Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 321: Shut Up

“Shut up!”

Roared Amber in a low voice. Lin Man trimmed the sails: “Well well, if you don’t like it, I’ll just stop.”

“But I did learn how you got along with Sean after I came back. I’m just afraid that the way he treats you will hurt you deeper.”

“I can’t stay here anymore, if his parents find me, I’ll lose my chance to attend the designer exchange conference.”

Amber drew a blank in the stairwell. After a while, she regained consciousness only to find that Lin Man had already gone.

She was alone next to an emergency exit light.

She gently brushed her hair and headed to the operating room.

Gu Jinyan was surprised to see Amber came back alone.

“Where is she?”

No doubt he referred to Lin Man.

Amber raised the corners of the mouth to make an imperceptible smile:

“She’s gone.”

Gu Jinyan slightly frowned as he walked up to her: “Amber, don’t take any notice of Lin Man, you’ve been with Sean for so many years and your child has grown up, she cannot make any trouble.”

Amber remained silent.

Gu Jinyan continued as he gazed at the door of the operating room: “Amber, you may not know. When I found Sean, his back was so badly hurt that I couldn’t bear to see it, so was his hands…”

“He jumped back into the Paramount Hall, only to save you!”

“He still cares about you, he just… hasn’t been aware of his true feelings.”

Amber remained unmoved as if Gu Jinyan was talking about someone else.

Having got no reactions, Gu Jinyan tilted his head to look at Amber.

Her long, clear eyelashes perfectly matched her glam, bright eyes. Gu Jinyan smiled in relief.

To be honest, Amber was far more prominent than Lin Man in every aspect!

“Oh, one more thing,” said Gu Jinyan as he remembered something.

“Lu Xiangxiang went to the Paramount Hall to look for you because she heard you were in danger.”

“She should still be there.” said Gu Jinyan as he took out his phone and handed it to Amber: “Give her a call, tell her you’re safe now.”

Amber was stunned: “Why did she look for me?”

“It’s Lin Man again, she said you might be stuck in the Paramount, but she had to leave because Sean was too wounded. After they left, the ambulances left too, they claimed they didn’t find any other living persons in there.”

“Xiangxiang insisted to stay there until she found you, so I only brought Sean to the hospital.”

Amber hurried to call Lu Xiangxiang, luckily the line went through: “Xiangxiang, where are you?”


Lu Xiangxiang almost cried out as she heard Amber’s voice: “You are fine, Amber!”

She started to choke with sobs: “You bastard, why d on’t pick up my call? I’m almost scared to death!”

Amber felt touched: “Xiangxiang, I’m sorry, I’m fine. I was not in danger, I just passed out when the crowd was running out of the hall.”

“I woke up in the hospital, my phone and my bag were gone, probably they were left in the fire.”

Lu Xiangxiang’s anxiety had been partially relieved, she whispered: “Are you injured? Which hospital are you in? I’m coming…”

“No, no need. Your boss always gives you guys too much work, and you’ve been working all day! You must be tired, go home and have a rest.”

Lu Xiangxiang: “……”

Did she leave something behind?

She rushed out once she heard the Paramount Hall was on fire and Amber happened to be there.

…which meant, she left Feng Chen alone in the company?

Lu Xiangxiang hung up in a hurry. Amber smiled quietly. This call had healed most of her wounds caused by the fire and the people.

The door of the operating room suddenly opened from inside as she returned the phone to Gu Jinyan.

“Doctor, how is Sean?”

Asked Gu Jinyan in a worried tone as he stepped forward.

The doctor pushed his eyeglasses: “He’s temporarily out of danger, but he has inhaled too much smoke, which has caused uncertain damage to his respiratory system…”

“Only when he wakes up can we tell if this damage will affect his health or his daily life in the future.”

Gu Jinyan remained silent.

The doctor continued after a pause: “The burns on his skin are very serious, especially on his back. Some even parts suffered a second burning, which will definitely leave scars.”

Gu Jinyan calmly waved his hand: “He’s not a woman, he won’t mind.”

However, he had to suffer the pain caused by serious burns.

Amber, who was standing wordlessly next to the two men, finally got a word in: “Doctor, when will he wake up?”

“In about one hour.”

It was almost the worse burn case that the hospital had received over the past year.

Luckily Sean’s had full knowledge of his body and force, otherwise, his right hand might become disabled due to his bold acts in the Paramount Hall’s fire.

“Keep his wounds away from water…”

Amber stood there, quietly listened to the doctor’s endless advice, wondering how much she could bear in mind until she saw Mr and Mrs Smith show up in the corridor.

Mrs Smith was pale, anxious, with one hand resting on the chest.

She trotted to hold the doctor’s hand: “Sean! How is my Sean!”

“Where is he?”

The doctor had no choice but repeated the words he said to Amber: “Mrs Smith, his respiratory injuries could only be defined after he wakes up…”

“So you mean, my son seems to be out of danger, but there’re still potential risks?”

The doctor: “That’s right.”

Mrs Smith gulped before she turned around to give Amber a glum look:

“Sean is always vigilance and he’s a Kongfu practicer, how come he got injured like that?”

“Amber White, tell me the truth!”

“Was it you again?”

Mrs Smith continued as tears started to gather in her eyes: “You jinx, nothing good has happened to my Sean in the past three years since he met you!”

She was trembling so hard that if Tomas Smith didn’t hold her, she would directly point her fingers to Amber’s face.

“Ru, we haven’t figured out what was happening, why do you get mad at Amber?”

“There are so many people watching us in the hospital, do you want them to laugh at us all?”

Mrs Smith finally came to a halt, she shook off Tomas’ hand and sneered to the air: “OK, I’m not getting mad at Amber.”

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