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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 315: In Love with Amber?

The words that she said previously and even the tone of her voice still remained in Sean’s memory.

After all, it happened not long ago.

Sean paused.

A fire accident happened during their celebration dinner at The Paramount. What a great opportunity! Based on her previous experience, Amber might’ve been prepared for this, and hid in a random place…

She wanted to see him harming his life to save her!

Sean’s ideas had grown in his mind like weeds. The fire was still wild and spreading everywhere.

There was almost no air in the private room he was in. Every breathes that he took, the dense smoke came like a sharp knife that cut his internal organs, caused him to kept coughing in pain.

As he opened the door and came out, Sean couldn’t see his hands anymore.

The fire was getting bigger. Sean had stayed here long enough. He hesitated for a while, then stood up, and went downstairs.

At the same time, Lu Yi went straight to the bathroom.

As the information from the firefighter downstairs, there was plenty of support that was prepared by the firefighters. The window on the second-floor bathroom wasn’t big, luckily it wasn’t equipped with window bars. The firefighters had set a ladder outside the window and even they had to come in to organize the evacuation order.

Women and children should go first.

As soon as Lu Yi came in, he saw Amber, who was being supported by a firefighter.

She was unconscious. There was still blood at the place where she lied down earlier. Although it’s not much, she’s still injured.

Lu Yi was shocked and rushed forward. He reached out to support Amber on the other side.

The firefighter tilted his head to look at him. He squinted and looked at the fire-resistant suit that he’s wearing, frowned his brows, and asked, “Did you use the stairs to come up?”

Lu Yi nodded. People went down using the ladder from the second-floor bathroom. There were not many people left. The firefighter asked:

“Are you looking for someone?”

Lu Yi leaned over and carried Amber in his arms. He didn’t answer his question, instead, he asked, “Why is she unconscious? Is it because she inhaled too much smoke?”

The firefighter shook his head and said in low voice, “I’ve checked on her earlier. It might because she was being pushed by the crowd and hit the sink before fainting!”

“Is she your wife? Young man, you love your wife so much! It’s so dangerous and yet you still dare to come. Usually, true feelings are revealed when there’s a danger!”

Lu Yi was silent.

The firefighter also didn’t seem to be bothered by it. He then pulled out a rope from his emergency bag. He tied Amber tightly on Lu Yi’s back.

“Do you have any problem going down the ladder carrying someone?”

Lu Yi shook his head. There were not many people inside the bathroom anymore. The firefighter let Lu Yi go downstairs first. He also didn’t refuse. He could use both hands and feet at once. First, he went up to the windowsill while carrying someone on his back. His hands and feet were occupied. Fortunately, Lu Yi was quite nimble.

As he just climbed up to the windowsill, the firefighter asked him, “Hey, young man.”

“When you came up using the stairs earlier, do you see anyone in the corridor?”

“Is there anyone behind you?”

Lu Yi was being indifferent, answered in a low voice, “I don’t see anyone in the corridor. I’m not really sure, but…”

“There shouldn’t be anybody left in the corridor to the private room anymore!”

The firefighter also nodded his head.

After Lu Yi finished speaking, he started to go down the ladder while carrying Amber.

His gaze was cold.

He completely didn’t believe every word that Lin Man said to him at the gate of The Paramount.

If Sean really wants Amber to die, then he didn’t have to act so dangerously and showed him!

Only women could deceive themselves as well as others.

There was an ambulance under the bathroom. As soon as Lu Yi arrived downstairs, the doctor and nurse approached them to help him untie the rope then carried Amber to the ambulance.

Lu Yi followed them, but he was stopped by a doctor, “Gentleman, she has a lot of injuries. You are not injured. Please don’t come here!”

“If you’re worried about your family, please drive by yourself to the hospital!”

Through the ambulance door, Lu Yi saw that Amber had been settled down. As soon as he turned around, he saw Sean who ran out of the entrance of The Paramount.

There was still some distance between both of them, but it didn’t hinder Lu Yi to see him bent down and coughed heavily.

On Lu Yi’s side, the ambulance door had been closed and departed.

On the other side, Sean didn’t notice anything unusual from Lu Yi.

Lin Man had always been watching the gate of The Paramount. As she saw Sean, she ran towards him. She saw Sean’s right hand that barely had skins anymore and she’s in tears.

“Has Amber come out yet?”

Lin Man’s heart was stabbed. Even if Sean didn’t remember anymore, he still subconsciously cared about Amber’s safety?

She blinked her long eyelashes and pressed her l**s tightly.

“You’re injured, Sean!”

Sean pushed Lin Man away, “Man Man, I ask you, has Amber come out yet!”

Lin Man suddenly cried, “I don’t know. I’ve been waiting for you here.”

“But except the firefighters that went through this door, you’re the only one who came out from here.”

Upon hearing the words, Sean was dumbfounded. It’s impossible. There must be people trapped on the second floor. It’s nonsense if none of them came out!

“From where did the people in the bathroom were evacuated?”

Lin Man knew nothing. She was too ignorant. When something happened, except for the crying, and she was completely at loss.

Sean didn’t make things difficult for her anymore. He stood up, looked around, and happened to meet Lu Yi’s eyes.

The latter was still wearing the fire-resistant suit, standing still. Since their distance was quite far, Sean could see his expression.

He squinted his eyes, strode towards Lu Yi, and asked in a low voice, “Have you found Amber yet?”

“You care about Amber too much. Are you in love with her?”

Lu Yi looked at Sean from head to toe. His voice was low but different from Sean’s which sounded hoarse and bad. He stayed in the thick smoke for a long time, causing his sound to change.

Sean’s eyes widened.

In love with Amber?

Did he think that everyone in this world had a bad preference like him?

Sean had no tendency to be a masochist, how could he fall in love with Amber?

Moreover, he and Amber were incompatible with each other. Their birthdates weren’t compatible either. Their lifestyles were also different.

They had different circles and different personalities. Why would he bother blending in?

Sean also wasn’t anxious to deny, “Whether I love her or not, she is still my wife!”

“Cousin, both of you are not destined together!”

Lu Yi’s l**s moved, but he didn’t say anything.

Sean brushed the ashes off his body, as he watched Lu Yi closely, and said sonorously, “Where is Amber? Do you actually find her?”

Lu Yi shook his head and answered, “I didn’t find Amber.”

He looked as if he’s checking on him, “Sean, Xiao Shen said that before the fire accident, both of you had been together.”

“Did you really not see her?”

“Think about it, after you came out, did you ever bump into her?”

Lu Yi was asking many questions, but Sean could only hear one sentence. He didn’t find Amber.

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