Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 317: Even God Can’t Tolerate It Anymore!

It’s not like he’s risking his life to go inside to save Amber. He wanted to go inside to make sure that Amber’s dead!

If she’s dead, he must be the first one to see her dead body, then, brought her body out to explain to the old man.

“Man Man, do you think that I’m someone who would easily have a change of heart?”

“Between us, if I’m not mistaken, we’ve been together for more than ten years, yet you didn’t have the least faith in me?”

Sean’s gaze was gloomy like a bottomless cold pit.

He pulled away from Lin Man’s hand, tidied his fire-resistant suit, then went directly inside The Paramount.

He’s very fast and Lin Man didn’t have enough time to stop him. She watched his figure walked inside the cloud of dense smoke helplessly.

She felt every emotion in her heart and some words remained to be said especially to Sean’s last words.

He used to love Amber very much. She’s really scared, this kind of love was an instinct from deep in Sean’s heart.

On the first floor of The Paramount, the walls were already burnt, the bricks were already burned to red and black. There were also decorations like wooden boards and light brackets, which already looked shaky and unsteady, that could fall anytime.

There was almost no place to step in the corridor, Sean took a deep breath and covered his mouth and nose before directly went upstairs.

The fire on the second floor was too strong. Sean quickly walked inside the previous private room that he had found.

The doors of the KTV private rooms were delicately made. Each of the doors to the private rooms had a small piece of glass, which would be convenient for the waiter if the guests needed anything.

The fire was already too serious. Sean also didn’t dare to go inside each private room to check if Amber was inside. So, he only stood and glanced from the small window outside.

Since it cracked a little, there was only fire spreading and crackling inside The Paramount.

A layer of sweat was formed on his back, like the dripping rain, soaking his clothes under his fire-resistant suit.

The air in the corridor was getting thinner. Sean covered his nose and mouth, since it’s getting harder to breathe. The smell of smoke and fire pierced through his nose as he couldn’t avoid it.

Sean moved his hand away, looked around, and walked towards the end of the private room. When he reached the door of the bathroom where he argued with Amber, he still didn’t see Amber’s shadow.



Sean raised his voice and called out twice. His echo was engulfed by the flames. Inside this big entertainment club, aside from the fire crackling, there was only silence.

The smell of the smoke was getting stronger. Sean’s lungs felt as if being they’re being piled with heavy iron. It was painful and made it hard to breathe.

Sean stood at the bathroom corner, which was still safe. His gloomy gaze stared at the other end closely.

The fire was getting bigger and stronger.

He knew in a glance that there’s no survivor there anymore.

Sean lowered his head and put a smile on his lips.

Amber, this damn woman, don’t say that she’s punished by God for her evil doings?

Everything that she does, even God couldn’t tolerate it anymore!

Sean looked mysterious. His thoughts drifted away and didn’t even notice when something fell above his head.

The door of the toilet was made of wood. The fire was too strong causing the door frame to fall apart. The piece of wood on the top was too heavy and fell immediately. It hit Sean’s back directly.

He reacted quickly. After feeling something wrong, he immediately removed the thing on his back.

Even after he did so, his fire-resistant was burned badly that there’s a hole. The moment that the door frame fell onto Sean, his back was quite burnt, that his skin was torn apart.

That burning pain, even Sean couldn’t tolerate it and he couldn’t help but let out a groan.

He dodged inside the bathroom as he moved quickly and anxiously. It seemed that he kicked something on the ground.

Sean lowered his head and his eyes widened.

That lotus root colored handbag wasn’t big. He bent down and picked it up, then opened the zipper to rummage the inside.

There were two debit cards, an employee ID, an ID card, some cash, and a hot cellphone. It all belonged to Amber.

When they went out today, Amber was too pretty. Men are all appearance oriented, Sean was also no exception. He had glanced several times at her and he was familiar with the handbag that she was holding.

Sean’s eyes were caught on the dried blood trace on the floor for a while.

He hung the handbag on his neck, then he turned around and checked on every cubicle inside the bathroom to find Amber. He couldn’t help but feel confused.

Didn’t Amber go out after he left?

Sean had trouble breathing, “Amber, Amber!”

“Are you here?”

It was rare for Sean to be flustered. Whose blood was it?

Did something really happen to Amber?

Where is she?

Based on what Man Man said, the firefighters were rescuing people on the bathroom door. Was Amber being rescued by someone already?

Why didn’t he see her downstairs? Why her handbag was left here?

Did she hate him to the point that she wants him dead, so she did this, by tricking him to come inside, and harm his life?

Sean took a deep breath. There was a raging storm in his heart. His heart was constantly tightened. The pain and suffering were getting stronger, as if they might explode anytime.

Sean was stern. He looked inside every cubicle but still didn’t see Amber’s shadow.

He didn’t give up and directly went to the men’s bathroom next door.

The fire had already spread inside. The white ceramic tile on the wall was turned charcoal black by the smoke. The ceiling of the bathroom had been burnt into pieces. It was shaky as it was hanging above. It was cracked in the middle into pieces.


He suppressed all the emotions in his heart and expressed through his brows.

If Amber is fine when he goes out later, he will definitely draw a clear line with that damn woman. This damn woman was born to hold him back!

One day, his life would be harmed to death by Amber!

There’s no one inside the men’s bathroom. Every private room by the corridor had been checked by Sean.

Sean wasn’t sure whether Amber was being rescued out by someone or remained on another floor.

Sean subconsciously wanted to go out and check.

But when he’s about to move, his step stopped in a place.

The fire was so strong. If he went out now, it couldn’t be sure that he could still come inside since the fire would get stronger.

If Amber was still inside The Paramount, maybe when he came back later, Amber might’ve died the second time.

He frowned his brows as his gaze looked hesitant.

Man Man was right. How could Amber’s life be more valuable than his, Sean Smith?

He’s currently the only son and heir of the Smith family. If something happened to him, Amber couldn’t afford it!

His steps were impatient and went straight out of the bathroom, his quick steps exited safely.

The direction towards downstairs was crooked. Sean stopped in time and went upstairs.

Sean reached out and pursed his lips. He’s only going up to check.

He only wanted to make sure that Amber wasn’t up there, then he would come down!

No, he would just take a look to see if there’s any shadow of Amber in the hallway and left without hesitation!

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