Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 301: Are..You Going to Hit Mommy Again?

Sean held Lin Man’s wrist tightly. His expression looked like he couldn’t restrain his anger anymore.

“Sean, you…”

Sean suddenly interrupted Lin Man. His voice was hoarse and seemed to suppress his anger firmly, “Man Man, I need to talk with Amber in private.”

He looked at Lin Man, his eyes were fixed on the red finger marks on Lin Man’s face.

Amber even dared to cause such a commotion by slapping Lin Man in front of him.

How did she bully Man Man three years ago?

What else did Amber do to force Man Man to give up on him aside from breaking away?

He pressed his lips and the corner of his narrow eyes was unsteady. His gaze was sharp and profound. Lin Man opened her mouth but didn’t say anything. Then she covered her face and left the private room.

A series of incidents had made Cindy slightly timid. It was such a mess inside the private room. Sean rolled his sleeve and stepped towards Amber.

Every step that he took seemed to trample on Cindy’s heart.


“Are…you going to hit Mommy again?”

The man’s gaze finally stayed on the little dumpling for a moment. Amber didn’t do any nasty thing and she would help her. This three-year-old kid would always be the first one to jump out and defend Amber.

Sean fixed his gaze at Cindy, turned his head around, and put his gaze on Amber.

“Ms. White, you slapped Man Man in front of your daughter. No wonder she’s taught to cause a fracture to the others!”

“Since Ms. White, you personally gave her an example, your daughter might’ve got the influence from you.”

Amber’s eyelashes flinched. She didn’t want to get into a fight with Lin Man so that Lin Man didn’t put her attention on Cindy.

She raised her head and put on a faint smile.

Sean’s eyes were blazing. He gripped Amber’s chin, his voice was extremely cold:

“Amber, I’ll just let you go this time. Let me give you a word of advice, you had better stop your intention.”

“Even if Man Man isn’t here, I still won’t love you!”

Amber felt pain in her jaw. She looked at the man’s dark eyes. His white teeth were glowing in the cold light:

“Even when all the women in the world were dead, I still wouldn’t come to love you, Amber White!”

Amber felt tight in her heart.

“I’ve got….your words, Sean.”

She leaned back, breaking away from Sean’s big hand that restrained her. Her expression was indifferent, “Mr. Smith, do you have anything else to say?”

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave!”

She turned around, picked up the mask on the floor, and put it back on her face.

She had her back against Sean. Her waist was so small and her figure was slender, which couldn’t even cover a three-year-old kid.

Amber’s calm attitude had completely lit the anger in Sean’s heart!

It seemed like he thought it wrong before. Three years ago, Amber’s original intention to be his wife, wasn’t because she was madly in love with him but because of the Smith family’s wealth!

Otherwise, why didn’t Amber react after he said such words?

Sean unconsciously squeezed his fingertips. Amber held Cindy and walked out of the private room. The door was wide open and Sean could see Lin Man who s tood by the door in a glance.

It wasn’t until Amber’s back disappeared from the end of the corridor that Sean moved and looked at Lin Man.

Keeping the short distance between them, he lit a cigarette, and the cloud of smoke drifted along with his fingertips. Sean’s gaze went past the smoke and fell on Lin Man.

“Sean, you… don’t always quarrel with Amber because of me.”

“I… I never want to disturb you, Sean, I don’t want Amber to misunderstand us…”

Sean pressed his lips. His expression was unclear, “Man Man, do you mean that you want to draw a clear line with me?”

Lin Man was silent.

He was always reluctant to make Lin Man felt awkward. Then, he suddenly laughed, looked at Lin Man, and said in low voice, “Didn’t you say that you’re staying in the hotel today and didn’t want to go out?”

Lin Man tucked her hair behind her ears. The palm traces on her face were faint and almost disappeared.

Sean’s gaze deepened and Lin Man whispered, “My colleague asked me out for dinner…”

Sean walked to the door, the ash on his fingertips went along his movement and fell. He looked at her and said in low voice, “You should return earlier.”

Sean flicked the cigarette as he saw Lin Man nodded, then turned around to chase Amber.

Hai Wan Xiang Xie, with shining lights.

Sean made himself a cup of coffee.

To match Amber’s public display of affection, he couldn’t use the normal method. Sean entered the study room as soon as he’s home.

No boss could live more leisurely than his employees.

The coffee was ready. Amber had changed into her sleepwear. She held the clothes that she and Cindy had worn before and went to the bathroom on the first floor.

Sean heard it and turned his head.

The bathroom door was open. Amber squatted halfway down. Water was dripping from her shiny black hair, and wetted her nightgown, exposing the woman’s beautiful figure.

Her bright and shiny calf was standing within Sean’s sight. He could even see Amber’s bright and smooth toes.

She’s like a natural artwork. Every inch of her body was elegant!

Her upper body was wet with water and the motion of her squatting down causing her clothes to be stuck on her breast. The shape of her peaks was outlined in an instant but they were covered by the steam.

With such a desire and ashamed look, Sean’s body tightened inexplicably. He squinted his eyes and stared straight at Amber.

Sean’s gaze was too sharp and penetrating. Amber was scrubbing Cindy’s clothes when suddenly she raised her head, and both of their gazes met in the air.

Amber paused for a moment, stood up, and closed the bathroom door.

Sean, “…”

He licked his slightly dry lips and rubbed the coffee cup with his thumb. His mood to work overtime instantly disappeared.

That woman, Amber, still intended to seduce him until this time!

It had nothing to do with love. She just couldn’t live without a man. That’s all.

He took a sip of the coffee. It was freshly brewed and still slightly hot. Sean paused, put down his cup, and directly went upstairs to the kid’s room.

Xu Lin was quite capable of the job.

Probably it’s because Cindy is a girl, the kid’s room was mainly styled in pink. The princess bed was painted in a light pink color with a set of Barbie dolls and even considerately prepared a small skirt.

Xu Lin asked someone to install a star projector lamp on the balcony. As nightfall, the whole room would turn into a visible outer space.

Sean frowned slightly.

He didn’t know if it was because he said that the kid’s room wasn’t prepared for Cindy, but that little kid was really not here.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Cindy stuck her head inside.a

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