Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 300: What if I Have Calculated This?

Sean’s eyes darkened. There was a messy heart under Amber’s beautiful face.

His mouth twitched and his tone was cold, “What if I have calculated this?”

Amber responded two seconds before she understood that he was answering the question that she previously asked Lin Man.

After so many years, for the first time, Amber’s brain came to a pause for a while.

After the heart of the struggle, did Sean still want to have candlelight dinner with Lin Man?

Amber took a deep breath. She blinked her eyes, bent down, stretch her hand to hold Cindy’s small hand, and whispered, “Cindy, Mommy will take you to eat something else.”

Sean’s pupils widened, Amber wasn’t this obedient in the past!

Didn’t she just rely on her thought that he wouldn’t have any mishap at Smith Group?

Has she calculated that he will ask to stay?

Sean tightened his fingers. His lips quivered, Lin Man suddenly stretched out her hand to grab Amber’s wrist:

“What are you doing, Amber? Sean was just joking. How can you take it seriously!”

Amber glared straight at Lin Man.

“Amber, you also knew about the news online. If you leave now, those reporters will definitely misunderstand again.”

“Amber, we haven’t met for so long, I only want to chat with you. If you don’t like having me, I’ll leave…”

As Lin Man spoke, she anxiously faced the private room door. Her feet wobbled and she completely fell towards the dining table.

A loud bang was caused by the sound of glasses and cups crashing together. The meal ordered by Sean for Cindy, which included a glass of strawberry milkshake and beef steak, was all crashed onto Lin Man’s body. Various colors were smeared on her white dress causing her to look miserable.

The air was quiet for a moment. Sean quickly threw the cigarette butt on the floor. He subconsciously stepped forward, stretched out his hand to pull Lin Man up.

“How are you, you’re not injured, right?”

Lin Man’s eyes turned red, her eyes were filled with tears, making her looked like a weeping beauty. She shook her head and whispered, “I’m…I’m fine.”

After Sean confirmed that Lin Man was slightly embarrassed, instead of injured, he slowly raised his head. His eyes darkened and looked at Amber spiritlessly.


Amber froze for a moment. She had nothing to with Lin Man’s fall. Eight years ago, she could throw herself off the boat. Why couldn’t she do the same trick now?

Amber pressed her lips tightly and didn’t say a word.

Sean’s tone deepened, “I ask you to apologize, are you a mute?”

Lin Man hurriedly grabbed Sean’s arm, “Sean, I’m the careless one. It has nothing to do with Amber. I’m the one who should apologize. I’m the one who disturbed your meal.”

“Amber, I’m sorry…”

The atmosphere was getting heavier and the private room was in a mess, causing the small space felt more uncomfortable.

Cindy pulled Amber’s arm. Her bright eyes looked at both Sean and Lin Man back and forth.

She was still slightly afraid of Sean. His expression didn’t look good. She didn’t dare to take over the conversation quickly. But he allowed no explanation and let Amber apologize to Lin Man. Cindy pressed her lips.

Sean’s face turned gloomier especially after Lin Man apologized.

Cindy pulled Lin Man’s hand and hid behind her, while looking at Sean and asked, “Daddy, why did you let Mommy apologize?”

“My teacher said that you apologize when you did something wrong.”

“Auntie Lin Man already said that she fell on her own. Why do you have to ask Mommy to apologize?”

Her tone was soft and cute. She rested her hands on her waist, trying to make herself look fierce. But her small body didn’t make her look fierce.

Amber pulled Cindy.

There’s no need to explain this logic that even a child could understand, which would be embarrassing for the almighty Mr. Smith.

Amber rose her lips and whispered, “There’s no need for me to apologize. I had nothing to do with Ms. Lin’s fall.”

“On the contrary, Mr. Smith, you’re the one who asked me to leave. Ms. Lin then anxiously put the responsibility on herself!.”

“The one who caused Ms. Lin to fall was you. So, you’re the one who should apologize!”

Sean’s face darkened.

Amber was shifting her responsibility!

And even shifted the responsibility onto him!

Three years ago, Amber forced Man Man to leave. Since then, she had owed Man Man an apology!

Sean took a step closer, stretched his hand to grab Amber’s arm tightly. He dragged Amber roughly in front of Lin Man.

He clasped Amber’s arm tightly. His strength caused his fingertips to leave a mark on her arm under the thin cloth.

Amber gasped in pain.

“Do you need me to teach you how to apologize, Ms. White?”

Sean always made such a fuss over the matter regarding Lin Man.

Amber blinked. She was particularly disgusted over the dirty tricks.

She had always acted like she’s so kind-hearted. With just a few words, she could casually provoke Sean’s anger!

But she could bow her head to anyone, except Lin Man!

Amber pressed her lips tightly. Her gaze stroke the man’s darkened eyes, with no means to yield.

“Mr. Smith, let me go! Am I also wrong when I was obedient to you?”

“Ms. Lin doesn’t even blame me, yet you still want me to apologize. How can I don’t know? Mr. Smith, when will you move to the beach?”

Sean’s eyes sank.

Upon hearing this, Lin Man also pulled the hem of Sean’s shirt, “Sean, let Amber go!”

Sean immediately let Amber go. He stretched out his hand, took a piece of paper on the table, wiped his fingers clean, and threw the paper on the trash can inside the private room.

Amber’s breath became sluggish.

He turned around, walked beside the table, and rang the waiter bell to ask the waiter to clean up the private room.

As soon as she walked away, Lin Man turned her back against Sean, and put a bright smile on her face. She tilted her head to look at Amber, and whispered so only both of them could listen, then said:

“Amber, I really like Cindy.”

Amber paused her breath and subconsciously looked at Lin Man. Inside her clear gaze, her eyes flashed quickly, and her voice became lower:

“Cindy is a good girl. If you and Sean divorce, I will definitely treat her well…”

She acted before she could think, Amber, slapped Lin Man on her face.

Amber used her strength. Lin Man was wearing high heels. As she received Amber’s strength, her slender body swayed like a butterfly for a while before standing straight again.

As soon as the sound came out, Sean turned his head. He subconsciously reached out to hold Lin Man. His dark eyes glared at Amber.

Amber squeezed her numb fingertips and her brain was blank!

She bit her lips tightly, her heart was thumping for a while, beating slowly.

Sean fixed his gaze on her. His eyes seemed as if there was a dark whirlpool, surging through the waves, and could swallow her almost immediately.

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