Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – chapter 31: Is your mother dead, why doesn’t she come yet?

When Sean Smith and Gu Jinyan went out,they met Xu Lin,and at that time, Xu Lin’s phone rang.

Sean Smith looked down and saw the caller’s name on Xu Lin’s mobile phone.

Born in a famous family,he knew such kind of things and he knew the name on the phone screen of Xu Lin.

It’s from the Police Station of City Tong.

The man’s gaze got darker, he pretended that he was indifferent.

A new Japanese restaurant was opened near their company. Sean Smith and Gu Jinyan walked over.

Sean Smith had been here for several times. When the two entered, they were greeted by the waiter.

When waiting for the meal, Gu Jinyan took a box of cigarettes from his pocket,and gave one to Sean Smith. The man waved his hand, and Gu Jinyan did not insist, he just held the cigarette in his hand.

The design of the room was very simple. Gu Jinyan looked around,he smiled and said: “It’s so ironic that we two men come here to have a meal together!”

The tone of Sean Smith was very ironic: “If you hate this, you could just leave!”

Gu Jinyan felt that Sean Smith had released all the anger which was from Xu Lin to him.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at him with a lot of interest.

Sitting in the cool-colored lights and wearing the simplest black suit with a white shirt,he was so handsome.

Even the waitress who came over to send the dishes couldn’t help but look at him secretly.

And he was really capable to made them fall in love with him!

But obviously, the attitude of him was somewhat sloppy.

“Sean, men should be honest, If you want to go to the police station, then just go, we are friends,I will never look down on you!”

Sean Smith was silent, his eyes fell on the sashimi for a few seconds. “Can’t the food stop your mouth?”

Gu Jinyan smiled and began to eat.

Sean Smith was not a person with a good appetite. He just ate a little, then put down the tableware, and his eyes flashed a few times.

He really couldn’t figure it out that why Amber White sent that to him?What did she want?

Did she just want him to see Cindy White?

In the past three years, he knew the attitude of his family. Before and after the marriage, Amber White also claimed that Cindy White was his daughter.

But he hadn’t seen any evidence which could prove that Cindy White was his daughter.

The man reached out and kneaded his eyebrows. Doesn’t Amber White always count Cindy White important?

Now she had been sent to the police station, but Amber White never showed up?!

Three years ago,Amber White dared to have cesarean herself, how could she doesn’t show up while her daughter was suffering?

Sean Smith remembered that Lu Yi said that Amber White did not go back in the evening.

Was it really something happened to her?

His long lashes were pressed and a cold light flashed through.

He smiled coldly, he really couldn’t think of what kind of thing could make Amber White helpless!

She was so confident,even believed that he would change his mind after seeing the paternity test?


Gu Jinyan called him twice, then the man took a glance at him.

Before Gu Jinyan started to talk, Sean Smith stood up and then went out.

He widened his eyes and cursed in a low voice: “Damn it! Where are you going?”

“The police station.”

Sean Smith was not interested in Amber White’s tricks, he would like to know what she was doing in the end!

The man took the car and started the engine. Gu Jinyan rushed to the position of the co-pilot before he drove away. Sean Smith frowned and looked at Gu Jinyan with disapproval.

“don’t you have anything to do?”

Gu Jinyan wore the seat belt and smiled: “Yes! You are not too stingy to even show your staff’s daughter to me, aren’t you?”

The man’s aura was colder, and he lifted his foot on the throttle, then drove to the police station.

He got out of the car and took the undressed suit jacket with one hand,then he went in. The police hall was in a mess, and the police in uniform stood on the side to mediate.

A fat woman was very angry and excited which was pointing at the little girl who showed her back to Sean Smith. “You are a little bastard. You are so ruthless at a young is said that you don’t have a father,that’s true.”

“You are ruthless in such a young age, where is your mother? Is your mother dead?why doesn’t she show up? Or does your mother also abandon you?”

The woman should be the parent of the boy who had a conflict with Cindy White, her voice was loud, and there was a man holding the child behind her.

Cindy White’s body trembled. She gritted her teeth and said, “You are the rude one! I don’t allow you to slander my mother!”

When she spoke, her body leaned forward, it seemed that she wanted to fight with that woman, but she was stopped by a young female police officer.

The policewoman was also angry: “What do you want to do? You bad girl, what’s wrong with you?How did your mother teach you? Just teach you how to fight with people?”

After she scolded Cindy White, the policewoman turned her head again and said to the woman: “Mrs. Yue, I assured that we will solve this matter! We will continue to contact her parents!”

The person named Mrs. Yue was also a famous person in City Tong. Her father was a businessman. When her child got into trouble, her family had already contacted the police station.

But Mrs.Yue’s face was still not good-looking. She gritted her teeth and said, “I told you, it can’t be solved.I want her parents go to the jail ,or she goes to jail and never come out. “

“She is so vicious,I could know her parents are not good,too. In my opinion, let her go to the jail, and never allow her to come out to harm others!”

The policewoman pushed her,then Cindy White finally came to Sean Smith’s sight. There was a wound on her forehead, and there was a bruise under the blood mark. It was terrifying!

She was not tall, a group of people standing around her, almost drown her.

Cindy White just stared at them, and said to the police, “She slandered my mom,and slandered my father,she’s a bad person!”

The little guy was too stubborn, which made her suffer more.

“Why couldn’t I slander your mother, you are a fatherless girl,you even dared to hit my son, if your mother come, I will find someone to break her, and let her apologize to my son!”

“Little bastard, I’ve been calling your mom for a long time, but it seems that she’s not willing to pick you up, I’ve heard long time ago that your dad don’t want to admit you, look, even your mom abandons you now, my son’s right, isn’t he?”

“My wife, if her mom today doesn’t come here to pay our son medical expenses, I’ll break her legs.”

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