Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – chapter 32: Did your wife cheat on you and then carry other man’s babe?

Cindy’s being bullied by bunch of people right now, her eyes get red instantly, but there’s no any single tears falling off from her eyes, she bites her upper lip and stares at these people with furious. But the shiver on her body still shows the fear she has at this moment.

The malicious words from the police and the little boy’s parents make Cindy feel so hurtful. Even an adult cannot bear such cruel insults.


Gu Jinyan says with a high-pitch, the people in the police station all turn back to look at him. Although Gu Jinyan always puts on smiles on the face, he’s still a famous master of Tong city, so when he’s angry, the coldness on his face still can make people feel scared.

“Bunch of adults are bullying a three-year-old kid, shame on your guys!”

“Gu? Mr Gu?” a person in police station recognizes Gu Jinyan and calls him in a stammering way.

The location Gu Jinyan stands is subtle, it holds perfectly Sean Smith who’s behind him. But Cindy still notices Sean Smith. She turns around the minute when she hears the voice, her sight instantly falls on Sean Smith who stands among the crowds. The expression on his face is gloomy and cold.

After seeing him, Cindy suddenly calls him with excitement. “daddy! It’s my daddy! My daddy’s here!” Cindy breaks through the shackle from policeman and runs towards Sean Smith. She then holds his hands tightly.

Suddenly he feels his hands are warm as if they are covered with cottons, he then lowers his head to look at Cindy with a frown.

Cindy’s eyes are big like two dark grapes, there’s a sense of admiration within, her eyelashes are long like small fans, she’s now looking up at Sean Smith with her mouth half-opened, her lips are red. Except for some bruises on her forehead, she looks like an angel.

“I’m not your daddy.”

“I’ve seen you on the newspapers, you’re my daddy! Daddy, you’re here picking me up, right?”

The words of Cindy kind softens Sean Smith’s heart.

Although Amber White is plain on the face, her daughter do look so cute and beautiful.

At the thought of this, Sean Smith suddenly wants to negate the words he said just now.

Amber White’s good at teaching kids, she’s not only tough herself but also teach her daugher to be tough. Now the little one even broke a boy’s legs.

When Sean Smith thinks of this, he then suddenly pulls out his hands from Cindy.

Cindy’s not aware any changes on Sean Smith, she keeps looking at Sean Smith with big smiles. Right now, she feels so happy, her aunt did tell her the truth. She really sees her daddy today.

Cindy then says to the old woman with her head turning on the other side:”who said my daddy don’t admit me, this is my daddy, do not want to bully me again!” she then again holds Sean Smith’s hands.

At first, Gu Jinyan wanted to swear at those people, but he then smiles after he sees Cindy holds Sean Smith’s hands. Hum! Sean’s daughter is so cute!

While Gu Jinyan still dazes there, Sean Smith pulls out his hands again from Cindy, in order to prevent her again holding his hands, he then puts hands into his pockets.

The old woman sees the tiny gesture of Sean Smith, she then says.

“Hum, your daddy treats you so cold, little bastard, you’re not the real daughter of him, aren’t you?” the old woman then takes a thoroughly look at Sean Smith and adds again with sarcasm:”sir, didn’t your wife cheat on you before and carry other man’s babe?”

The woman again takes a glimpse at Sean Smith with a disdain and says to him:”look at you, you’re the ‘white face’ for this bastard’s mom, right?”

Hearing this, Gu Jinyan bursts into a big laugher.

Sean Smith looks at Gu Jinyan, but Gu Jinyan keeps smiling:”white face, haha, Sean, the words can make me laugh for a year!”

Sean Smith ignores Gu Jinyan, he then looks at the old woman with a cold look:”your son’s legs are broken, but you two didn’t send him to hospital, instead you all worry about the money thing, did the boy be picked up by you on the roadside?”

“Since you now bring it up, you’ll have to cover the medical expenses for our son, it’s the kind of people like you whose moral code is zero can teach a kid being like this!”

“Hum, you two have so high moral code that swear people with so ugly dirty words, if Cindy beats people like you two, then i’d rather her to remain such way!” Sean Smith then smiles.

If he has a babe, he’d never watched his babe being bullied like this!

Amber White is the mom of Cindy, but right now she’s not here to defend for her daughter, instead he has to deal with such aweful things for her, she’d better not come back!

Sean Smith doesn’t want to argue with the old woman anymore, he then takes out chequebook from his pocket, after scratching few lines, he then tears a piece off and throws at the old woman.

Though the inside has no wind, the thin cheque still flows few seconds on the air.

“One million, enough?”

The old woman picks up the cheque and has a look instantly.

“If the money’s right, I’ll take Cindy away now, as for you two, the one of you may need to stay at home in case you miss summons from the court.”

Hearing this, the little boy’s father stunned there, he then says with a unhappy look:”you’ll sue us? What are you suing us for? I should say it’s us who not sue you, haha!”

Sean Smith then turns around and walks outside of the police station.

Gu Jinyan then looks at the couple with a pity. “Look, you two offended Sean. You’ve got big troubles.” he then taps the old woman’s shoulder and whisks at the cheque. “although you now have one million, but believe me, the leagal team of Sean family will surely sue you out of pocket!”

“Gu? Mr Gu?”

“Good luck!”

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