Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 313: Can You Send Me to the Hospital?

Sean took a deep breath, pulled Lin Man away, and said in a low voice, “Man Man, you should go to a safer place.”

As he spoke, Sean helped Lin Man stood up and walked towards the gate of The Paramount.

Lin Man held her breath.

She subconsciously glanced at the huge entertainment club. When they came out earlier, the fire was still under control. But now as she looked back, The whole building and every window were covered in black smoke.

Comparatively speaking, there was no trace of fire on the second floor, which was more terrifying!

Lin Man clenched her fist tightly. Her nails were sinking deep into her flesh. She pressed her lips closed as she rushed over and hugged Sean’s solid waist tightly.

“Sean, where are you going?”

“Don’t leave. I’m scared. I’m not feeling well… Can you send me to the hospital?”

Lin Man stared widely. Her eyes glistened with tears and the tears looked like they’re about to fall.

Sean’s brows moved.

He didn’t believe that Amber, someone who really cherished herself, would let something happen to her?

His top priority is Man Man!

She was always sensible. After experiencing such things, she might’ve been injured, or shocked.

Sean licked his lips, took Lin Man’s hand away from him. His eyes flinched:

“Man Man, Amber came together with me. I must return home together with her!”

“Every employee of the Smith Group have said that they didn’t see Amber. I’ll go inside and check…”

Lin Man’s pupils dilated, “What if Amber is not inside, Sean?”

“Sean, the fire inside is too strong. Don’t go!”

“Besides, now the firefighters are here. What if they have found Amber?”

Weren’t these just mere possibilities?

If anything happens to Amber, how will he explain it to the old man?

More urgently, now everyone had thought of Cindy as his daughter. If Amber dies, he will be the first in line to be her daughter’s guardian!

That woman and that broken little girl, if she committed suicide in there, wouldn’t he be the one at loss?

Even his household registration, under the spouse column, would’ve been changed twice because of Amber!

Once for married and once for widowed!

In your dreams, Amber!

Even if there’d be a change, it should be divorced!

Sean’s expression was inexplicable, as he stared straight at Lin Man, “I’ll just have a look, don’t worry. You only need to wait for a while. After I come out, I will send you to the hospital!”

Lin Man’s tearful eyes swayed. She grabbed Sean’s arm tightly, as her nails were stuck deeply in Sean’s arm.

“Sean, are you….”

In love with Amber?

Lin Man’s heart was thumping loudly! Before she could say the last sentence, Sean had already turned around. He just moved when a fist landed on his face.

It hit Sean’s face directly.

He was unprepared and felt pain on his left cheek, causing him to step back unsteadily.


Lin Man subconsciously stretched out to support Sean. She turned her head, glared at the man, and asked unhappily:

“Mr. Lu, what are you doing?”

“If I remember correctly, you are the director of the public relations department in the Smith Group, right? How can you beat up your boss randomly?”

Beat him up?

Lu Yi sneered at her, without showing tenderness towards her, he pulled Lin Man away. He stared at Sean with gloomy eyes.

“Where is Amber?”

Sean used his finger to wipe the corner of his lips. His fingertip was stained with a dark red color.

It showed that Lu Yi’s punch was strong enough!

He raised his head to look at Lu Yi.

His shirt must be the latest model of Armani was burned and revealed his thin waist. Moreover, the original color couldn’t be seen anymore.

His face with a light complexion was also stained with black ashes. He looked like he had just come out from the fire.

Sean keenly understood what Lu Yi said.

Is Amber still inside?

Just for Amber, his nice cousin didn’t even hesitate to punch him!?

Sean’s mouth twitched!

But, it’s really good!

He really had underestimated Amber’s ability in seducing men!

“How can I know?”

“Mr. Lu, didn’t you ask the wrong person?”

He was so angry that it tickled his gum and biting a few words out angrily.

Lu Yi squinted slightly. He took a step forward and his big hands grabbed the front side of Sean’s shirt tightly:

“Don’t play dumb with me. Xiao Shen said that she saw you followed Amber inside the bathroom on the second floor!”

“Not only Amber who didn’t come to the restaurant on the third floor, but also you weren’t there!”

“Now tell me, how come you’re here but Amber’s not?”


Sean’s expression looked slightly dangerous.

Now, his nice cousin didn’t even plan to hide his desire towards Amber anymore?

He placed one hand on Lu Yi’s shoulder and violently pushed him away.

“Amber is my wife. When I’m together with her, no matter where and what we did, looks like I don’t have to explain to you, cousin!

“Moreover, what status do you have for you to question me?”

Lu Yi glared viciously at Sean.

He hated seeing Sean, who owned Amber’s deep love, but never knew how to cherish it!

With his hoarse voice, he spelled the words slowly, “Sean, one day you will regret it!”

Sean was too lazy to talk much with Lu Yi. He pushed Lu Yi aside instantly and took big strides towards the gate of The Paramount.

Lu Yi didn’t want to show any weakness, took a step forward, and stood aside. Lin Man who was ignored previously, suddenly called Lu Yi.

There wasn’t much interaction between both of them. Lu Yi was worried about Amber and planned to ignore her.

But Lin Man said, “I know where Amber is.”

Lu Yi held his step and turned around to look at Lin Man. The woman’s dress was clean and wasn’t smudged with dust. She stood at the gate of The Paramount, like a peony that bloomed in the wind!

As for Amber, there’s still no news about her!

Lu Yi gazed at Lin Man’s eyes, intensely and fiercely. He didn’t speak and only stared straight at Lin Man.

The latter didn’t seem to be bothered by Lu Yi’s manner, only whispered, “Amber is at the end of the left bathroom by the second floor!”

“How can I trust you?”

Lu Yi licked his lips and looked slightly vicious, “Ms. Lin, it seems that Amber and you don’t get along well. If Amber dies because of an accident at The Paramount, probably, you’re the one that would gladly see that happens!”

“Mr. Lu, I’m not as filthy as you think!”

Lin Man tucked her long hair, revealing her round earlobes. She pressed her lips, and whispered, “I saw her when Sean carried me out from the bathroom on the second floor.”

“It seems like she’s fainted.”

Lu Yi was dumbfounded, Lin Man smiled, and said, “You’re wrong. The one person who wants Amber to die the most is Sean, not me!”

“What did you say?”

Lin Man repeated, and said, “Mr. Lu, if you have the spare time to argue with me here, I advise you to act quickly. The fire spreads so fast. Who knows that Amber would still be alive anytime?”

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