Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 319: Lu Yi, Where’s Sean?

Amber’s position was at the entrance of the fire evacuation route. Even if Lu Yi really didn’t find Amber, maybe the firefighters had rescued her!

She definitely wasn’t inside The Paramount anymore!

But looking at Lu Xiang Xiang who was almost crying, Gu Jinyan paused and nodded.

Gu Jinyan put on his fire-resistant suit really quickly. He ran lightly and went into the fire with two firefighters.


Tongcheng Central Hospital

Amber was dreaming again.

She dreamed about eleven years ago. It was one day before Sean left without saying goodbye.

Sean took her hand while walking from the end of the west side of the campus to the girls’ dormitory on the east side and let her go upstairs.

That time she was sick so he kept her under his watch. She ate porridge for a week with a tasteless mouth. As she stood at the entrance of the dorm, Amber patted her stomach, and asked him:

“Sean, tomorrow I want to eat the small dumplings from that old restaurant on Huaiyang Road, can I?”

She still couldn’t forget Sean’s expression at that time. His face with a light complexion was shone by the golden light of the setting sun. His pitch-black eyes were filled with tenderness that enchanted her.

“Are you craving for it?”

Amber nodded passionately. Sean slightly touched her eyelashes with his fingertips, his tone was low and hoarse, “Be good, don’t think about it anymore.”

Amber was furious as she went upstairs.

Huaiyang Road was very far from the school. She’s only thinking about it, but Sean’s words made her felt a slight grievance. After she went upstairs, she didn’t even look at the message that was sent by Sean.

At that time, the sky was getting dark. Two hours later, it was almost time for the gate of the girls’ dorm to be guarded. Sean suddenly called her.

In the beginning, she’s playing hard to get and didn’t answer. But he kept on calling her. The second time, she couldn’t hold it anymore and answered it.

Sean’s voice was soft and sounded next to her ear, “Amber, can you come down for a moment?”

Amber had changed her clothes and spoke faintly, “I’ve slept. If there’s anything, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

“Amber, be good, and listen to me.”

Amber took some time before going downstairs.

It was raining heavily outside. Sean was standing at the gate of the girls’ dorm. His white shirt was mostly wet.

When he heard the footsteps, Sean turned around. As he saw her, his narrow and long eyes made an arch, and he let out a smile.

His hand was carrying a share of the small dumplings. The packaging was exactly from the old restaurant that she was talking about.

After her father died, her mother remarried. Amber had lost everything since she was young. It’s been so long since the last time she felt the warmth of being held in someone’s hand.

Probably, it was because of the heavy rain. Probably, it was because of the inexplicable emotion, Amber couldn’t control it, and the tears were gushing from her eyes.

As she cried, Sean was dumbfounded by it.

“Didn’t you say that you want to eat the small dumplings? Why are you crying?”

Sean reached out and wiped the teardrops from the corner of her eyes, and pushed the slightly warm small dumplings to her, “Go upstairs and eat while they’re hot.”

“Don’t eat too much to prevent indigestion.”

Amber nodded.

She eagerly looked at Sean. Her heart was full, like being stuffed with small kettles, and warm.

“It’s raining. Why did you go and buy food for me?”

“When I went there, it w asn’t raining. Moreover, I also have something to do there, so I bought it for you on my way!”

“It’s not like I went there especially for you. Look at how smug you are.”

That night, after Amber ate the small dumplings, she had a good sleep.

She thought that this must be the moment in her life when the picture changed in her dream. Amber was standing at the entrance of the school library and she walked outside.

She saw a figure in a distance. He was wearing a thin shirt with his back against her, as he stood at the gate of the school library.


Amber was smiling and called his name. The man turned around slowly and his handsome face was covered with blood.

Amber screamed in shock and abruptly got up from the bed.

“Amber, are you awake?”

Amber heard a voice and saw Lu Yi, who’s sitting by the bedside. She was still slightly terrified because of the dream. Her face was pale. She’s still in a daze when she nodded to Lu Yi.

She was completely dizzy.

“Don’t move your head too much. The doctor said that you’ve bumped your head today and had a slight concussion. You have to be careful.”

Amber regained her sense and suddenly remembered about the fire accident in The Paramount while they’re having a celebration dinner. Amber was being pushed in the crowd and bumped her head on the sink.

Amber paused for a moment as she regained her sense quickly. She looked around but didn’t see Sean’s shadow.

The panic in her heart increased. There were still groundless rumors about them on the internet and it was disadvantageous towards them and the Smith Group. If something happened to her at this moment, Sean wouldn’t just stay still and refused to stay by her side.

Amber’s lips trembled and she stared straight at Lu Yi’s eyes, “Lu Yi, where’s Sean?”

Lu Yi’s eyes moved as he lowered his head.

This attitude showed avoidance, causing Amber’s heart to skip a beat.

“Lu Yi?”

“I don’t see Sean.”

Amber’s eyes fluttered. As soon as she’s about to get off the bed, Lu Yi stopped her, “What are you doing?”

“Lu Yi, if don’t tell me honestly, I’ll personally go and find Sean.”

Lu Yi gritted his teeth and stared straight at Amber, then said in a low voice, “Amber, please hear my advice and divorce Sean.”

Amber subconsciously refused, “No! If I divorce him now, won’t it the same as admitting that I cheated on him, admitting that Cindy is not his daughter?”

“I’m fine with it. But Cindy is my life. I can’t let Cindy suffer because of the rumors!”

Lu Yi was silent.

The bad premonition in Amber’s heart was getting stronger.

She stared at Lu Yi closely and asked, “Has anything happened to Sean?”

“I’m not sure about it. I’ve always been here and I’m not sure about the situation there.”

“Lu Yi, can you be honest with me?”

Amber took a deep breath. Her tone was profound causing Lu Yi unable to breathe.

Lu Yi’s eyes flinched and he said in a low voice, “I’m telling you the truth. But when I followed you to the hospital, the fire at The Paramount was getting stronger.”

“He charged inside without looking back…”

There’s a change in Amber’s expression.

He charged inside without looking back?

If Lu Yi didn’t mention it, she almost forgot about it. Before she fainted, when she’s still inside the toilet, she met Lin Man.

“Amber, you fainted just now. When the firefighters did the counting, Ms. Lin didn’t seem to be there.”

Lu Yi paused and continued in a low voice, “Of course, I’ve only heard about it.”

A sorrow flashed across Amber’s eyes.

Lu Yi couldn’t stand it, so he took out his phone and passed it to her, “Before finding you, I heard Xiao Shen said that you and Sean were inside the bathroom at the end of the second floor. I asked Sean about it…”

“He said a lot, but I could only record a sentence.”

As he said that, Lu Yi clicked the play button on the phone screen.

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