Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 312: You Will Die!

Lu Yi’s pupils flinched and his gaze turned deeper. There seemed to be countless stars in his pupils.

He took out his phone with his trembling hands to give Amber a call. After the dialing tone, nobody was picking up the phone.

Just at this time, an employee from the press department overheard their conversation, and said,

“Mr. Lu, Secretary Shen, I think you might’ve been worried too much.”

“Ms. White didn’t go to the third floor indeed. But I’ve also stayed on the second floor.”

“When I went to the bathroom, I saw Mr. Smith followed Ms. White into the women’s bathroom. And since they were together, Mr. Smith definitely wouldn’t let anything happen to Ms. White!”

She’s with Sean?

Lu Yi’s pupil turned darker as if it was scattered into streams, making it difficult to see clearly.

This had gotten more worrying!

The Fire Department had sent some crews over. Not all the employees of the Smith Group had come out yet. Lu Yi stood at the gate of The Paramount, as he took a bucket of water, and poured it all over his body, then he directly rushed into the smoke.

Xiao Shen’s reflex was quick and she stretched out to pull him, “Mr. Lu, what are you doing?”

“We cannot predict the situation inside. If you go inside now, it’s the same as death!”

For the first time, Lu Yi’s usual gentle face was covered in a strange halo. He drew his hand back, “There are still a lot of the employees of the Smith Group. I can’t ignore them.”

“Mr. Lu, please calm down!”

“Everyone that was on the third floor has been evacuated completely. The ones that haven’t yet to come out, probably was still on the second floor!”

“The second floor has fallen. You can’t go, or else you’ll die!”

Lu Yi frowned. He abruptly shook Xiao Shen off. Without turning back, he rushed inside the entertainment club, which was blazing with fire.

After Sean came out of the bathroom, he didn’t go upstairs. His argument with Amber was too serious. His arrogance caused him didn’t feel anything unusual.

He casually opened the door of an unoccupied private room. Without closing the door, he sat down on the sofa.

The sound of music on the second floor was deafening. Sean was in a daze, as he pulled out a cigarette from his trousers, and lighted it up. After the cigarette ashes fell and formed a thick layer, he then saw a woman was standing by the door.

A woman.

She was slim as she stood against the light, so her face couldn’t be seen clearly. Her figure was stretched because of the light outside.

But Sean recognized her in a glance.

“Man Man?”

Lin Man replied to him, as she walked inside the private room, “Sean, the door wasn’t closed. I saw you and I’ve stood there for a while.”

Sean nodded, but she wondered if he heard her explanation or not.

“Man Man, the dinner is upstairs. Xu Lin especially asked The Paramount to prepare special dishes. Why don’t you go upstairs to try some?”

“I… You can just assume that I’m on diet.”

Sean stared at her. She leaned down on the man’s arm as she sat down. She tilted her head, looking fresh and neat, “Why, Sean? Don’t you wish to see me?”

Suddenly, a scream was heard outside. Sean’s eyes moved and whispered, “Something seems to be happening outside.”

Both of them stood up and came out of the private room.

It was filled with thick smokes outside and the surrounding felt hot. Seeing the situation, the fire must’ve burned for a while now!

Sean subconsciously turned his head to look at Lin Man,” Man Man, when you came earlier, didn’t you notice that there was a fire?”

With a heavy heart, Lin Man completely buried her head.

Lin Man had sprayed the perfume on her body. Her sudden movement occupied all of Sean’s senses with a strong jasmine scent.

It even covered the smell of the smoke.

“I knew about it!”

“I didn’t tell you on purpose. Sean, I want…” Lin Man choked, “I want to die with you!”

“This way, we can never be separated!”

Sean’s eyes twitc hed instantly.

His heart tightened as he stared at Lin Man, as he keenly stared at Lin Man, and said quietly, “Don’t spout nonsense. I’ll lead you out.”

The top of the staircase was sealed by the fire. If they went back, it would be very dangerous. Sean led Lin Man and walked towards the bathroom.

If he remembered correctly, inside the women’s bathroom there seemed to be a platform.

He had never stopped working out all these years. It wouldn’t be a problem to carry Lin Man down from the second floor!

Besides, when he left, Amber seemed to be still inside the bathroom.

The fire on the second floor was too serious, he didn’t think that Amber could get out!

Sean led Lin Man as they walked through the crowd and they walked directly towards the bathroom.

He had his back against Lin Man so he didn’t see a spark flashed across the woman’s eyes.

Just after taking a step, Lin Man’s body turned soft, “Sean, don’t…”

“I regret it. I should’ve let you know. I’m so scared!”

“Sean, I don’t want to die…”

Her tears rolled down like beads broken from its string.

Sean’s heart was slightly painful as he saw Lin Man cried.

Perhaps, it was because he had spent some time with Amber. Every time something happened, Amber had always kept her head clear. The most important thing was that she could still keep her cool and settled the things that shouldn’t happen.

Since Lin Man cried suddenly, Sean still couldn’t get used to it.

His eyebrows showed his complexity. He felt a bit funny, how could he compare Amber to Man Man?

Is Amber even a woman?

Man Man had never experienced anything. She came out here to have dinner, instead, she was met with a fire accident. She would be panic and flustered. It was normal!

Moreover, if Amber met such a huge incident, her reaction might not be any better than Man Man!

Sean’s lips twitched, as he stretched his hands to hold Lin Man, and comforted her, “Don’t be scared, Man Man. I won’t let anything happen to you, okay?”

Lin Man’s eyes were filled with tears.

But it was more filled with panic and shock.

The fire was serious. Sean didn’t plan to talk much with Lin Man here. He leaned down and carried her in bridal style, then hurriedly went inside the bathroom.

His steps were big. In a few steps, he already reached the window inside the women’s bathroom.

There was a firefighter stood by outside. Sean stretched out to open the window. He held Lin Man’s waist with one hand and used the other hand to support themselves on the platform and jumped out directly.

Without letting go, the small arm hung onto the platform, then he made a light jump, and landed firmly on the small platform on the first floor.

Sean took the woman left The Paramount with ease.

The second floor was four to five meters from the ground. Nobody upstairs dared to follow Sean’s action.

After reaching the ground, Lin Man was soft as she fell into Sean’s arms. Since she had survived, she curled inside Sean’s arms. Her tears wet the front side of Sean’s shirt.

“Sean, Sean…”

“Just now, I really thought that I would die.”

Sean’s heart was impulsive. When he went inside the bathroom, he didn’t see Amber. He had seen clearly the fire situation on the second floor. He’s slightly afraid, afraid that Amber did the same thing as him, randomly pushed the door of an empty private room, and went inside.

That would be really ominous.

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