Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 314: I Need to Go Upstairs and Look!

“Besides, I’ll admit that I despise Amber, but it doesn’t mean that I want her to die!”

Lu Yi was silent for a moment and asked the final question, “Since both of you came from the second floor and she was there, why did Sean say that he didn’t know?”

Lin Man’s expression was hard to define. The fire was blazing brightly behind Lu Yi. In this situation, Lin Man could still let out a laugh, “Director Lu, I’ve always thought that you’re a smart person.”

“The reason why Sean didn’t bring Amber out and refused to inform Amber’s location, isn’t it obvious enough?”

Lu Yi took a good look at Lin Man and walked directly into The Paramount.

On June and a doll-like face. The weather turned gloomy instantly. Tongcheng was located near the sea. The wind arose and bringing the salty air from the sea.

Lin Man was wearing high heels and stood for a while at the gate of The Paramount. Her back was shining and her skirt fluttered in the wind making an inexplicable curve.

Just now, she lied to Lu Yi, actually…

Amber fainted and Sean was carrying her, creating a blind spot on him.

As soon as they entered the bathroom, Lin Man saw Amber. Judging from Sean’s expression at that time, he probably didn’t see Amber. Then…

She deliberately changed her position in Sean’s embrace, to block his sight.

The Paramount was on fire and was extremely unsafe. Some people hadn’t escaped in the bathroom. Sean was anxious to escape and didn’t even look back.

Everything happened as planned.

Lin Man clasped her hand tightly. If something really happened to Amber this time, she could only blame herself for being so unlucky!

After he entered The Paramount, the smoke was very dense. Sean suddenly remembered what Lu Yi said, that Amber didn’t go to the third floor to have dinner. In other words, his previous suspicion that Amber was still on the second floor, might be true!

The people on the first floor were evacuated quite fast since it was already empty. Except for the firefighters in their uniforms, nobody was there anymore!

Sean directly walked upstairs but he’s being stopped by an observant firefighter, “Stop!”

“What are you doing? Don’t you see that the fire is so big? Don’t cause trouble here. Get out!”

“Can you go to the second floor?”

Sean squinted his eyes. He looked dignified with a pair of slanted eyes and looked faintly towards the direction of the fire.

He didn’t say a word. The firefighter also paused and his tone unconsciously softened:

“The staircases to the second floor have already broken. All the survivors were placed in the bathroom. Our team outside has taken over the rescue!”

“You’ll also go up for nothing! The only possibility is to make sure there won’t be any unnecessary loss!”

Sean halted his movement.

Previously, he carried Lin Man and jumped from the bathroom on the second floor. He paid extra attention inside the bathroom but Amber wasn’t there!

Sean twisted his eyebrows.

Then, he directly went upstairs.


“You can’t go upstairs!”

The firefighter stopped Sean. His face looked slightly impatient as he said quietly, “Get out of my way! I need to find someone!”

“Who are you looking for? Whose life can be more important than yours?”

“Gentleman, you only have one life. When you rashly went up, did you think of your parents?”

Sean’s gaze turned gloomy.

More important than his life, even in her lifetime, it would be impossible for Amber!

He was willing to go upstairs to find her was because, he was sure that he could return, and he’s not willing to raise Amber’s child!

Besides, if Amber died this way, her death would solve all her problems!

Didn’t it mean that all the terrible mess would be thrown onto him?

Sean single-handedly pushed the firefighter aside, “The employee of our company came here to attend the celebration dinner, but I didn’t see her come down!”

“I have to go upstairs and see!”

The firefighter’s eyes widened.

Most of the bosses that he had met were the tyrant bosses, who were dying to leech of their employees. This was the first time that he met someone who disregarded his life for his employee.

The firefighter couldn’t stop Sean. He could only take off his fire-resistant suit,” You… put this on!”

“It can ensure your protection.”

“Don’t’ stay for more than ten minutes. After you go up, you should come down quickly. Our team is also still rescuing…”

Sean wasn’t interested in hearing those explanations. The smoke on the first floor was too dense but there was almost no fire. Sean wasn’t being unreasonable. He reached out to receive the fire-resistant suit, put it on himself, and went upstairs directly.

The electrical circuit in The Paramount was burned and the power was cut off. But the fire inside was blazing that the entire second floor was bright.

The fire on the second floor was very serious. Sean was nearly forced back by the fire several times. He rushed in immediately and randomly opened the door of the private room.

The door handle was made from metal and turned red because of the flames. Sean’s hand was burnt as soon as he placed his hand there and was injured badly in an instant.

His hand trembled. Although there was only a crack at the door, it was enough for Sean to see clearly that there was nobody inside the private room.

Sean had gone to such entertainment clubs for many years. He was quite familiar with such KTV private rooms. Usually, it was divided into small and big based on the standard. There were also many ‘hidden’ private rooms.

He rarely came to The Paramount but Sean needed to go inside the big private room and check.

When he came out of the private room, Lu Yi also came up. He also wore a fire-resistant suit with a safety helmet on his head. He looked more prepared than Sean!

Both their gaze met, Lu Yi was observant and noticed that Sean’s right hand was injured badly.

His gaze deepened, he licked his lips, and said in a low voice, “Have you found Amber?”

Sean glared at Lu Yi. Although he didn’t like Lu Yi, he also knew that now’s not the time to debate.

“Man Man and I previously came out of the bathroom. The bathroom on the right side has been caught on fire. Amber is not inside the left bathroom. I guess she might be inside one of the private rooms.”

“Let’s find her separately.”

Lu Yi nodded, as Sean opened another private room and stepped inside.

He didn’t notice at all that after he went inside, Lu Yi immediately ran to the left bathroom.

The situation inside the private room was also no good. The fire was so serious and there was almost nothing left.

Even if nothing had fallen above the head, it was still extremely dangerous.


Sean had inhaled a lot of smoke causing him coughed a few times. His voice that called her name was hoarse. He was at a loss as he was surrounded by the flames. Dark clouds grew thickly in his heart.

Amber, this damn woman, whenever something dangerous happened, she always disappeared!

The same thing also happened at the Smith family’s ancestral hall on the mountain. When he woke up in the maple forest, she was gone.

Only her red raincoat was left, floating inside the water pit.

Sean pressed his lips tightly. His hand was burnt and wounded. His expression looked somewhat forbearing.

Inappropriately, he suddenly remembered that day when he asked Amber if she’s the one who asked the old man to withdraw the rescue team, and Amber answered him.

(Right, it’s me! Sean, I really wish you couldn’t come down from the mountain. Really wish that you die!)

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