Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 320: Sean Can Only Carry One Person

“Let me remind you, Lu Yi, Amber White is my woman, even if she died in the fire of the Paramount Hall, it’s none of your business!”

Amber’s fingertips trembled.

She immediately recognized his voice, the voice of the man she cared about all these years.

However, she couldn’t believe Sean Smith would be so heartless—too heartless for her to have a conviction for their future.

Lu Yi: “Amber, I knew I was despicable to have recorded that, but I really want to give you some advice, as a friend.”

“Sean is not a good choice for you.”

Amber felt her heart was cutting by a dull knife.

The tearing pain which slowly spread in the body was so intense that Amber couldn’t even control her expression.

She thought she must look bad, for she was in one of the rarest discomfited positions in her life.

A discomfiture that she could never adapt.

Amber smiled as she reached out to Lu Yi, forcing herself to speak with a less painful tone:

“Can I borrow your phone for a while, please?”

Lu Yi nodded as he handed Amber his thin phone. The latter licked the corner of her dry lips and dialed Sean Smith’s number.

The call immediately went through.

Amber lowered her voice: “Sean, could you come to the hospital? I got injured in the Paramount Hall, if you don’t come, I’m afraid the reporters would make up stories again.”

The other side of the phone remained silent, Amber’s worry was deepened.

“Amber, do you always use that way to make Sean stay with you?”

Amber was stiffened, while Lin Man who answered the phone didn’t seem to mind whether she replied:

“Amber, if you are at the hospital too, that’s great, Sean was just saved from the fire.”

“He’s badly hurt, could you come over and look after him?”

Lu Yi’s words suddenly came to Amber’s mind. Since Lin Man could speak to her at ease on the phone, she must be well protected by Sean.

Amber smiled in grief: “Sean got hurt?”

“Yes,” answered Lin Man: “Amber, are you OK?”

“When Sean and I went downstairs, we saw you in the restroom, but to jump from the second floor, Sean could only carry one person…”

Amber raised an eyebrow and looked up at Lu Yi.

Why was his statement different from Lin Man’s?

“Is Sean still in the hospital?”

“I’m on my way,” said Amber quietly: “which ward is he in?”

Lin Man hemmed and hawed as if she was hiding something, but she finally gave Amber a number.

Amber ignored her strange reactions and directly hung up.

She then turned back to Lu Yi, compared to Lin Man, he looked still as ease.

“Sean is hospitalized? Let me go to see him with you.”

Amber didn’t say if she accepted it or refused it. Without a word, she turned around and walked out.

Lu Yi curled his lip and follower Amber to Sean’s ward as if nothing had happened.

Once they approached his ward, they saw Gu Jinyan and Lin Man standing at the door.

Gu Jinyan had a straight face. When he saw Amber come with Lu Yi, his thoughtful eyes were raised and focused on her.

“Amber, Sean was hurt, why are you still hanging out with his cousin…”

“…instead of staying with him?”

His words made Amber offended.

It was the first time that Gu Jinyan spoke to her in that way.

Instead of answering his meaningless question, Amber chose to come to the point: “How is Sean?”

Gu Jinyan moved his lips: “Badly burnt. When I pulled him out of the fire, his back was mutilated.”

Amber’s expression didn’t change: “The Paramount Hall has huge potential safety problems, the fire control facilities are not functioning well, or even useless.”

“This fire is not a coincidence!”

She gazed at the closed doors of the operating room, ground her teeth and said in a low, firm voice: “I’ve asked Shen to investigate on it, the Smiths will never leave the matter like that!”

Gu Jinyan gave Amber a complex look.

He had to admit that Amber’s sharp insight in business and go-getting character were not inferior to him or Sean.

In his view, she was overqualified for her position: a marketing director of the Smiths’ company.

If she worked in the Gus’ company, he would promote her to the general manager.

So he as the boss could share with her some work!

When they were talking, Lin Man suddenly chipped in: “Amber, can I speak to you alone?”

She stared at her wide-eyed: “Here’s something I’d like to talk about with you, it won’t take a long time.”

Before Amber could respond, Gu Jinyan teased first: “Miss Lin, what kind of big secret should be talked about alone?”

Lin Man didn’t answer, she lowered her head to look at her feet, waiting patiently for the other person’s answer.

Amber smiled.

She already guessed what Lin Man wanted to say to her—nothing but Sean’s kindness to her in the incident.

In the past ten years, she kept receiving women’s jealousy and she had been used to it.

Amber agreed to Lin Man’s request.

Lin Man led her to the corner of the stairs, then blinked and whispered:

“Amber, Mr Gu has just informed Sean’s parents.”

“They should come here soon.” Her lips trembled a little as she looked up into Amber’s eyes: “Amber, I told Mr Gu that Sean was injured while he was saving YOU.”

Amber suddenly looked at Lin Man, who was nervously twisting her fingers: “Amber, his parents look down on me, they don’t want me to come back and disturb your life.”

“But I really want to finish the designer exchange conference held by your company.”

“Please, take care of Sean when they come. I… I have to go back to Ritz-Carlton.”

Amber calmly looked at her without a word.

Lin Man was even more nervous, she stepped back and tightly held the corner of her blouse: “Amber, are you angry?”

“Miss Lin, what do you really want to say?”

“There’s nobody else here, you don’t need to play tricks on me.

Lin Man took a deep breath and lowered her voice: “Amber, Sean doesn’t love you anymore.”

“When he carried me out, he didn’t give a glimpse to you.”

“The reason he was badly hurt was that he ran back into the fire, trying to find a pair of emerald earrings, which is a gift my grandmother left me!”

Lin Man looked at Amber as she continued in a grave tone: “Amber, I know it’s hard to tell you this.”

“But I have to tell you the truth, because you helped me three years ago…”

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