Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 322: Why Is He Badly Hurt While You Are Fine?

Mrs Smith turned to Gu Jinyan: “Jinyan, you are here too, can you tell me what has happened to Sean?”

“Why did a fire break out at the victory banquet, why was everybody fine except him?”

Just as she was questioning, the door of the operating room was opened again, a nurse pushed Sean’s sickbed out of the room.


Murmured Mrs Smith as she stepped forward unconsciously.

Sean was covered by a thin blanket. When he passed by, his hands were exposed to Mrs Smith’s eyes.

It was a pair of mutilated hands swathed in loose bandages, serious burns could be seen through the slits on the fingers.

Mrs Smith’s body trembled, Sean’s hands were so badly burnt, let alone his body.

Seeing her reaction, the doctor hastened to explain: “Ma’am, his hands just look serious, but the muscles and bones are all fine, their normal function won’t be affected as long as he takes good care of them.”

Mrs Smith looked like she had lost her hearing, she also lost interest of blaming Amber and followed the nurse all the way to the ward.

When Sean was settled in bed, Xu Lin came in a hurry.

Mrs Smith knew Xu Lin, she had noticed his abnormal silence since she questioned Gu Jinyan at the door of the operating room.

She pressed her lips together and turned to Xu Lin: “Xu, how could Sean be so badly hurt?”

“Because the other employees knew how to run out of the fire, but Sean didn’t? Or because he was not clever enough to escape?”

Xu Lin paused before he replied: “Ma’am, I just talked with the firemen, the said…”

“Mr Smith went back into the fire several times regardless of danger, that’s why he was so badly hurt.”

Mrs Smith’s eyebrow moved.

“Going back into the fire, regardless of danger?”

“That’s impossible. Xu, even you’re not telling me the truth. Am I supposed to call the director of the fire department to know what had happened?”

Xu Lin was threatened by Mrs Smith’s words: “Ma’am, Ms White’s secretary said that Ms White was trapped on the second floor and failed to get out, that’s why Mr Smith…”

Mrs Smith understood before he could finish his words.

The injuries that Sean received had close links with Amber—they were caused simply because Sean wanted to save Amber.

Mrs Smith gulped. Her one and only son was lying in a sickbed, facing unknown risks, while Amber White was standing outside safe and sound.

“Amber White!”

From the end of the corridor slowly came Amber, holding Mr Smith in her arm and with Lu Yi standing aside. Somehow Mrs Smith felt this scene quite offending.

When Amber approached, Mrs Smith gritted her teeth and raised her hand to slap Amber’s face.

Lu Yi reacted the fastest, he threw his hand to stop Mrs Smith’s arm: “Aunt, you…”

They were standing so close that nobody would misunderstand Mrs Smith’s intention.

Tomas frowned to his wife: “Ru, what did Amber do wrong that made you beat her two times a day?”

Mrs Smith ignored him.

She knew well that her husband always stood up for his daughter-in-law.

Sometimes he cared her much more than his own son!

Mrs Smith shook Lu Yi’s hand off and raised her chin, a hint of conceit flashed across her face. Sean had perfectly inherited his mom’s eyes, the long, thin eyes full of arrogance and alienation.

“Amber, I have to ask you, if Sean went back several times to save you, why did he get injured while you were all right?”

Amber stunned.

Gu Jinyan had left after a simple greeting, who told Mrs Smith that Sean got hurt because he was saving her?”

Amber’s sight rested on Xu Lin standing behind.

Xu Lin looked a little embarrassed.

Amber immediately misunderstood his embarrassment—she had never thought that Xu Lin knew the fact of Sean finding earrings for Lin Man.

“Aunt, isn’t it a good thing that Amber was not injured?”

“Good thing?” sneered Mrs Smith: “Look how unscathed she is and how badly Sean is hurt, I have full reason to suspect she wasn’t in the Paramount Hall at all!”

“I also wonder if Amber had stage-managed the whole drama by herself just to kill my son!”


Mr Smith growled: “You shut up!”

“As a man, Sean has the responsibility to protect his wife, the injuries are not his shame, it’s his honor!”

“You should feel happy about your son’s sense of responsibility! Not screwing things up in public like a shrew!”

Mrs Smith’s body trembled in anger: “Good enough! I’m a shrew, what about I move out today, not letting you live with a shrew!”


Amber got a headache from the quarrel of the couple, she felt deeply wronged by Mrs Smith’s accusation—Sean went back and got injured for Lin Man, the incident had nothing to do with her.

She rubbed her forehead: “Mom and dad, this is not your fault.”

“It’s my secretary who is making a big fuss.”

“I’m also a victim of the fire, when it broke out, everybody in the hall was in panic, among them I was stuck and jostled until I lost consciousness.”

“I don’t know what happened after that, I don’t know Sean went to the Paramount Hall!”

Mrs Smith didn’t buy it: “Why should I believe what you said?”

“You mean it happened right after you lost consciousness? What a coincidence!”

“Mom, I have the prescription, I got bumped in the head, which caused a slight concussion.”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask the director of the hospital. The Smith family is one of the shareholders of this hospital, they wouldn’t lie to you.”

Mrs Smith was speechless.

She couldn’t emotionally accept that Amber was innocent, because Sean suffered too much. She had a terrible feeling that Sean’s bad luck would never end unless Amber left the family.

At the moment, she couldn’t find any fault in Amber’s argument, so she had nothing to do but shot her an angry glance before she went into the ward.

Mr Smith was left at the door.

He sighed to Amber: “Kid, your mom always speaks contrary to her thought, hope you don’t mind.”

Amber nodded: “Dad, I’ll be here to take care of Sean, you and mom can leave whenever you want.”

“Thank you for taking care of Cindy these days.”

Mr Smith nodded: “It’s no big deal, Cindy is the kid of our family, we are glad to help.”

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