Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 30: Maybe Cindy White Was Really Your Child

“You mention Amber every day, if her daughter had something wrong, is Amber your boss? Or is she paying your salary?”

There was no expression on the face of Sean Smith. He was looking at Xu Lin, the final temperature also dissipated.

“I said, I won’t go there! That bastard has nothing to do with me!”

Sean raised his wrist and looked at the exquisite watch on his wrist. The bottom of the eye seemed to have a starlight falling. It was all light, just the light of this layer, too cold, too iced.

“Amber has not returned to the company?”

Xu Lin nodded, and Sean was very annoyed in his heart. He tightened his eyebrows tightly, and his eyes were like a thin but sharp blade.

He slammed his hand and patted the table. It made Xu Lin couldn’t help but chill.

“She is a good director of the marketing department! No one can find her from time to time! Who will give her this courage!”

Sean was angry, Xu Lin answered his questions and became more cautious: “President, this is the first time that Amber has been late. I have never contacted her until now. I think she may have something wrong?” ”

“She is an adult, not a three-year-old child! She didn’t go back overnight. Who knows if Amber is going to play!”

Xu Lin: “??”

“President, then? Will you go to see Miss Cindy?”

Sean did not hesitate to refuse: “No, no matter what her teacher said, always reply him to wait for Amber White to come back, then they can discuss it! Understand?”


Xu Lin responded and turned and walked outside the office. Sean stopped him.

“After Amber White came back, you go to the marketing department and tell her. The Smith group is a company. Don’t bring her own business in, she made the company a mess!”

“If she can’t do it, just pack up and get out of the Smith group!”

He could know that Cindy’s matter really made Sean angry. Xu Lin nodded and lowered his head and pushed the office door out.

Gu Jinyan laughed, and the tone was still familiar and ridiculous: “Sean, I don’t want to blame you, you are too ruthless, you biological daughter was sent to the police station by you, and you are still indifferent!”

His biological daughter?

In his life, it was impossible for him to have a daughter with a woman like Amber White!

Sean smiled coldly and picked up the paternity test on the table. A slap it in front of Gu Jinyan’s face, his hand was doubled pointing on the top and said: “Amber White is not my woman, Lao Gu, although I’m the play-boy, i know who I had slept with!”

“In my life, there is only one woman, that is Manman!”

Sean said confirmedly, his eyesights fell on the paternity test, the tone was cold: “This paternity test, I know it is fake! You do not know that Amber White that woman is so cunning, she is best at confusing people! I won’t be trapped by her!”

Gu Jinyan’s skeptical glanced at Sean.

The man picked up the file bag and handed it to Gu Jinyan. The fingertip poked a few times in the sender’s name and said, “Did you see that? Lu Xiangxiang! The lady of Lu family, what is the relationship between Amber and Lu Xiangxiang? No need to say, you should be clear! Please think about the status of Lu Xiangxiang in Tongcheng, is it difficult for her to make a fake paternity test? ”

“The thing of paternity testing is definitely that Amber White played the tricks!”

Amber White wanted to use Cindy White to tie him. He also wanted to see if he was willing to do the silly fish that was willing to be hooked!

Gu Jinyan originally had a smirk on handsome face. When he heard that Sean mentioned Lu Xiangxiang, he suddenly froze.

He reached out and took the paper bag. His eyes fell on the sender’s column and he saw three big characters “Lu Xiangxiang” stayed on top.

Gu Jinyan suddenly remembered during the last time, the last time he went to the bay to Shannon, Lu Xiangxiang wanted to steal Sean’s underwear.

Maybe?? Lu Xiangxiang didn’t love Sean, but she was going to do this paternity test between him and Cindy?

He twisted his eyebrows and pushed Sean. He said, “Sean, the child of Amber, may be really your baby!”

Sean glanced at him and said, “Are you tired of being in my office, do you need I call Xu Lin to come and send you out?”

Gu Jinyan snorted and said: “The last time I went to your house, I mentioned to you that all of the Tongcheng’s women wanted to go to your bed. Some people even wanted me to help her steal a piece of underwear of yours. Do you still have an impression?”

Sean’s eyesights fell on Gu Jinyan. In his consciousness, it seemed that there was such a thing.


Gu Jinyan patted the paper bag with his back of his hand and said, “The one who asked me for your underwear is Lu Xiangxiang!”

“She even wanted the unwashed one. I thought that Lu Xiangxiang was crazy, and she was a metamorphosis to fall in love with you!”

There was a trace of disgust in the thin eyes of Sean, and his eyes stared at Gu Jinyan.

“You really stole it for her?”

Gu Jinyan’s expression on his face was stiff, and he quickly pulled out a smile.

Haha, if let Sean knew that he stole his underwear for a woman, did he still want to live in Tongcheng? !

“It’s just the cloth, why are you so stingy? Or, I will go back and make it into cash and transfer it to you!” Gu Jinyan pushed Sean and said: “I’m talking about the right thing, I now suspect that Lu Xiangxiang that she’s not secretly affecting you, but took this cloth and made a paternity test for you and Cindy !”

Sean did not believe.

“Where is such a coincidence? You just arrived here, it’s showing that Cindy White had an accident, and then the parent-child identification appeared in my office!”

“Maybe you are even trapped by Amber White!”

Retreat 10,000 steps, if Cindy White was his child, Amber White, a woman who was cunning, should take this thing in front of him three years ago to get a sense of existence, to get what she needed!

After three years, she thought of using her daughter. Didn’t she think it’s too late?

Speaking of this, the door of the president’s office was ringing again. Gu Jinyan looked over and looked at Sean. The smile on his face ooze again: “It won’t be Xu Lin again!”

Sean’s thin lips was closed to a straight line, cold and ice word was spit out: “Come in!”

It was indeed Xu Lin.

“President, Miss Cindy has been sent to the police station. Just now the police station called and said?? The child has a wound on her head. And she wants her mom, but?? Director White has not been able to contact, so they hope that her dad can go to the police station to pick up her! ”

Xu Lin mentioned the old things, and he was a little embarrassed in his heart. For fear of his own words would once again made Sean unhappy.

Sean turned his head and became ridiculous to looked at Gu Jinyan. His handsome face was so embarrassed by the plenty of light in the room.

“Amber White can really cause me trouble!”

Gu Jinyan stretched out his finger and pressed his eyes, then he was whispering, “Do you want to take a look?”

“No need to worry about her!” He looked down at the time and said: “Time is not early, let’s go to have launch!”

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