Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 303: Sean, I Know You Won’t Do It

Amber looked helpless.

“Sean, stop joking, okay?”

As if he was poured with a basin of cold water, the flames inside Sean’s body mostly went out.

With Amber’s slender arms around him, they looked very intimate, like lovers who had been in love for so many years.

Amber paused and whispered, “Even if you want to punish me, you shouldn’t have forced yourself!”

“Sean, I haven’t forgotten any words you said this afternoon!”

Sean felt his body burning hot. His big palm that was previously loosening up her nightgown in a dangerous area, came to a halt because of her words.

That’s right.

This afternoon he said that even if all of the women in this world were dead, he would never come to love her!

Did Amber mention this at this time, to find a gap from him or deliberately want to humiliate him?

His gaze was fiery and slightly tinted with lust.

As he was slightly unwilling, he struggled for a while. Although he couldn’t see it, his fingers still wandered around her body.

Amber bit her lips and whispered, “Sean, I know you won’t do it!”

As both of them exchanged gazes, they came to a long pause. Sean lifted his lips and whispered, “Are you sure?”

If Lin Man didn’t return, she wouldn’t be so sure!

After all, men only thought of sex!

But after Lin Man left, for her stead, Sean would rather not go and play with women outside and also wouldn’t touch her. It was more impossible after Lin Man returned!

“You are my wife. What I did to you is legitimate!”

Sean leaned closer to Amber’s ear and said with a low tone, “Otherwise, Ms. White, you thought the marriage certificate that you used to deceive my mother three years ago, was just a decoration?”

He stopped his breathing and Amber trembled as she quickly grabbed onto Sean. She was afraid, afraid of losing control in front of him, and even more afraid of misbehaving.

“Sean, do you forget about Ms. Lin?”

She said quietly and almost at the same time, Sean froze.

She counted down to three. Before she finished counting, Sean suddenly rolled over her body and laid beside her.

Amber’s clothes were torn by Sean. Although they were still on her body, the clothes were almost out of shape and couldn’t be worn anymore.

As Sean got up, she conveniently took the thin blanket and covered her body.

He could only lay down for a while but still unable to suppress his feelings. He sat down and went to the bathroom.

Sean came out half an hour later. He was only wearing a pair of shorts. He dried his head with a bath towel as he walked to the bed.

His upper body was naked. The sturdy upper-body with a bright texture still had drops of water dripping from his head. His every move was slightly attractive.

Sean sat on the armchair next to the bed, with a slight convergence in his eyes, he didn’t say a word, looking like a hibernating huge beast.

Amber came to a pause as she heard Sean’s voice over:

“Amber, I ask you, is Cindy really my daughter?”

After Sean asked, he was in a daze.

His sinister words were coming to Amber like a thorn and stung her, as he blurted those words.

He pressed his lips tightly and his gaze was as cold as ice.

Amber must be over the moon. She must’ve wanted to say yes. Maybe she would use this chance to ask something for his ‘cheap daughter’!


Amber was also startled when she heard Sean’s question.

She bit her lower lip. She never thought that one day Sean would directly pick this question and ask.

Did Lin Man say something to Sean after she returned?

Amber was a little nervous. She only had Cindy. No matter who it is, she wouldn’t give anyone any chance to take Cindy away!

“Mr. Smith, hasn’t the police station given you the confirmation?”

“You should know clearly and yet, you replied to me with a question. Why is that?”

Something flashed quickly in Sean’s eyes. His voice was deep and cold, “I want you to say it yourself!”

Sean’s burning gaze was fixed on Amber.

A frightening idea came to her mind, maybe… Sean wants her to acknowledge that Cindy is his daughter!

Amber pinched her fingertips. She was feeling impulsive. Just when she’s about to answer, she suddenly remembered what Lin Man said:

“Amber, I like Cindy very much!”

Amber bit her lips tightly subconsciously. Before Lin Man returned, she could still deceive herself and the others, but after she came back, especially, she had seen Sean’s attitude towards Lin Man.

She began to hesitate, did… Lin Man say something to Sean?

Amber was very confused. It took her a long time to make up her mind and closed her eyes, before saying coldly, “There’s no connection between Cindy and you, Mr. Smith!”

The air froze instantly.

Amber’s heart didn’t seem to be beating and her chest seemed to be stiffened. Every breath that she took was like a knife that was scrapping her internal organs alive.

Blood was dripping from the bottom of her heart.

Amber’s eyes fluttered, it felt hard to go on.

She comforted herself in her heart. After all, after so many years, Cindy didn’t have a father by her side, why should she tell him?

Either he believed it or not, was one thing. Now that Lin Man had returned, she’s very scared. She’s scared that Sean still had the intention to marry Lin Man. When that time comes, as a powerless woman, how will she fight the powerful Smith family for custody?

Amber stared at Sean’s eyes silently. She shrank in the quilt and without speaking in an imposing manner, her lips twitched. She managed to put on a smile and whispered, “Mr. Smith, can I go to sleep now?”

Sean leaned back on his armchair with a strange expression.

He licked his lips, and looked cold silently, covering the previously warm room.

“Get out!”

With two words, Sean seemed to suppress his anger. Amber was like being pierced by something sharp in her heart and draining her blood.

She was stubborn and unyielding. Perhaps, she wanted to find the answers to everything that happened eleven years ago.

Amber was full of smile, “Mr. Smith, what do you mean?”

“Are you unhappy because I said that the child is not yours?”

Sean’s heart was filled with turbulent emotions. Amber really knew how to brag!

He was really angry. He was angry about why wasn’t he being firm when he got married that he could marry such a woman with loose virtue?

Did Amber think that he really loves her that he couldn’t live without her?

“It’s ridiculous! You think I, Sean Smith, can’t get as many children as I want?”

“Ms. White, I ask you to answer because I want you to know your bargaining chips!”

Sean sneered at her, and said, “Fortunately, you can still handle it clearly, Ms. White. Unlike your best friend, who has tried so hard to help your scheme. Looking at it now, everything that she did was in vain!”

Amber squinted her eyes at Sean, and said, “Mr. Smith, what do you mean?”

A bad premonition flashed in Amber’s mind. Her only best friend was Lu Xiang Xiang. Did Lu Xiang Xiang tell Sean anything, when he went to her house last night?

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