Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 310: Amber, Do You Think You’re a Likable Person?

Sean stretched out his big hand and held Amber’s chin, stroking it continuously. His rough fingertips causing Amber in pain.

He was so strong, that Amber couldn’t get away. The darkness was surging in Sean’s eyes, as if no light could pass through.

“Ms. White, is this how you seduce people these days?”

His solid chest was pressed against her and there was gapless between both of them.

Sean gritted his teeth and each word was forced to be spoken from his lips, “After three years of marriage, I have caused you grievances. You felt empty and lonely. So you couldn’t stay still when you see a man, and want to seduce him?”

Amber finally decided that Sean was drunk, even to the point that he had lost his consciousness.

“Since I can’t satisfy you, so you just casually seduce men outside?”

Amber was dumbfounded, “Sean, are you crazy?”

“You let me go! Let me go!”

She struggled so hard that she almost broke free from Sean’s arms. The man then clasped on her shoulders tightly, as if he could break her shoulders anytime.

“Let go?” Sean sneered at her, “Amber you are my wife. What I do to you is legitimate!”

“Not only I won’t let you go, but I’ll also do this!”

After that, Sean explored the hem of her skirt and pressed hard with one hand.

She was wearing a dress with snap buttons and the quality was quite good. With a pull, Amber’s body suddenly felt cold. Her dress went undone by Sean. Her milky-white skin and her round shoulders were instantly exposed to Sean.

She was shocked, as the man’s burning palm resided on her waistline.

Amber’s heart was beating wildly.

She struggled with one hand covered her breasts. Sean’s close kiss was pressed onto her like a storm.


Her breath was snatched away by the man who’s pressing onto her. He really intended to explore her, he attacked everywhere between her lips and teeth, against her will.

The tip of the tongue smelled like alcohol, smudging her, that Amber also felt drunk herself.

Amber leaned sideways and avoided Sean’s kiss. Her body softened, as if she’s given up struggling.

Sean’s previous deep gaze was like calm water, flowing with a weird sweetness.

Amber, this woman, is probably someone who would automatically spread her legs , as long as there’s a man on her door!

A lack of interest flashed through his heart. The big hands that were placed on Amber’s body slowed down and gradually weakened.

Amber suddenly got a chance. She mustered up her strength and fiercely pushed Sean away.

He was unprepared. The back of his head was bumped against the door of the cubicle. With a ‘bang’ sound, a pain came along. Sean regained half of his sense.

Amber hurriedly grabbed the buttons on her dress. On the surface of her milky-white neck, a bright-red mark like a strawberry was displayed, looking triumphant, and pierced through Sean’s eyes.

He squinted and took a step forward. Amber thought that he’s going to do something. So, she raised her hand and landed a slap on Sean’s face.


Amber spared no effort causing Sean to turn aside. He touched the corner of his lips with his finger. His expression was gloomy as he turned back his head. He looked at Amber with his burning gaze, and looked at Amber intensely:

“Why? As Mrs. Smith, you can let any man climb up your bed, as your earnest husband, I can’t?”

As he said, Sean took out a cigarette from his pocket, put it in his mouth, and his eyes were dimmed.

Amber clutched her chest tightly, and said coldly, “Right.”

Sean laughed!

He should’ve recorded the previous conversation for the old man. Such a shameless bitch like Amber, that time, that old man must be so blind, that he could let her marry into this family!

Sean pulled Amber’s arm, and dragged her aside, before saying coldly:

“Amber, do you think you’re a likable person?”

“Do you think I’ll take advantage of you by using the alcohol?”

“To be honest, even if you take off all your clothes and stand in front of me, I won’t have any interest in you!”

“I’m just curious about how cheap you are, Amber?”

Amber’s lips turned slightly pale. She held her eyes and not looking at Sean. Her long eyelashes cast a shadow on the woman’s jade-white cheeks.

She pushed Sean away, leaned down to completely button up her dress until the last one. Then, she said lightly, “Mr. Smith, you’ve found out about it. Can I leave now?”

She tucked her hair behind her ears, and said quietly, “Mr. Smith the security system in The Paramount isn’t as good as Ye Se. Neither you nor I can be sure that we won’t meet any reporter here!”

“I’m very tired and I don’t have time to go along with your unnecessary tests. I’m also uninterested in finding out whether you are interested in me or not!”

Sean’s expression was as dark as a crow in an instant. Amber’s clear eyes stared straight at Sean, “I hope this will be the last time you did something that can be misleading to people!”

It’s really meaningful.

He deliberately married her as planned. But speaking out from the sense of justice, she clearly forbade him, who’s her husband, to do something that could only be done between husband and wife!

Amber still dared to say that she didn’t have other intentions in marrying him?

She didn’t ask for money and didn’t ask for inheritance. After marrying, she bought a house on her own and kept her daughter away from the Smiths!

Could it be that Amber’s scheme failed on him?

As Sean thought of this, he let out a strange smile.

“Ms. White, you should worry about yourself! Please remember your position!”

“You’re known to everyone as Mrs. Smith. You’d better stick to the rules. Don’t always be in a man’s embrace by every time I meet you, Ms. White!”

“I am Sean Smith from the Smith family! I can’t afford to lose such a valuable person!”

After saying that, Sean suddenly pushed the cubicle door and left the bathroom.

Amber slid down and she completely shrank in the corner of the bathroom, as she held her breath. Her body seemed to be trapped and she couldn’t breathe, which was really uncomfortable.

Her awareness gradually disappeared. She was forced back to her sense with the sound of toilet flushing and her body stiffened.

Amber clearly knew that since Sean left, no one entered the bathroom. It meant that, this person… was already here before they had an argument!

At this crucial moment, Amber was very worried that this person would spread the news that she and Sean were on bad terms!

She wanted to go outside and see. Before she could move, Amber’s heart was thumping as she heard the sound of high-heeled shoes approaching.

A pair of strapped high-heeled shoes, with milky-white toes that were painted evenly with Cutex nail polish, and a shining and white thin calf.

Amber looked up and met with Lin Man’s unsentimental maroon pupils.

“It’s you.”

The corner of her mouth twitched, as she held her laughter.

That’s right, only Lin Man could stay calm and tolerate being inside the bathroom cubicle for so long.

“Amber, long time no see.”

Amber raised her lips, “After holding back for so long, you must’ve something that you need to tell me, Miss Lin.”

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