Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 302: Am I Going to be a Sister?

She was wearing small bear pajamas and looked at him timidly. Her lips were pressed together, looking cute as a small hamster.

“What are you doing here?”

Sean asked in a cold voice causing Cindy to step back, “Daddy, this room is so beautiful. I’ve never seen such a beautiful room before!”

She was very clever and cute, as she let out a smile, “Daddy, I was just looking. I won’t come inside. Don’t be angry!”

Sean’s gaze looked secretive.

Cindy looked at him helplessly. Sean couldn’t help but said, “Just come in if you want to. Do I look so petty, that I can’t even allow you to enter this room?”

Cindy shook her fluffy head, “Mommy said that you make this bedroom for the younger siblings.”

“Mommy is worried that I will break the toys.”

After finished speaking, she glanced at Sean again, “Daddy, am I going to be a sister?”

Sean found it ridiculous, be a sister?

Whose sister?

If Cindy wants a younger sister, Amber should give birth to her!

As soon as he realized his thought, Sean suddenly became hot, and Amber’s exquisite figure appeared before his mind.

Damn it!

Sean cursed in a low voice. He leaned down and held Cindy up, then placed her on the princess bed, “You can sleep here today.”

As he said that, Sean looked around, and said with a profound expression, “You can also play with these toys here. But you’re not allowed to tear the photos like when you first came here!”

Cindy was holding the plush toy that was forcibly stuffed by Sean to her and asked with clear eyes, “Daddy, do you mean I can’t tear photos or I can’t tear Auntie Lin Man’s photos?”

Sean was speechless by her question.

This kid, Cindy, was asking a technical question towards him.

He was strangely feeling guilty, “You can’t tear up photos!”

“This is my house. So everything belongs to me. If you do bad things on purpose again, I’ll hand you over to Uncle Police!”

Cindy was slightly scared and nodded hurriedly.

Sean came out of the kid’s room after coaxing Cindy.

Amber also happened to finish washing the clothes. She paused her step as she saw him when she’s going upstairs. She stood on the scarlet stairs with her milky white legs and leaving a contrasting image.

Especially, Amber’s skin was as white as snow.

Sean’s throat tightened. His body was burning inexplicably as he stared at Amber.

Amber unconsciously pulled the hem of her nightgown and said in low voice, “Sean, Cindy is not on the first floor. Is she being naughty and go upstairs?”

Sean’s eyes flinched. Did she plan to stay downstairs with Cindy tonight?

Whenever she’s alone, Amber always hid in her shell like a turtle. Whom was she putting her guard against?

From a gangster? A sex maniac?

Sean leaned over slightly, reached out to grab Amber’s hand, and pulled her toward upstairs rudely.

By the end of the corridor on the second floor, there was a window door with the curtains on it. Sean pulled a layer away for Amber.

It was dark outside and there was a car parked outside the gate of Hai Wan Xiang Xie.

“Ms. White, you’re the one who hired the reporter, and yet, you’re still planning to let me deal with them?”

Amber paused.

Sean’s mouth looked poisonous, “You did it on purpose, right? You let them follow us, so you could get a chance to be alone with me?”

“Why? Is it because that the men you’ve seduced couldn’t satisfy you?”

Both of them got really close. When Sean was talking, his breath slightly grazed on her neck, causing her shivered for no reason.

She turned her head and looked at his dark eyes, asking, “What do you want?”

Sean pulled the curtains away, dragged Amber back to the master bedroom, and threw her onto the huge bed.

The bed was so soft that Amber wasn’t hurt. As she was about to stand up, Sean overturned her with his strong body and pressed her strongly.

“Mr. Smith…”

Amber struggled and Sean using one hand to press her shoulder and pushed her tightly under him.

“Today, you just behave well and sleep here!”

Because of her violent struggle, Amber’s hair was messed up, even the scar on the right side of her face became clear.

Lively color brings forth the fragrance.

Amber stopped struggling, took a deep breath, and said quietly, “Okay”

“But can you get up first? I can’t breathe because of you.”

Sean tightened his arms. As he embraced Amber tightly, he pulled her closer. He blinked his long eyelashes as he swallowed up the cold air.

Amber’s beautiful face was blushing. She’s feeling uncomfortable so she subconsciously moved.

In the summer, both of them were wearing such thin clothes. When Amber moved, Sean was aware of her body fragrance.

His body suddenly became stiff.

He clasped Amber’s waist with one hand. His gaze was digging deeper and stared straight into Amber’s eyes.

He gritted his teeth, “Amber, are you going to sleep or not?”

Amber’s lips twitched, “I want to look for Cindy. I’m worried about her!”

Sean sneered at her, “She’s fine. You should worry about yourself!”

As he finished speaking, he suddenly came closer. His thin breath fiercely seized Amber’s breathing.

Amber was shocked. The man’s tongue forced her to open her mouth, raiding the surrounding, and ravaging it wildly.

Amber grasped Sean’s shirt on his chest tightly. Her mind was blank. When everything was fine, why did Sean suddenly kiss her?

She stopped it by avoiding Sean’s deep kiss and took a deep breath.

“Mr. Smith, please show some respect!”

After Sean heard what she said, his face showed a slight mockery. He reached out and used his finger to hook Amber’s thin nightgown, and said with a hoarse voice:

“Show some respect? Ms. White, you dressed up like this to seduce me, yet you’re talking about showing some respect!”

Amber’s face turned pale as she covered her chest. She never intended to seduce Sean. She had planned to stay on the first floor.

It was Sean who brought her upstairs and made a move on her without any explanation!

“I’m not that low, Sean!”

Her cheeks were still swollen, but her pair of clear and beautiful eyes were slightly captivated because of his kiss.

Sean licked his lips. Instead of pressing harder, he spoke in a low voice:

“Ms. White, just now your good daughter asked me, is she going to be a sister?”

Amber’s pupil widened. The man’s big and burning hand was still on placed on her waist as if it would melt her completely.

“Such a meaningful question is not something that a three-year-old can ask!”

“Ms. White, did you use your daughter to give me a hint?”

As Sean said, he grabbed Amber’s cotton gown with his big hands, and abruptly tore it.

She felt cold on her body. After finished showering, Amber didn’t have any underwear inside. As soon as Sean did it, Amber stretched out her arms to hook on Sean’s neck tightly, and prevented him to stare at her casually.

This move inevitably caused both their body to attach without any gap.

Sean’s temple pulsated. He put one of his hands on her ear, he was about to say “I’ll complete you”, but he changed his mind. As his eyebrows raised giddily, he said with a devilish tone, “So impatient, huh?”

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