Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 308: Welcome Back, Man Man!

Tomas understood that since he’s getting older, he especially took favor of children. He looked forward to Amber asking him to help taking care of Cindy. Upon hearing the words, he smiled, “Sure. You should go to the celebration dinner tonight. Don’t drink too much!”


“Look after this kid! If you drink too much, just leave the car and you can come back by taxi!”

Amber nodded tirelessly regarding Tomas’ request, and said, “Okay!”

After repeatedly advised Cindy that she had to obey her grandparents, Amber went with Sean.

The Paramount was located not far away. They were also not very good at holding secret occasions. The minimum consumption was also quite high. Comparatively speaking, Sean preferred Ye Se.

However, the scale of the new real estate wasn’t as large as the Luoshen Bay. It’s quite good to choose The Paramount.

The woman in the light pink shirt, even when her surrounding was noisy, she’s the only one that still managed to look clean and pure.

Following Sean’s gaze, Amber also glanced in that direction. Lin Man tilted her head and smiled at Amber.

“Ms. White, Mr. Smith, you’re here?”

Xiao Shen happened to approach while holding a stack of papers in her hands and looked slightly embarrassed.

“Director White, since today you didn’t come to work, these are the documents that you need to check!”

After all, they were attending the celebration dinner. The employees of the Smith Group weren’t as nervous as they were at the office. After Xiao Shen spoke, someone jokingly said, “Secretary Shen, we’re having a celebration dinner. Director White can finally take a break, yet you’re being inconsiderate and even bring the documents to such an occasion!”

After being interrupted like this, the atmosphere inside the private room started to be more relaxed. Amber smiled, touched the coffee table, and whispered, “I’ll check it later. You can put the documents down!”

Xiao Shen nodded and put the documents on the table. Then, she took out a pen from her bag and placed it beside the documents.

Sean took the lead and came in. He went to the corner and sat down as he looked normal and sat quietly. But nobody dared to joke with him.

The distance between him and Lin Man wasn’t far. The woman pushed the liquor bottle in front of her towards Sean.

A bottle of foreign wine, brandy, was worth considering. It was used to start the celebration dinner. The standard was quite good.

Sean turned sideways and glanced around the private room. There were quite a several types of liquors. Comparatively speaking, brandy is one of Sean’s favorites.

Sean’s lips twitched. He took the wineglass that Lin Man gave him and poured himself a glass.

Lin Man smiled, she took the wine and had a toast with Sean, then whispered, “Long time no see, Sean!”

“Welcome back, Man Man!”

Both of them looked at each other and smiled. Just when Sean raised the wine glass, a white and slender hand was stretched out and directly took the wine glass from Sean’s hand.

Sean was startled and looked back.

Amber stood under the dim light with a gentle smile on her face, and warned naturally, “Sean, you still have to drive home. You may not drink.”

Sean’s eyes darkened instantly.

Is it that he may not drink or he may not drink the wine handed by Man Man?

Since he had been with her for these two days and stayed close to each other, had eventually let Amber forget her position?

She acted so well as his wife that even dared to intervene in his business with Man Man?!

Sean pressed his thin lips and looked slightly cold.

The sound of employees joking exploded in the private room.

“Hey, this isn’t a celebration dinner. It’s clear that Mr. Smith and Ms. White had arranged this large scale place to show their affection!”

“That’s right, Ms. White You need to look at the occasions if you want to show your affection. We are all single here!”

Amber paused.

Showing affection, she and Sean had no affection to show at all!

“Okay, don’t make a fuss anymore! Ms. White will be shy later!”

Everybody laughed heartily, but Lin Man with a smile on her face, looked at Amber, and whispered, “Amber, you shouldn’t be so petty. Could you be jealous just because I had a drink with Sean?”

Amber’s eyes twitched. To be honest, she didn’t know that Sean was having a toast with Lin Man.

Because of her words, the atmosphere inside the private room instantly became stiff.

Amber smiled, but not as warm as Lin Man, and picked up the bottle in front of Sean with the right attitude.

“Miss Lin, brandy has a higher alcohol concentration!”

“We drove here. I fell on my hand two days ago and had a fracture…”

What Amber actually meant was she probably couldn’t drive.

Amber also didn’t want to drag Lin Man’s reputation down on such a public occasion. She casually took an empty glass and poured a glass of juice for Sean.

“Ms. Lin, you’re a lady after all, why don’t you order a cup of coffee?”


According to him, this woman, Amber, couldn’t have bribed The Paramount’s waiter, and wanted to harm Man Man!

Sean grew up in an upper-class society and he had seen countless schemes. Now, he suspiciously looked at Amber.

And again, if Amber didn’t let him drink, she thought he would obey her?

Who does she think she is?

Did she think she’s Empress of Heaven? She thought her words would effective?

Sean slightly raised his eyebrows. His gaze was deep and misty. On such an occasion, he still managed to look as handsome as ever.

He casually picked up a bottle of wine on the table and opened the bottle with his bare hands. His expression became more absent-minded.

“It’s just a drink. If I don’t drink at the celebration dinner, how will they think of me?”

“Just leave the car at The Paramount. I will let Xu Lin come here and fetch it tomorrow!”

Sean immediately gave confirmation. Xu Lin, whose name was being mentioned, pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose, and whispered with a dull expression:

“President Smith, the manager of The Paramount just said that guests’ cars were not allowed to stay overnight…”

Sean raised his eyes to Xu Lin. In this situation, the stabbed Xu Lin trembled with fear. He was tongue-tied for a moment and his brain that had no idea, miraculously flashed, “I, I won’t drink tonight. I will send both you and Director White home later…”

Amber smiled and said in low voice, “Okay”

“Secretary Xu, I saw your car downstairs just now. After the celebration dinner is over, you can directly go home. I will send Sean home.”

After that, she turned her head to look at Sean, and said with an extremely low voice, “Sean, you can drink. But don’t drink too much. I’ve promised Father that I will look over you.”

A slight mockery flashed across Sean’s face.

Had promised the old man?

How could she mention this now? Amber probably wanted to show off, didn’t she?

Or, could it be that she wanted to warn Man Man, she didn’t care if she returned. There’s still the old man supporting her and not letting her obtain him.

Sean’s gaze looked cynical.

He poured a glass of liquor and drank in one shot. His expression looked cold and attentive.

The spicy liquid scraped across his throat. Then he immediately poured a full glass and a small amount of the liquid was spilled.

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