Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 307: Sorry, I Overslept


Sean closed his eyes and chanted a few times, this is for the sake of Smith Group. He pressed his thin lips, lowered his head to look at Cindy, and asked in a low voice:

“What about you, dear? What ice cream flavor do you want?”


Sean and Amber didn’t hide their plan to come to the Aquarium. Many reporters wanted to get the first scoop. The Aquarium that should be empty on weekdays, became crowded and extremely packed with people.

The whereabouts of their family had caused an uproar on the internet.

Most of them were filled with emotions because Amber got married to such a good man like Sean.

Although some people still doubted that there’s a possibility of them putting on a show, according to the trend, if Amber wanted to solve this scandal, it should be done in two or three days.

In some sort of sense, Sean was benefited from this matter. Not only did he gain his reputation, but even the income of Smith Group had also risen by several points.

The news on the internet also brought along the sales of Smith Group’s new real estate bidding. In the afternoon, Sean received the news that there is a possibility that 80% of the land in Modern Street would belong to Smith Group.

When he was feeling complicated, he received a call from Xu Lin, “President Smith, the new real estate bidding had been sold out in the market. I’ve chosen The Paramount to celebrate the successful closing revenue of Smith Group again!”

“Please both of you and Director White be present!”

Sean pressed his eyebrows. The corner of his eyes fell on Amber. Her lotus-pink dress looked more beautiful in the slightly colorful light.

His lips twitched and said, “Okay!”

After hanging up the phone, Sean glanced at the time. It was almost lunchtime.

The weather in summer was hot. Even when the temperature inside the Aquarium was still fine, but the kid would still feel sleepy. Cindy had become tired and she was curled up and stayed in Amber’s embrace.

All of them came out of the Aquarium and entered a Cantonese restaurant. Sean had shown his affection towards Amber for such a long time and their expression looked stiff. As soon as they came in, they requested a private room.

As soon as he entered, Sean’s face hardened.

He had a cigarette in his hand. His expression was cold. His eyes ferociously looked at Amber.

She was taking off Cindy’s sunscreen clothes when she noticed Sean’s gaze. She turned to him and asked in a low voice:

“What’s wrong?”

Sean’s eyebrows darkened, his fingertips rubbed the cigarette, and his eyes looked somewhat unclear.

“The new real estate had huge sales and the credit belongs to the marketing department after all. Tonight, Xu Lin will hold a celebration dinner at The Paramount.”

Amber was aware of it.

The new real estate was put up for sale yesterday. After the incident of the paternity test happened, Amber instantly notified the marketing department to postpone the opening ceremony until the afternoon.

The matter was handled by PR in time but Amber didn’t expect that things would go smoothly.

“Fine, then later let’s go back first to the old manor and let Cindy stayed with her grandparents tonight and we will go to the celebration dinner together.”

Sean nodded.

The Paramount is one of the best and a large entertainment club in Tongcheng. Cindy is just three years old. It’s enough to bring her into such occasion once.

The restaurant they were eating at was located not far from Smith’s old manor. After coming out of the restaurant, Sean directly drove back to the old manor.

Tomas and Mrs. Smith had the habit of taking a nap. When they arrived, it was silent inside the manor and no sound was heard.

The celebration dinner wouldn’t start until the evening. Sean and Amber, both went separately to their room to rest for a while.

Amber was still feverish and sleeping quite soundly. It was Sean who woke her up. When she just woke up, she looked a bit panicked. Her cheeks looked slightly pink. Her eyes were a bit misty and looked naturally charming.

Sean looked indifferent as he looked down on his watch, and said sarcastically, “Ms. White, if you don’t want to attend the celebration dinner, just say so!”

“I even have to ask you repeatedly just to go somewhere. Do you need me to pick you up lavishly?”

Amber was a bit thirsty. She took a sip of water from the glass by her bedside. She tidied up her clothes and simply brushed her hair before leaving the room.

“I’m sorry I overslept.”

She had a good manner by acknowledging her mistake. Sean paused. The sarcastic words that he had prepared were held on his throat which even made his handsome face hardened.

Amber was putting on an act again. Sean was very suspicious about this. After a while, when he reached downstairs, he saw the old man. Would she do the same in front of this old man again!

Reaching downstairs, Tomas was playing with Cindy. Amber’s eyes were filled with warmth.

In the past three years, so many people questioned, and even so many official documents that could be called ‘irrefutable evidence’ appeared in front of Tomas. But he never seemed to doubt about her daughter’s birth and Cindy’s father.

Over the past three years, Amber had been very grateful to Tomas.

“Grandpa, it’s your turn!”

Both grandfather and granddaughter were playing the aviation game. Amber approached and glanced at the game board. Cindy was still young. When it’s her turn, she was extremely naïve and moved carelessly.

Tomas smiled when he saw Amber, “Amber, Cindy is very smart.”

Amber had glanced at the board and Tomas was guiding Cindy since the beginning. They played the game messily.

Her mouth twitched and Sean’s voice was heard behind her, “Smart? Father, are you sure you’re not being sarcastic towards her?”

The smile on Amber and Tomas’s face gradually turned stiff. The smile on the latter’s face quickly disappeared:

“I’m talking to Amber. Why did you interrupt? Go away!”

Sean snorted.

He had repeatedly told the old man that Cindy isn’t his granddaughter. But the old man never took his words seriously.

He firmly believed that Cindy belongs to the Smith family and completely cares for the kid.

Even when the four siblings were young, they had never received such treatment from this old man!

Sean’s gaze unconsciously stopped on Cindy’s face. His daughter?

She’s not smart at all and very stupid!

She didn’t inherit a bit of Amber’s skill in her IQ. So, she must be similar to her father!

And he’s the one who helped the old man managing his company since he was a teenager. He had shown that he was extremely talented in business since he was young. With a calm self-sustained beyond ordinary people, his IQ was even more outstanding.

How could Amber’s daughter be similar to him?

If his child is so stupid in the future, wouldn’t he be pissed to death?

Sean retracted his gaze from the kid. His eyes were still slightly filled with disdain. Then, he immediately glanced at Amber and whispered, “Let’s go!”

Upon hearing these words, Tomas looked suspiciously at Sean, and asked Amber, “You’ve just returned, why are you leaving again? Where are you going?”

Amber tidied up her collar and said in low voice, “The sales of new real estate has a good start. The company holds a celebration dinner. Sean and I will attend together.”

As she spoke, Amber patted Cindy’s head, “Father, I’ll leave Cindy in both you and Mother’s care tonight.”

“Sean and I will return at night and stay here tonight!”

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