Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 305: A Fracture? Uh…

Sean’s cold eyes raised slightly. Who would’ve wanted to talk with Amber?

He was unhappy because she came out. Did Amber think that he’s worried about her?

She could really brag!

Sean sneered at her. His tall figure suddenly drew back to a certain distance. Amber touched her shoulder, held her clothes together, and watched as Sean go upstairs.

There was no light in the house but Sean still walked steadily as he stepped on the stairs. A few seconds later after he reached upstairs, he slammed his bedroom door.

Amber, “….”

Sean maintained his life routine. He woke up as the morning came.

Sean sat up on his bed and glanced at the other side of the bed. From the clean and tidy look, he knew that nobody slept there last night.

Sean lifted the blanket and got off the bed. After washing up, he changed into a sweatshirt, as he intended to have morning exercise downstairs.

After he came out of the master bedroom, he went to the kid’s room and took a look. Cindy was still asleep.

He went straight downstairs. When he reached the corner, Sean saw Amber who was sleeping on the sofa. She curled up and still wore the same nightgown that he tore last night.

The woman’s face looked slightly pink. Her wide collar couldn’t hide her sexy gleam.

The sky was bright outside. The orange sunlight came inside. Amber’s contrasting long legs were brightly white.

When the left side of her face came up, her beautiful cheek made her look like an extremely pure angel.

Sean approached her unconsciously as his gaze fell on Amber’s face. Under her clothes, Sean saw something that looked like a white paste.

Is it a plaster cast?

Oh, right…

Sean’s thin lips twitched. Amber’s hand was fractured because of that old man.

He had not seen Amber putting on the cast in these few days. Sean thought that Amber was healed!

It turned out that, Amber is someone who uses the cast depends on her mood?

Fractured bone?

From his point of view, Amber must’ve paid the doctor in the hospital and gave the fake proof!

Sean snorted coldly at her. Just when he took a step away, Amber mumbled behind his back.

He turned around with his back against the sunlight. Then he looked at Amber again and finally found something strange.

Amber’s face looked a bit too red. She sat up in a daze, rubbed her eyes, and as if she had just seen him, “Are you awake, Sean? I’ll make the breakfast for you…”

She stepped on her slippers as she couldn’t see things right. She had just taken two steps when her feet turned wobbly, and she fell to the ground.

Sean’s temple twitched. His reaction was fast, as he quickly reached out and took Amber into his arms.

The familiar fragrance invaded into Sean’s breath. Amber’s body felt weak.

Her body was burning…

Sean’s face sank as he dragged her to stand straight. He twisted his brows. His eyes were filled with a touch of obvious sarcasm, “Ms. White, are you so eager to throw yourself into me?”

Amber was stunned by Sean. She was feeling hot and cold with cold sweat all over her body.

The person in front of her had two shadows and kept swaying in front of her.

“Sean….Sean, can you please stop moving?”

Looking at Amber’s state, anyone could tell that something’s wrong with her.

Sean hesitated, then he put his hand on Amber’s forehead. The hot and burning temperature that even could be used to fry an egg.

The bare sofa caught his attention from the corner of his eyes. So last night, Amber slept here, just like that?

She’s really great!

As her seduction failed and the fake paternity test wasn’t successful, Amber was back to her old self and using the self-injury against him?

Didn’t Amber know that he hated such a person the most?

Sean abruptly took back his hand causing Amber to fall completely on the floor.

Sean’s expression suddenly became worse.

He didn’t even blink as he strode out!

There was only one way to deal with such a shameless person like Amber and that’s turning a blind eye to her!

When he walked to the mansion’s door, Sean paused his steps.

He took out his phone with a gloomy face and gave a call to Mrs. Chen.

The call was quickly connected and Sean asked calmly, “Where is the first aid kit at Hai Wan Xiang Xie?”

Mrs. Chen paused before answering, “The first aid kit is inside the left second drawer under the TV in the living room!”

“Sir, are you injured or feeling unwell? Do you want me to go there?”

Sean paused as his expression became worse, “No need, I’m very good!”

After that, Sean immediately cut off the phone!

As he turned over, Amber already stood up from the ground. Her body was wobbly and looked really fragile.

However, her clothes were even more fragile, hanging on her body, and tottering with her every movement!

Sean took a step forward and carried Amber who just stood still in his arms. He went straight upstairs and returned to the master bedroom.

Amber fell in Sean’s embrace. She glanced at Sean in confusion, and whispered, “Sean, Cindy is about to wake up. I need to go downstairs to make her breakfast!”

“Do you want to warm yourself up and give it to her?”

Sean sneered at her and spoke sarcastically.

He opened the door and threw Amber on the huge bed. He leisurely raised the room temperature and then went downstairs to find the first aid kit where Mrs. Chen told him. After finding the fever reducer, he poured a glass of water and went upstairs again.

He wasn’t feeling worried about Amber. It’s just that he didn’t want to Amber die because of sickness in Hai Wan Xiang Xie.

After all, Hai Wan Xiang Xei was the newlywed house that he prepared for Man Man. Even if he wanted to give it to Man Man again, it’s not presentable anymore, but he also couldn’t let Amber ruin it!

Sean handed the water to Amber after reaching upstairs. He kept his voice down, and said, “Take this medicine!”

Amber took the medicine, put it in her mouth, and took a sip of water.

After lying down for a while, Amber felt much better, as she shrank inside the blanket and sweat a little. At least she wouldn’t have double vision anymore!

Amber squeezed her temple. In these few days, after going through a lot of things, almost consumed all of Amber’s energy.

“Ms. White, you’re really amazing. You can even have a fever in such weather!”

Amber pressed her eyes.

Sean had taken care of her all morning. She didn’t want to get into a fight because of a small thing!

“Thanks, Sean!”

“You’re not welcome!”

It’s getting late and Sean wasn’t having the morning exercise anymore. He just turned around when Amber called him, “Sean, I’m going to prepare the breakfast. Do you want to have a Chinese breakfast or Western breakfast?”

Sean paused, as the emotion in his eyes became more intense.

“Prepare the breakfast Are you afraid that the old man doesn’t know that I mistreat you?”

“I…I’ve gotten much better! It won’t be a trouble to prepare breakfast.”

Sean’s pupils sank, “So, I’m the nosy one!”

Amber looked at Sean. He rarely wore a sweatshirt. The distance between both of them wasn’t too close nor too far. But Amber could smell the faint soap scent from Sean.

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