Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 304: Amber, finally, you get what you want!

“What do I mean? Didn’t Miss Lu tell you she sent me a fake paternity test?”

Amber became numb; she could nearly hear nothing now.

A fake paterrnity?

No! No way! Lu Xiangxiang would never do such a thing! That paternity test must be true!

Amber was much more tense than before, “That is the reason you treat Cindy different?”

“Are you still dreaming? Or in director White’s heart, I’m a stupid man?”

Amber had difficulty in breathing now, as if someone grasping her neck. Sean’s voice became much colder. “I keep the secret well because I want to see how can director White play this trick!”

Amber’s face was burning, as if being slapped by Sean.

After getting the answer, Amber got up embarrassedly while pulling her messy clothes. She ran out hurriedly of the bedroom.

It was already late. Amber gathered up her clothes and sat on the step. Hai Wan Xiang Xie was so big that Amber felt there was only her in this world after coming out.

Darkness overwhelmed her and her heart. She pressed her lips, feeling a little nervous.

Amber took out of her phone and turned on the flashlight, walked out of the villa, quietly.

As soon as she came out, a gust of hot air blew over. Dark and quiet outside, Amber could only see the place in front of her.

Amber blinked her eyes, and then fell into a daze.

Not knowing how long it passed, Amber began sweating. She intended to go back, but just at that time, her phone rang.

It was Lu Xiangxiang.

Amber paused for a second and then took it.

“Xiang?” Amber said first. Lu Xiangxiang’s side was noisy.

“It’s me, Amber.”

“It’s not early now. Why are you still awake?”

“I came with Feng Chen for a business meal.” Lu Xiangxiang said in a low voice.

As Feng Chen’s secretary, attending a business meal with Feng Chen was normal. Amber didn’t ask more, but whispered, “What happened that you call me so late?”

Lu Xiangxiang asked hesitantly, “I saw the thing on Internet have been solved. Amber, does Sean know Cindy is his daughter?”

No, he didn’t know. Besides, he might hate Cindy now!

Mentioning about this question, Amber curled her fingers. Supressing the acor in heart, Amber said, “Yes. You knew that he called the dean this morning. If he doesn’t know, he wouldn’t speak those words.”

With doubt in heart, Lu Xiangxiang wanted to say something. But Amber’s words made sense. “Amber, finally, you get what you want! Congratulations!”

Acor filled in Amber’s heart. She knew Sean earlier than Lu Xiangxiang, so Xiangxiang knew little about their things.

The ‘congratulations’ Xiangxiang said just now was too early for her.

Chuckling, Amber blinked. She looked up at the dark night with desperation in her eyes. It was the first time she wanted to complain.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting?” “11years!”

Her motherr died in ill and her father remarried. She thought Sean was her life…He promised to give her a family, but he left without any traces.

She couldn’t accept the result all those years, but today, she gave up.

“Amber, Amberr, don’t cry…” Lu Xiangxiang’s heart ached for her. “You will be better, everything would be better! Believe me, okay?”

No, nothing would be better, nothing… Amber wiped the tears and replied, “Well. Anyway, I’ve spent the most terrible time.”

After a pause, Amber continued, “Xiangxiang, Mr. Feng may look for you. Go back to your business. Call me if you got home. And less alcohol.”

“Well.” Lu Xiangxiang felt warm inside.

After hanging up, Amber calmed herself down and stood up.

However, as soon as she turned around, she saw Sean, who was leaning on the door. Being scared stiff, Amber asked, “How long have you been here?”

“Since you said ‘less alcohol’.”

Amber compressed her lips into a thin line and she relaxed a lot. In the dim night, Amber’s facial features became much more gorgeous.

Sean’s eyes became dark. What did she want to do? Did she have any tricks again so that came outside to make a call? Didn’t she worry about being shot by those paparazzi now?

Amber tucked her hair back her ear and then smiled at Sean, whispering, “Sean, it’s late. Time to sleep.”

With that, Amber walked past Sean and intended to go in the house. However, Sean grasped Amber’s arm tightly suddenly.

They were close and Sean’s smell filled in Amber’s nose.

“Director White can’t wait to inform Miss Lu?”

“I didn’t…”

An evil smile showed on Sean’s face, “You mean you came out to appreciate the scene?”

Amber had nothing to say, but stepped back and said in a low voice, “Sean, why do you come out? It’s late!”

Sean lifted his eyebrows, and then pressed Amber on the door. He took a piece of her broken clothes playfully and then whispered, “Of course I want to see if Mrs. Smith has an affair with such exposed clothes.”

“Then do you get a result?”

Sean sneered.

Amber White actually didn’t explain. Did she admit she was a slut?

She supported her hands against Sean’s chest and pushed slightly; her expression was extremely cold. “Sean, I’m sleepy!”

“Director White! Who do you think you are! Is Hai Wan Xiang Xie such a lousy place that you can access as you wish?” Sean said indifferently. Did Amber White know she had no chances, so she didn’t bother to explain to him?

Keeping a poker face, Amber looked up at Sean. “Sean, let’s have a talk inside if you are not glad. Although paparazzi are not here now, they may come back at any time!”

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