Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 306: I Didn’t Touch The Dolls That Belong To Younger Siblings

He was very tall. Amber was standing by the bedside, yet she still had to look up to see Sean’s expression!

Amber had distinct eyelashes and her delicate face seemed to be doubtful.

Sean turned angry from his embarrassment, and said bitterly, “Just do whatever you want!”

He didn’t believe her anymore. Would such a selfish woman like Amber plan to prepare breakfast for him without any other intention?

Sean slammed the door and left. He left Hai Wan Xiang Xie and ran around the mansion for several laps. After he sweated a bit, he returned.

As soon as he stepped inside the living room, he could faintly smell the porridge. Sean twisted his brows, directly went upstairs, washed up, and changed his clothes.

Amber had brought the dishes to the dining table. Cindy had woken up and sitting at the table eating egg custard.

Cindy’s eyes brightened as she saw Sean.

“Daddy, when I left the room, I’ve folded the blanket. Also, I didn’t touch or stain the dolls and skirt that belong to younger siblings!”

Cindy’s words were very lovely but Amber felt slightly uncomfortable.

Speaking of it, Cindy was indeed Sean’s daughter. But at Sean’s house, she had to be extra cautious!

The uncertainty and distress once again spread in her heart.

She’s not good enough to give Cindy a complete family!

Amber put away her complicated feelings and placed the porridge in front of Sean. The golden millet porridge was full of fragrant, together with several refreshing side dishes. Sean raised his eyebrows. He felt very hungry after all.

After finishing his breakfast, Sean sat in the living room. Amber discussed with him. In order to deny the rumor, all three of them must go out. The amusement park would be too obvious. So, Amber chose to go to the aquarium.

After Sean and Cindy agreed, Amber went upstairs to change her clothes.

Before she came to Hai Wan Xiang Xie last night, she had bought a dress which was lotus pink and looked quite good.

She planned to go to the master bedroom directly but after considering Sean’s attitude towards her, Amber turned around, and went to the other bedroom.

As she walked inside the bathroom, Amber took off half her clothes, and she came to a halt.

Her gaze fell on the white dress that was hanging in the bathroom.

It looked graceful and elegant. It’s the new collection of Burberry. This dress was expensive. Amber once saw it in the magazine.

It’s… Lin Man’s preference.

She had always liked Burberry’s clothes. She would always buy one or two pieces in a year.

Amber blinked.

Her clothes had been left here, it seemed like she would come again.

Amber couldn’t tell how she felt. She didn’t know if she should laugh because she didn’t find this dress in the master bedroom, or should she cry for her husband bringing his dearest old flame back and forth in such a situation?

She closed her eyes and took off the clothes in an instant. After she changed her clothes, using the mirror in the bathroom, she put on light makeup.

The pink dress revealed a bit of Amber’s milky white calf. Her shoulder-length hair was soft and light-colored, as if a pear blossom blooming on the branch, looking especially beautiful!

Sean heard her movement and he was taken aback when he saw Amber.

It’s undeniable that Amber’s appearance was very attractive. But if she didn’t have such an appearance, how could she seduce so many men? How could she have so many close relatives and friends?!

Sean’s lips twitched and gave a sarcastic smile.

Twenty minutes later, Tongcheng Aquarium

Because it’s weekdays, there were not so many people in the aquarium.

Amber held Cindy’s hand while waiting for Sean to buy the tickets.

He wore a shirt with a shade of pink and Cindy also wore a light pink tutu.

When three of them stood together, they looked especially dazzling, as if they were wearing the matching clothes.

After getting the tickets, Cindy rubbed her legs. She raised one leg, gesturing Sean to carry her.

Sean looked expressionless, gave the tickets to Amber, bent over to carry Cindy, and freed one hand to hold Amber’s.

From the moment he got off the car, Sean felt that someone was following them. He did this because he was sensitive to those entertainment reporters, and he was also born to know how to look good on camera.

Since the beginning, it was to ‘show his affection’ with Amber. Sean also barely showed any expression.

After being inside the aquarium, Sean put Cindy down. This should be her first time to be here and she’s busily looking at everything!

The little girl had started to show her favor. She said happily with a smile on her face, “Daddy, can I raise this?”

Both of them looked together at the direction that Cindy was pointing.


Sean blinked, squinted his eyes, and whispered, “After we got out, I’ll ask someone if this thing can be raised or not.”

The reporter wasn’t far behind. Amber rolled her eyes, knelt down, grabbed Cindy, and said, “You cannot!”


“Because raising it will be more difficult than raising you. Jellyfish will need high requirements for illumination, water quality, and water temperature… You can’t take care of it!”

Cindy pouted her mouth and looked up Sean, “Daddy, can you help Cindy raise it?”

Amber clasped on Cindy’s shoulder and dragged her away, “Daddy and Mommy need to work. After we get off work, we still need to take care of you. How can we have the time to help Cindy feed the jellyfish?”

“If you really like it, don’t raise it. After you bring it home, it could die in a short time!”

Cindy hesitated, and asked Sean, “Daddy, is Mommy right?”

Sean nodded, “If you really want to raise something, you can pick something else!”

Cindy blinked as she looked at Sean, then nodded aggrievedly.

A series of the sound of flashlight came behind them.

The temperature inside the aquarium was quite good. It was relatively cool and not too hot.

There were merchants inside. As they passed by the cold beverage merchant, Amber’s soft body was suddenly glued to him, and hugged Sean’s arm tightly.

“Husband, I want to eat ice cream.”

She’s leaning closely. Her warm breath was grazed on Sean’s neck. Her tone was rarely flirty. Sean became numb with goosebumps.

He subconsciously wanted to get rid of her. Then, from the corner of his eyes, he caught a side of someone ahead holding the phone and took Sean’s picture.

He became stiff.

Amber, this damn woman, following this situation, and seduced him in public!


Listen to how smooth and familiar Amber mentioned it?

How many times has she said this in her mind?

A flash of fire was evoked in Sean’s heart. He squinted his eyes. His pair of strong arms tightly clasped on Amber’s slender waist. He pulled her into his arms. Then, use one hand to lead Amber towards the cold beverage merchant, and asked as he walked, “What kind of flavor do you want?”

His voice sounded as if he’s being forced. His tone sounded angry and doting at the same time.

Amber looked up into Sean’s fiery gaze, and whispered, “Blueberry flavor!”

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