Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 323: Amber Is a Dumbass

“How is your wound?”

Asked Mr Smith caringly.

Amber shook her head: “It’s OK, I’m not feeling sick.”

He turned to Lu Yi: “Why are you here with her?”

Lu Yi hesitated and answered: “I heard Amber was sent to the hospital, so I come to check it out.”

That was a vague answer, but Mr Smith who was worried about Sean only nodded his head without a doubt.

Sean came round in one hour.

He opened his eyes, gazing at the white ceiling with a blank mind.

After a few seconds, he suddenly sat up—he remembered the fire and the Paramount Hall where Amber was trapped.


“What are you doing, lie down!”

Sean’s eyes focused on the flustered Ms Smith: “Mom…”

As the voice came out, Sean unconsciously grabbed his throat.

The sharp, dry pain from the throat made Sean think he must have swallowed a bunch of gravels.

What was more, his voice was too hoarse and obscure to well pronounce every syllable.

His body hurt as if he was crushed by a big truck, his face was distorting regardless of his attempt to stop it.

Under Ms Smith’s stunned eyes, Sean cleared his throat, swallowed the pain and asked: “Why am I here?”

“This is the hospital!”

Mrs Smith’s eyes were red with anxiety: “The doctor said you’ve taken in too much smoke and the damage of your respiratory system could only be confirmed after you wake up. Hold on, I’m calling the doctor to check you up.”

She released her hold on Sean’s arm and trotted out.

She left too quickly for Sean to stop her.

Sean licked his lips which were dry, cold, and covered by some dead skin.

He was left alone in the ward with nobody to ask whether Amber was saved.

His mom didn’t like Amber, so he didn’t think he could get any news from her.

He only remembered that she fell down on the third floor—she would not have been so unlucky that the firemen only missed her.

Sean fidgeted in his bed, he struggled to stand up, trying to find someone to ask about Amber.

He didn’t like her, but he didn’t want her to die either!

In any case, Amber had contributed a lot to the Smiths’ company, her post, the marketing director was crucial and important. If something happened to Amber White, he had to find someone to replace her and the employees had to adapt to a new management mode.

He cared more Amber’s value than her life.

Sean’s movement stopped as he looked up.

Amber came in from the ward door with a cup of milk in the hand.

She was wearing the same dress she had worn when she came out of the Smiths’ home. The top button of her collar was unfastened, exposing a part of her delicate collarbone.

She walked up to him, the slim figure quietly approached and the milk was naturally put on his nightstand. She rested a hand on Sean’s shoulder and made him sit down on the bed.

“You wake up? A few more tests need to be done, lie down and see what the doctor says.”

Sean paused.

She didn’t look like having suffered a disaster, she was clean and tidy, even the long hair over her shoulders was perfectly combed.

Compared to her, he was like a messy deserter with burns and wounds all over his body.

He peeped at her in a complex mood.

It was Amber who was trapped in the fire, how come it looked like he was the one who got burnt the most instead of the one who went in to rescue her?

Sean licked his lips and was about to ask his question out.

However, he abruptly held his words back.

If Amber learned that he almost died in a fire to save her, would she be more arrogant?

Sean secretly schemed as his wandering gaze stopped on the milk Amber brought.

A packaging of Starbucks. The nearest one was about 15 minutes’ walk from Tongcheng Central Hospital, probably it was still hot.

Did that mean… Amber had learned he saved her and specially went to Starbucks to buy him a drink to please him?

Sean raised the corner of his lips: Amber White was not so ungrateful!

It seemed like a clever woman was easier to live with, at least she knew to bring him some hot milk after hearing he saved her out from the smoke!

Sean followed Amber’s guide to lie down on the bed, he even took a comfortable position which avoided all his injuries to wait for Amber to serve him the milk.

Amber also sat down on the couch next to the sickbed, she lowered her head and started to touch her pockets.

She got an earring in the right pocket of her sun-protective jacket.

The earring was given to her by a nurse after Sean was wheeled out of the operating room.

When it was found in Sean’s hand, everybody in this city must naturally think it should belong to the famous Mrs Smith, Amber White.

She blinked and reached for the milk on the table.

Sean raised his hand only to see that the straw of the milk was sent to Amber’s mouth.

His look became dangerous and furious until Amber finally caught his gaze and blankly stared back: “What’s up?”

Sean snorted and turned away.

He took back his earlier statement: Amber was a dumbass, a pure dumbass!

How foolish he was to get wounded for her! He should have let this ungrateful woman burn at the Paramount Hall!

Amber took a sip of milk, she noticed Sean’s sudden anger but she had no clue about it.

When Sean was dying of anger, Amber didn’t seem to feel his sentiments and continued to drink the milk and played the phone.

Blue veins stood up on Sean’s temples, he suspected that Amber was not here for taking care of him.

She was here to make him mad!

Sean took a deep breath and looked at her: “Ms White, your secretary said he didn’t see you come out from the Paramount Hall, is that true?”

“Why didn’t you die in there?”

“Well, Mr Smith, I didn’t die. Did I let you down?”

Amber tilted her head as if she was smiling, but there was no smile or emotion in her peaceable eyes.

Sean’s long eyes narrowed as he looked Amber up and down.

“Yes, you really did!”

Sean answered in a sullen tone as he suddenly leaned over to grab the milk in Amber’s hand.

Confused, Amber pinched her fingertips and met Sean’s meaningful gaze. The man lowered his voice: “Where did you get this?”

Amber licked the corner of her lips where she could felt a faint scent of milk.

She suddenly noticed Sean’s strange attitude.

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