won’t,either.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you hear me?” They did not move,so Amber white knocked on the table.

Anran somewhat worried. She lowered his voice and asked: “Director White, are you okay?”

Amber White was stunned.

Was she okay?

If it was three years ago, she would probably hold the magazine and be so depressed,she could be sad with out eating anything for three days. If it was ten years ago,she may even went to the bar late at night to drink alcohol and get drunk.

But at that time,she was really fine.

“They can not conquer time.”

What’s more, in the past three years, Sean Smith had given her the desperation and endless waiting for her heart and soul,and nothing else.

“I’m fine.” She straightened his waist and smiled more pretty. “The point is you, Luoshen Bay is about to be in exchange,Mr.Smith will show up, how to explain to the media about today’s news? You should discussed with the staffs of the public relations department quickly. If you say something wrong tomorrow,it’s bad for us.”

Anran was shocked: “Do you mean that the opening ceremony will be held as usual?”

Amber White blinked, then she said causally: “As usual.”

She walked out, then stopped again,then she turned and smiled: “If you are capable, ask Tang Tian come over, I hope that the influence of Luoshen Bay would be better

And better. ”

“Okay, I will arrange it.”

Anran knew that her charater, If she said something,she would definitely did that. So she promised quickly. Then she took the speech which was in her hand and walked quickly to the general manager’s office on the 68th floor.


“Manger Smith, this is the speech which was just sent by the marketing department. The marketing department said that you could participate in tomorrow’s opening ceremony as usual, you don’t have to avoid.” Secretary Xu Lin handed over the documents.

It was held by a big hand. The leather strap at the wrist bone and the raised blue rib on the back of his hand were matched. Seam Smith took a glance at the document, his gaze (which was always calm) turned dark at that the moment: “Didn’t she read the magazine in the morning?”

“Yeah… Yes.” Xu Lin gritted his teeth and said.

“What reaction did she have?” Sean Smith turned over the file and asked casually.

“No reaction.”

Xu Lin replied with scare.

Everyone knew the couple’s relation,they were just like strangers.

Sean Smith’s eyes suddenly turned deep, something was broken in that ocean eyes.

“And they also said that they hope you and Tang Tian could attend together, that want to build up the momentum. Luoshen Bay is the largest area in the Eastern District, how much performance could Smith’s Group have this year was depended on Luoshen Bay.” Xu Lin saw that Sean Smith did not speak,he thought that he accepted, so he continued to say.

“With Tang Tian? Ha…”

He laughed with a mockery, he pouted. “It was the decision of the marketing department or of Amber White?”

Xu Lin’s expression changed slightly, and he lowered his head and said, “Manger White said this.”

“Manger White?”

His tone was more ironic,his lips pumped: “she was just a small director of marketing department, why call her Manger? Is everyone calling her like this?”

“Yes… yes.” Xu Lin stood, his legs were already numb.

Manger White,manger White…

Sean Smith lighted up a cigarette, he smoked,then spit it out in a fluttering manner. Half of his face was covered in smog, he whispered.

That woman was really capable.

She was pregnant, her child was not his,but she threatened his mother and easily became a member of his family.

In the past three years, she even got the appreciation of his father, he sent her to the Smith’s Group, from a unimportant manager of the marketing department, step by step to the position of marketing director,she finally became a crucial member of the group .

White’s lady, who was notorious and scolded by everyone, was not excluded from the culture of Smith’s Group, but also succeeded in there.

Sean Smith felt that she was so thoughtful.

She had drove Manman away three years ago,from that, she had been planning step by step. The marriage of them was not her goal,she wanted to take away everything of this family.

They didn’t know how she could get along well with his relatives. Even his strict father praised her.

“Director Smith?” Xu Lin saw that he was thinking other things,so he called him.


He was calm, and there was a expression which was even with anger.

“So, the opening ceremony of tomorrow, will you attend? I remember that you asked Mr. Gu to talk about things.”

“I will, of course.” He looked at Xu Lin with that same ocean eyes. “If I don’t go,then the credit of Luoshen Bay would fall into someone’s pocket?”

Xu Lin’s mouth pumped,he called his wife “someone”?

He did not dare to refute,so he just nodded: “OK, I will arrange.”

It was more than nine o’clock when Amber White finished the papers which she would use in the ceremony.

She was a little hungry,so she planned to cook the noodles.When she opened the lights in the living room,she noticed that something happened in the bedroom.

She frowned,then she pushed the door and went in.

On a children’s bed more than one meter wide,Cindy White wore a cartoon nightdress, and a small star which was rewarded by the kindergarten teacher was still in her head. She was looking up something by her left hand, and she held a punk pen in her right hand, and marked something.

“Cindy, why haven’t you slept yet? Do you want me to sleep with you?” Amber Whiter was too busy these days, and did not cared her too much.

Cindy was three years old, very clever and sensible, never bothered her mother.

Because she was premature, she was lighter and thinner than the average child, and her body was even worse. However, she didn’t have other child’s temper,either. When she was sick, she was still too obedient.

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