Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 318: Sean is Still Inside!

His movements were getting faster. Halfway up the stairs, a huge lamp above his head suddenly crashed down and hit Sean’s head.

His vision turned dark and fainted on the stairs before he could react.


The news about the fire accident at The Paramount was spreading quickly in this era of the internet. Lu Xiang Xiang also happened to know it.

There were many documents in Feng Chen’s hand. Lu Xiang Xiang was working overtime at the Feng Group with her boss.

Feng Chen ordered a cup of coffee. Lu Xiang Xiang put aside her works and went to the pantry.

When she came out of the pantry bringing the coffee, she glanced at the pop-up news on her phone.

In the picture, the flames at The Paramount were soaring and looked really serious.

Lu Xiang Xiang’s eyelid twitched. She forcibly suppressed her agitation and entered the president’s office with the coffee.

The man sitting behind the desk was wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He lowered his head and his eyes were locked at the documents on the desk. His dark grey suit made him looked less like a bully and even made him looked rarely handsome and attractive.

Seeing her came in, Feng Chen raised his head.

He randomly put aside the documents on the desk and said in a low voice, “The working intensity in this company was too high some time ago. You can arrange a company dinner. Pick up a time in these two days and arrange it.”

“Let the employees relax a bit.”

Lu Xiang Xiang looked at Feng Chen in surprise.

Her boss is a workaholic. When he went on a business trip, he could attend the training until before dawn, showing his insanity.

Since he suddenly organized a company dinner, it’s normal that she’s surprised. She is curious about what her boss had been thinking.

When Lu Xiang Xiang just responded, her phone rang. She put down the coffee, came out of the president’s office, and checked on the incoming caller ID. It was an unfamiliar number.

After the phone was connected, Gu Jinyan’s voice came from the phone:

“Lu Xiang Xiang, the Smith Group was holding a celebration dinner at The Paramount. Please call Amber.”

Lu Xiang Xiang’s eyelids twitched again. It looked like Gu Jinyan was driving. From her phone, Lu Xiang Xiang could hear Gu Jinyan tapped on the steering wheel.

“A huge fire accident happened at The Paramount, I’m worried something happens to Sean and Amber.”

Lu Xiang Xiang paused for a while. She couldn’t ignore their previous conflict and ask in disbelief, “Did you say that Amber attended the celebration dinner at The Paramount?”

“I’m on my way there.” Gu Jinyan paused, “It’s not a problem for Sean to come out of The Paramount safely. I’m worried that something could happen to Amber…”

Sean wouldn’t just watch if anything happened to Amber.

Lu Xiang Xiang’s mind was in a mess. She immediately cut off the phone, looked up Amber’s number, and called her.

It got through, but nobody answered it until it automatically cut off.

Their relationship was quite good. After so many years, Lu Xiang Xiang had known Amber so well. She wouldn’t leave her phone unanswered for no reason.

Feng Group was located not far from The Paramount. Lu Xiang Xiang couldn’t even manage to tell Feng Chen for a leave. She didn’t care about her bag, directly went downstairs, and waved a taxi on the main road to go to The Paramount.

Lu Xiang Xiang and Gu Jinyan arrived at the same time. When Gu Jinyan saw Lu Xiang Xiang, he stopped for a moment, and asked, “ Have you reached Amber?”

Lu Xiang Xiang shook her head.

The fire was very strong. She stepped on her high heels and walked a few steps next to the firefighters, then asked in a low voice, “Excuse me, how is the situation inside?”

The firefighter glanced at her, “Are you looking for someone?”

“The wounded are not many, no deaths, and almost everyone is rescued. If you are looking for someone, you can go directly to the hospital.”

“The hospital that supports the rescue this time is Tongcheng Central Hospital.”

Lu Xiang Xiang let out a sigh of relief. As she turned around, a lady pulling Gu Jinyan’s arm intimately.

Lu Xiang Xiang didn’t know that lady. After she approached, she saw that although the lady was quite pretty, she was often seen with Amber and she didn’t feel good at it.

She sneered and glanced at Gu Jinyan.

She thought that he’s really worried about his best friend. But after arriving here, he didn’t even ask a word about Sean, as he’s so focused and friendly with the lady!

Lu Xiang Xiang couldn’t help but feel sour in her heart.

Coincidentally, Gu Jinyan looked back at her. He didn’t have any intention to talk to her, as he turned his head again, stared at Lin Man, and asked:

“Is that true?”

Lin Man trembled fiercely, “Sean is really inside. He has already been inside for 30 minutes, saying that he wants to save Amber!”

“I’ve already told the firefighters, but they said that they didn’t find any signs of any survivor inside!”

“Mr. Gu, please save Sean!”

“If he doesn’t come out in such a big fire, he could really die!”

Gu Jinyan clenched his fists, “Is Amber still inside?”

Lin Man wiped her tears, nodded, then shook her head, “I don’t know.”

“They said that they didn’t see Amber come out. Director Lu also said that Amber might’ve still been inside.”

“But, Sean has been looking for so long and only came out once. I’m… not really sure.”

As Gu Jinyan listened to her, he glanced around, and asked, “Where’s Lu Yi?”

Lin Man looked around, and said, “I…Just now he was here.”

Gu Jinyan withdrew his sleeves that was held tightly by Lin Man and strode towards the fire.

Probably it was because the situation at The Paramount was too serious. The chief of the Fire Department was also here. Gu Jinyan knew him and directly went to him.

“Mr. Gu, why are you here?”

The chief’s tone was deep, sounded slightly respectful.

Gu Jinyan’s expression was inexplicable, and said, “Give me a set of fire-resistant suit.”

Lu Xiang Xiang was intending to leave before. When she heard him, she stopped, and turned back abruptly. She stared straight at Gu Jinyan, and asked, “Why are you asking for the fire-resistant suit? Are you going inside?”

The chief was also anxious, “Mr. Gu, the fire is still beyond our control. It will be too dangerous for you to go inside!”

“Sean is still inside!”

“But your people said that there wasn’t any sign from survivor inside!”

“I want to check by myself!”

Sean, as in Sean Smith?

The person who could let Gu Jinyan use his connection and even made Gu Jinyan go inside the fire pit without fearing death, was only Sean. The chief of the Fire Department could slightly understand it.

“Sean is the only heir to the Smith family. If something really happens to him inside, you probably won’t be able to explain anything!”

Lu Xiang Xiang grabbed Gu Jinyan, and said, “Didn’t you say that it was easy for Sean to come out from there?”

“How can something happen to him?”

Gu Jinyan’s eyes were unmoving, “Sean is looking for Amber inside.”

His eyes looked slightly cold. If what Lin Man said was true, then Sean’s cousin must’ve been really interesting.

Gu Jinyan insisted to go inside. The chief also had no choice but to find him a set of fire-resistant suits.

In case of emergency, he also carried a fire extinguisher.

“Gu Jinyan, bring one more person to help to find Amber!”

Lin Man’s eyes flickered when she heard Lu Xiang Xiang’s words.

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