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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 311: Sean Doesn’t Love You

Lin Man smiled, “Yes, but it’s nothing new. It’s still the same things that I said eight years ago.”

“Amber, Sean doesn’t love you!”

“He only has me in his heart. You are a smart person. If you let him go, you’ll be hurt less!”

Amber supported herself on the wall and slowly stood up.

She was wearing a pair of pink pointed-toe stilettos made from leather with a casual expression on her face. She brilliantly looked at Lin Man.

Lin Man couldn’t help but took a step back. Her voice was soft with a slightly graceful tone:

“Amber, don’t be angry. This is also for your sake!”

Amber only found it disgusting. She thought that it would be difficult enough to force someone to forget her previous argument with Sean.

But right now, Lin Man, who raised her head high, while looking at her, and kept on saying that this was for her sake. She really made her wish that she could spit out all the food that she ate during dinner!

Amber raised her l**s, and whispered, “It doesn’t matter, whether he loves me or not.”

“Ms. Lin, I didn’t expect Sean’s love anymore!”

She is a person, not a piece of hard iron that has no sense or feelings. The period that she became part of the management in the Smith Group was neither long nor short. And she didn’t want to be snubbed anymore despite her good intentions!

If she stayed in this environment, most probably, she’s unwilling!

She wanted a result, an explanation, and an understanding!

She became more unwilling. Three years ago, after she, Lin Man, left, she acted as her foolish self among the applause.

Amber took a step forward. She was slender, as she stood in front of Lin Man, she was three centimeters higher than her. Amber lowered her eyes and domineeringly looked at Lin Man.

Lin Man didn’t seem to feel anything. A clear smile was formed on her face, “Amber, what do you mean?”

“Are you planning to return Sean to me?”

Amber’s l**s twitched as she hooked Lin Man’s jaw with her finger, and said with a low tone:

“Ms. Lin, did you use the wrong words?”

“He, Sean Smith, was never yours, to begin with.”

Lin Man held her breath.

Amber blinked her eyes, and smiled, “Moreover, I didn’t care whom Sean loves. But I don’t think I’ve ever said that I will give up the position of Mrs. Smith, do I?”

“Sean and I really love each other. Amber, do you love Sean very much? Since you love him, don’t you want him to be happy?”

Amber laughed and shook her head, as if she’s mocking Lin Man’s naivety.

She suddenly took her finger off Lin Man’s jaw, her tone was low, “I’m not as great as you think.”

“But I won’t interfere with the affair between you and Sean!”

“I’ve nothing to give you. So, I can only wish both of you can stay forever for a lifetime!

Amber bent down, leaned over in front of the huge makeup mirror, and washed her hands.

Lin Man pouted her l**s as she stood in the shadow. Her expression was inexplicable. But after a few seconds, Lin Man went straight out of the bathroom.

Amber blinked.

Three years ago, because of the hidden danger of blood cancer, Lin Man could escape and leave everything behind!

And now, she stood in front of her, talking about love!

If she loves him, she should’ve stayed beside him. If she loves him, she shouldn’t have cared about her identity!

After Amber washed her hands, she shook them. A smoky smell came across her nose, which was quite strong.

Outside the bathroom, it was quite noisy…

But it was still an entertainment club. She was standing on the second floor, which w as the KTV floor. Her ears caught the loud music, but she didn’t know from which private room it came from.

A piece of simple music was faintly heard and there’s also a sound of someone singing.

The smoky smell that came across her nose seemed to get stronger. And Amber even felt that she heard a woman’s screaming from the bathroom.

Amber’s heart was suddenly thumping. A strong bad premonition swept across her again, as if it would swallow her completely.

Amber carried her handbag and she turned to open the bathroom door. At the other end of the corridor on the second floor, there was a cloud of dense smoke, melted by the huge flame, which looked particularly ferocious.

The music was still loud next to her ears. After she came out of the bathroom, Amber heard some people screaming with fear, “There’s a fire!”

“There’s a fire! Help!”

The safe passage of The Paramount was located in the middle of the corridor, at the end of the bathroom corridor.

When the fire broke out, it came from the other end, and took over most of the corridor!

Amber’s feet turned wobbly.

On the floor where KTVs were located, there weren’t any windows inside the private room. When a fire broke out, the elevator couldn’t be normally used. The safe passage was also being blocked by the fire. Everyone was panicked.

More people were coming out of the private room. Everyone around was pretty violent.

Amber took a deep breath. If she wanted to go out safely, there seemed to be only a way…

She returned to her sense and went back to the bathroom. She opened the water faucet and splashed the water on herself.


A group of people violently squeezed in. Amber was squeezed by them to one side. More people came inside the bathroom. The position where Amber stood had blocked the person behind her to use the water.

Her shoulder was grabbed by a pair of huge hands and she was yanked to the side, “Go away!”

Amber was defenseless against those people. The man was strong. She was wearing high heels. Along with the man’s strength, she completely felt like soft cotton. Her head was bumped against the sink in the bathroom and she felt the pain at the backside of her head.

Amber’s consciousness became blurry. She tried to open her eyes but her vision was getting darker, and finally, she fell into the darkness.

The fire accident in The Paramount happened suddenly. And today, at least two-thirds of the customers inside The Paramount were the employees of the Smith Group.

The second floor was the fastest one to fall. After all, there was the source of the fire.

The third floor was affected the fastest but the third floor was relatively quiet. It happened fast and everyone was evacuated quickly.

When Lu Yi followed the people down to the second floor, he felt the scorching hot temperature that could almost melt a person!

As she stood at the gate of The Paramount, Xiao Shen had black ashes on her face, just above the crown of her head.

“Mr. Lu, where is Ms. White? Have you seen her?”

She sounded anxious and there were tears in her eyes, as she looked deeply worried!

Lu Yi was dumbfounded, “Wasn’t Amber with you?”

Xiao Shen was anxious and she’s about to cry, “No!”

“Since we were eating on the third floor, I didn’t see Ms. White anymore!”

“Mr. Lu, the fire accident is more serious on the second floor. When we escaped just now, I seemed to have heard someone saying that there’s someone who was too late to come out and was trapped inside the fire!”

The corridor inside The Paramount was too long. The people from the second floor were different from the ones on the third floor. They could still survive as long as they rushed down the stairs!

But the people on the second floor, still needed to go across the long corridor!

Xiao Shen was choked up, “It couldn’t be that Ms. White didn’t come to the third floor at all, right?”

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