Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 309: Sean, This is A Women’s Bathroom

Sean stared at Amber with his fiery eyes. His smile looked vile and seemed provocative!

Amber’s smile came to a pause and even the atmosphere became a bit creepy. It was so silent that even a fallen needle could be heard.

She knew that if she still stood here, the celebration dinner might be ruined!

Amber felt ridiculous secretly. He should’ve been very happy seeing Lin Man but instead, she caused bad luck.

She didn’t have to think to know that Sean probably had thought badly about her now!

Amber stood awkwardly inside the big private room. She didn’t know what to say to ease up the atmosphere.

The door of the private room opened just in time and Lu Yi walked in wearing a white suit.

As if there’s nobody else, he walked straight to Amber. He smiled as he rubbed his forehead and said in a low voice, “Sorry, I’m late.”

Amber let out a sigh of relief, “The Chaohe Hotel was very far from here. Why do you return?”

“So what? This is the company’s celebration dinner. I’ve to come no matter how far!”

After speaking, he leaned down, poured himself a glass of juice, and took a sip.

He is a decent and modest man. His every action was never improper. After drinking, he looked at Amber, and asked, “Amber, there’s something that I need to discuss with you.”

Amber nodded. She leaned down and took the documents that Xiao Shen brought, and pointed at the other corner in the private room, then whispered, “Let’s go there and talk!”

Lu Yi’s arrival had revived the atmosphere inside the room. Sean’s broad shoulders were sinking into the soft chair.

He came all the way to attend the celebration dinner that was held by the company. Sean was very suspicious of Lu Yi’s motives.

After he arrived, Amber was dying to stick on Lu Yi’s side. It’s just impossible for her to be without a man!

He barely showed any expression. Under the colorful lights, Sean’s expression was inexplicably shady.

After having fun inside the private room for a while, Xu Lin went out for a few minutes. When he came back, a female manager of The Paramount stood behind him.

“Dear colleagues, the food is ready upstairs. Let’s move upstairs to eat!”

“After finished eating and drinking, we’ll continue with another event!”

People walked out one after another. Amber signed her name on the document that she was holding before standing up.

Lu Yi took the document in her hand, and asked, “Have you finished checking it?”

Amber nodded and briefly flipped through it. Most of the documents that Xiao Shen brought to Amber were about Chaohe Hotel.

Lu Yi picked out the documents that had nothing to do with the PR department and put them on the top, then whispered, “I’ll take back the documents related to Chaohe tonight. I’ll help you hand the rest to Xiao Shen when we go upstairs later.”

He had always been a gentleman. After working with him for three years, Amber and Lu Yi had already developed an excellent understanding.

She nodded and smiled. Both of them walked out of the private room side by side and went upstairs together.

Outside the private room, Amber said, “Lu Yi, I need to go to the bathroom. You can go up first!”

Lu Yi nodded and went inside the elevator.

Amber placed her bag on her shoulder. After signing some documents, she felt pain in her wrist again. Amber rubbed her wrist and entered the bathroom.

She drank quite a lot of juice. She had just walked out of the cubicle in the bathroom, when a pair of big palms came next door, and clasped Amber’s shoulder. Then dragged her inside the cubicle and pressed her hard against the wall.

Amber exclaimed, her eyes were filled with fear.

With the strong alcohol smell and the familiar scent of the man, her eyes widened, as she met a pair of dark pupils.


Amber breathed a sigh of relief but her heart was still thumping fiercely and couldn’t slow down.

“Sean, this is a women’s bathroom.”

The alcohol smell on Sean was very strong. He leaned down and both of them were getting closer. His breath was full of the smell of liquor.

Amber licked the corner of her lips. She secretly guessed, did Sean drink too much that he could even enter the wrong bathroom?

Her thoughts drifted away as Sean leaned closer. His tall body blocked the light above them. In the narrow space, two people were standing and really cramped.

Amber had her back against the wall. Her back was sore and she moved uncomfortably, as she reached out and pushed Sean.


The man’s somber gaze moved and focused on her face. His lips twitched. They were moist, with the scent of liquor, teasing sexily, but shady.

“Mrs. Smith, who is the father of my stepdaughter that you brought into the Smith family?”

Amber became stiff after listening to Sean’s question.

Her eyelashes flinched, looking like a panicked butterfly. She looked at Sean, “You held me here, only to ask this question?”

“Do you care so much?”

Sean rubbed his chin. His chiseled face showed an obvious cynical.


How could Amber not fix her habit to brag herself?

The one that he likes, that he loves deeply, and the person that he wants to marry is Man Man!

It was never Amber!

Of course, he should’ve cared about it. Looking at the tendency of the old man and Cindy, if it developed further, the possibility of him ‘acknowledging the blood’ of this rascal would be very high!

He, Sean Smith, had no habit of raising another person’s daughter!

“Is it Lu Yi? My great cousin?” Sean laughed for a moment, “My step daughter’s eyes and my cousin are somewhat similar.”

“So, Cindy is my niece?”

“You let my niece call me Daddy. Ms. White, you’re the only one who can think of such a dumb idea.”

Sean pressed his body against hers, like a strong wall. His breath was strong. Every breath that came out when he said the words, were ambiguously sprinkled on Amber.

Especially, they were still discussing this issue!

Amber took a deep breath. There’s a wide gap between men and women’s strength. Amber couldn’t shake Sean off, she could only defend herself in a low voice:

“Sean, Cindy is not Lu Yi’s daughter!”

“Apart from being colleagues with Lu Yi, I have no other affair with him.”

No affair?

Did Amber think he’s blind, that he couldn’t see her and Lu Yi exchanging love glances?

Or, was it that she often ogles the person that she ‘had no affair’?

After three years of marriage, Amber just couldn’t stand being lonely, so she didn’t bother and would go with anyone?

Sean sneered at her. His eyes were blazing with fire. She tilted her head, the strands of her hair were scattered on her face, as white as polished jade.

Even the scabbed scar on the right side of her face looked particularly sexy.

Both of their breath was intertwined together. Amber was covered with a unique fragrance that even if Sean wanted to ignore it, he couldn’t.

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