Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 316: She’s Mine, You Don’t Need to be Nosy, Cousin

After thinking about Lu Yi’s last question, Sean was in a daze.

Is Lu Yi being suspicious of him because he was with Amber earlier, that after such a huge fire accident happened, he deliberately didn’t want to tell him Amber’s whereabouts?

Did Lu Yi think that he wanted Amber to die inside this entertainment club, The Paramount?

Sean sneered at him. If he wanted Amber to die, would he use such a dirty trick?

On the contrary, Lu Yi, who couldn’t find her, yet still talk about unnecessary things. He didn’t think that Lu Yi loves Amber that much!

He faintly glanced at Lu Yi. It seemed like the latter didn’t notice the change of his maroon pupil that stared at him under the light.

“Sean, Amber might still be inside.”

As he said that, Lu Yi took a step towards the ‘fiery building’ which looked like he still wanted to continue the search.

Sean stood still. His right palm was badly burnt, looked nothing like when he went inside earlier.

It was probably too hot. Although his wound was serious, after standing for so long, there wasn’t any blood dripping from his hand.

Lu Yi paused. He stretched his hand slightly worried and looked down at Sean’s palm, then whispered, “Sean, your wound looks quite serious.”

“Why don’t you go to the hospital?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll continue to go in and find Amber!”

Sean’s eyes widened.

If he couldn’t find Amber, he wouldn’t be able to go back. Otherwise, who knows that when Amber is safe later, will she put another ‘wife killer’ label on his head?

Moreover, if any mishaps happened to Amber, even if Amber didn’t say anything, the old man would still feel that Sean was the one who treated Amber badly, and things would never end with him.

The men in the Smith family seemed to always only look at the outcomes.

After Lu Yi spoke, he walked towards The Paramount. Sean was quick and grabbed Lu Yi’s shoulder.

He squinted his eyes as his dark eyes looked emotional, “Cousin, last time at the hospital, I think I’ve ever said that Amber is my wife!”

“She belongs to me! Don’t bother worrying about her, cousin!”

Lu Yi’s gaze looked mysterious.

“Sean, the relationship between Amber and I isn’t what you think.”

“I’m only worried that something really happens to Amber!”

Sean sneered at him.

The situation at The Paramount was out of control. Even the surrounding residents and merchants had been evacuated by the fire department.

He didn’t want Amber to die inside. Lu Yi said it easily but he’s willing to bet his life to look for Amber!

Even after this he still dared to say that the relationship between him and Amber wasn’t what he thought?

Lu Yi thought that he would believe him?

On the contrary, Sean became more suspicious that Cindy’s biological father is Lu Yi!

Sean took a deep breath. The emotion in his eyes grew gloomy.

That’s right! Maybe it’s a lie that Amber’s bone marrow could save his life!

After all, when he’s dead, even if Cindy isn’t a member of the Smiths, as a nephew, Lu Yi still has a right to inherit!

After all, the old man doesn’t have any siblings and his three older brothers were already dead.

Sean suppressed the drifting emotions in his heart. He squeezed Lu Yi’s shoulder harder. His eyes flickered and he said in a low voice, “I’ll say one more time. Amber is mine. Even if she dies in the fire at The Paramount…. You don’t have to be nosy, Lu Yi!”

Lu Yi was silent. The words that Sean said were unpleasant. After speaking, he directly went inside the burning building, The Paramount.

Lu Yi looked quietly at his back. He felt that Sean’s personality wasn’t cute enough!

He was clearly worried about his safety, yet he spoke unpleasantly!

Probably he had forgotten that he, Lu Yi, although he is gentle, he’s still fond of adventure. Even when Sean had good skill, his ability to survive in the fire wouldn’t be necessarily better than him.

Sean drifted away, as Lu Yi’s eyes moved, and stopped him, “Stop looking, Sean!”

“Even if Amber is really inside now, she probably can’t survive!”

Sean halted his step.

Human life is so fragile sometimes. It slips away in a flash in front of people’s eyes.

For an unknown reason, Sean couldn’t somehow affiliate the word ‘death’ and Amber together.

Cindy was still at Smith’s old manor. How could Amber abandon her and die?

As if he didn’t hear anything, Sean stepped forward firmly and steadily as if he never stopped.

His steps were big, with a clear and determined meaning. Lin Man panicked, she immediately rushed forward and hugged Sean’s waist tightly.

“Don’t go!”

“For my sake, Sean!”

Lin Man was babbling. Tears were gushing out from her clear eyes, wetting Sean’s fire-resistant suit, seeping through his shirt and skin.

Sean reached out and let go of Lin Man’s fingers, “Man Man, I’ll be fine. Amber is an employee of the Smith Group. Something has happened, I can’t be irresponsible!”

Moreover, he was the one who told her, so she attended this celebration dinner tonight.

Otherwise, if Amber didn’t know, she wouldn’t have attended.

If he let her die this way, he would owe Amber for his lifetime.

Lin Man cried harder. She’s really scared that Sean had set his mind to go inside.

Even the firefighter couldn’t control the fire at The Paramount anymore. If Sean went inside, he would be no different from a moth that darts into the fire—-destroying himself!

She came back from abroad, not to see Sean dies a tragic death!

“Well, even if it’s not for me, but Sean, don’t you think of your parents?”

“When your brothers died, Mrs. Smith was immediately sent to the ICU. If something also happens to you, Sean, how will Mrs. Smith live?”

“Sean, there’s only you left in the Smith family. You are the life of the two elders in the Smith family!”

“The firefighters have gone inside to rescue everyone earlier. They have already said that there’s no sign of anyone inside The Paramount anymore!”

Lin Man was choked up. Her gaze went against Sean’s sharp gaze, and said, “I mean, is Amber being rescued already?”

Sean didn’t move at all.

If Amber really has been rescued by someone, then, she would have no reason not to answer his call when he called her inside the private room earlier.

After such a huge disaster, it’s didn’t make any sense if Amber didn’t check her phone after she came out.

He reached out to stop Lin Man and pushed her outside, “Man Man, you know me well. I don’t like being indebted to someone.”

“Wait here, I’ll go inside to find Amber.”

Lin Man slowly crouched down. She grabbed the hem of Sean’s shirt tightly and asked the question aloud:

“Are you in love with Amber?”

“Do you love her that much, Sean? That’s why you do this. You clearly know that you will harm yourself, yet you still want to save her?”

Sean subconsciously denied it, “Don’t spout nonsense!”

How could he fall in love with Amber, in love with someone who would destroy his love?

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