Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 324: Lu Yi Bought It

His voice was dull. It was difficult for him to even say a word.

“Sean, is your throat okay?”

He snorted and took a sip trough the straw.

He almost lost his life for Amber White. Why couldn’t he drink a mouthful of milk from Amber White?

The warm milk slid through his throat. It ached and burned the throat which made it even more painful.

At least, the throat wasn’t dry anymore making him comfortable for a minute or two.

He drank more than half of the milk in the paper cup in one breath then narrowed his eyes and looked at Amber White, “Answer me!”

“Where did it come from?”

Amber White hesitated then tucked her hair behind her ear and said, “Lu Yi bought it.”


Sean Smith stared at Amber White and froze.


“Lu Yi. He saw that I was uncomfortable so he went out and bought me a cup.”


Sean Smith thought there was nothing wrong with Amber White.

That’s right. He’s not dead yet. Even if Amber White was dying to have an affair with Lu Yi, she couldn’t pass him.

Their affairs were a trending topic on the internet. No matter what happened to Amber White, it was necessary to take care of the reporters.

Amber White wanted some milk, but did Lu Yi have to be the one who bought it for her?

Sean Smith shook the empty cup in disgust. His face was ugly, “It’s disgusting. Did Inspector Lu buy it for you?”

Sean Smith threw the empty cup and the phone away.

The look on her face didn’t change. She only moved a little and whispered, “Mr. Smith, the milk is mine.”

“Not everybody is rich like you. A cup of Starbuck is already a decent beverage for us!”

He glanced at Amber White but she didn’t seem to notice his eyes. She asked in her heart, “Also, if I remember correctly, don’t you have cooties, no?”

How could he share the same cup with other?

She didn’t say it out loud, but Sean Smith couldn’t control it. His eyes stiffened for a moment.

“Oh, so you don’t want to give me that cup of milk?”

“It’s not like that.”

“No?” Sean Smith laughed, “I ingested too much smoke and woke up this long but you didn’t pour me a glass of water but sat on my bed and drank the milk sent by your secret lover!”

“If you don’t mind giving the milk then you showing off, right?”

Amber White wanted to refute but at this moment, Mrs. Smith came in with a group of doctors and she was squeezed out of the ward.

She stood in the corridor and decided to sit down on a plastic bench. She covered her face as her eyes flashed with pain.

She wasted her breath arguing with Sean Smith.

After three years of marriage, it was the first time she felt that she was wrong.

She pinched her nose bridge and found an earring from inside the pocket.

It was an emerald earring matching with the one Lin Man said.

Inside the ward, the doctor asked Sean Smith to open his mouth to check on his throat. The doctor asked him to say something and asked how he felt now.

Sean Smith didn’t care much and cooperated with the examination.

He was lying on a large hospital bed with eyes on Amber White who was sitting outside the ward. He saw the woman rubbing her head with a painful face.

He was surprised.

Honestly, there were too many things happened today.

There was no shadow of Amber White on second floor of Paramount, but he found her handbag in the bathroom.

He pulled a doctor and asked, “How did I get to the hospital? Who sent me?”

The doctor was shocked by Sean Smith and answered, “Mr. Gu and a girl in a light pink shirt drove you here.”

The girl in a light pink shirt should be Lin Man.

But, she wasn’t here by his side.

His eyes drifted to Amber White. She couldn’t be kicking Lin Man away after seeing her, right?

His eyes were gloomy. He sipped his lips, “What about my wife? Didn’t she come with me?”

When the doctor hear this, he frowned, “Mrs. Smith came earlier than you, Sir.”

Now, Sean Smith frowned.

If Amber White came earlier than he did, why did her secretary tell him that she was still in Paramount?

Why did Amber White give him the impression that she wanted him dead in the accident?

His eyes were once again gloomy. The doctor was not young. He thought that Sean Smith was annoyed knowing that his wife was not with him. He smiled and explained, “Mr. Smith, when Mrs. Smith came, she was carried in.”

Sean Smith looked up.

“Mrs. Smith was hit in the head and fainted. She lied in the hospital bed for half an hour before she woke up.”

“As soon as she woke up, she looked for you everywhere.”

Sean Smith was stunned. If Amber White passed out in Paramount, who saved Amber White?

What about the handbag in the bathroom?

If Amber White was in the bathroom, he should have seen her.

He suddenly thought of Lin Man, but as soon as he realized that Lin Man was probably involved, his thoughts turned a corner.

It was impossible. Lin Man was a kind of person who would definitely tell him if she saw Amber White.

He shook his head and asked, “Who sent her to the hospital?”

Sean Smith thought that he would hear Lu Yi’s name, but the doctor smiled and said, “Mrs. Smith was carried here by an ambulance.”

“Without an accompanying staff?”

The doctor explained, “Mr. Smith, Paramount was on fire and there were casualties. The ambulance we sent to the location was never enough. So, our ambulances were only for the injured. Accompanying staffs are not allowed inside the ambulance.”

Sean Smith was shook.

He suddenly remembered Lu Yi’s words.

Sean, don’t look for her.

At this time, if Amber is really inside, she may not survive.

At that very moment, he didn’t know why, but now that he thought about it, he felt that Lu Yi said that on purpose.

He frowned deeply as thoughts of probability popped on his mind, but his phone suddenly rang.

The ringing interrupted his thoughts.

He grabbed the phone and glanced at the screen. It was Gu Jinyan.

Without a moment of hesitation, he slid the screen and picked up the call.


“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. There were some things at the company just now so I left the hospital. I called to confirm if you woke up.”

“I’m awake now.”

Sean Smith cleared his throat and asked, “Jinyan, I heard that you carried me out from the fire.”

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