Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 325: Do What You Want With It

Gu Jinyan was driving. Sean Smith could hear him whistling.

When he heard Sean Smith’s words, he laughed, “What is it, Sean? Are you going to thank me?”

“If you are, you should pay the debt you owe me last time.”

“I saved you more than once!”

Sean Smith was at loss for words. He suddenly laughed.

Gu Jinyan got goosebumps when he heard Sean Smith laughing, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I’m fine. You don’t have to come over.”


Gu Jinyan felt that Sean Smith had something he wanted to ask but he hadn’t.

If the conversation was left in a cliffhanger, it would only bother him.

He blinked, turned the steering wheel with his left hand, turned a corner and was about to hang up the phone when his eyes suddenly landed on the handbag on the backseat.

“Sean, wait a minute.”


He smiled, “Sean, after carrying you out of the fire, the handbag hanging around your neck fell on my car.”

Sean Smith was stunned.

A handbag hanging around his neck?

His memory kicked in. he found Amber White’s handbag on second floor of Paramount. The one Gu Jinyan mentioned should be that bag.

“Sean, you have taste, huh? The bag’s quiet fashionable!”

“Gu Group has a fashionable bag boutique in our central shopping mall. You can pick any bag you want. Just mention my name and it’s free.”

Sean Smith’s face sank.

If he liked any bag, he only needed to mention Gu Jinyan’s name and he could have it for free?

Was that he need to do?

Sean Smith instinctively felt that something was wrong. It took him a while to react, but he maintained his composure.

He couldn’t believe Gu Jinyan make fun of him because of Amber White’s bag.

“Bugger off, Jinyan. If you have nothing more to say, I’ll hang up.”

“Wait a minute!” Gu Jinyan said, “You haven’t told me what I am supposed to do with this bag!”

“Should I give it to sister-in-law?”

Sean Smith frowned. It was a deep frown but Gu Jinyan couldn’t see them.

“It’s not my stuff. It has nothing to do with me. Do what you want with it!”

“Is there a recycling spot in the central shopping mall? Just hand them over and let the state deal with it!”

Gu Jinyan calmly said, “Well, sister-in-law’s official documents and deposits are in the bag. If I throw this away, how about sister-in-law?”

“These things will take a long time to reissue!”

Sean Smith snorted coldly and hung up the phone immediately.

He sat on the hospital bed with a gloomy face.

Mrs. Smith had been taken away by Tomas Smith leaving only Amber White around.

She was sitting on a stool beside the hospital bed peeling apples. She had pretty hands which were fair as jade. It was only a simple act to peeling apples but it was so pleasing to the eye.

She moved quickly, peeled the apples, cut them to pieces, put them on a plate and placed a toothpick on the side. Then, she handed the plate to Sean Smith.

“Sean, do you want some?”

Sean Smith was a little surprised.

After all, this evening, Amber White had a cup of hot milk and drank it herself without offering some to him.

But now, she cut the apples and had him eat it first. Sean Smith felt something was off.

Did she want to take this opportunity to poison him?

“No! You don’t have to bother cutting apples for me!”

He smirked and snorted scornfully for no reason.

Amber White took the plate back.

She bought the apples downstairs. The red and ripe apples looked delicious.

If it wasn’t for Sean Smith’s uncomfortable throat, she wouldn’t have cut it like this. Apples were eaten best at its natural shape.

She took a piece and put it in her mouth.

It was crisp and fragrant. It was delicious.

Sean Smith kept his eyes shut.

He blinked his eyes and looked at Amber White’s face.

She didn’t even say a word. Between them, there was only the sound of Amber White chewing apples.

Sean Smith was annoyed. He glared at her and said hatefully, “If you want to eat, get out! Don’t bother my rest here!”

She was stunned. She subconsciously glanced at the wrist watch.

It’s getting late and soon, it would be past midnight. Sean Smith needed to rest and she was sleepy as well.

But, there were still so many apples.

She stood up obediently and went out of the door directly.

He watched her leaving and was at loss for words.

His eyes were gloomy. Amber White was an ungrateful woman. He peeled the apples for him without sincerity.

He was annoyed to death whenever he saw her.

He wet his lips. What he did was right. He should let Gu Jinyan throw Amber White’s bag away.

He grabbed his phone, swiped the screen, search Gu Jinyan’s number and dialed it.

“Sean? You hung up the phone just a while ago. Do you miss me now?”

He paused and whispered, “Send that bag to my office!”

Gu Jinyan heard it and laughed. He didn’t hesitate to tease him, “Sean, do you like collecting woman’s bag that much?”

“Honestly, the bag is not very good. I throw it away already. I will ask someone to send a new bag for you.”

“I’ll pick the pretty and limited edition bag. How about that?”

Sean Smith’s eyebrows jumped wildly or at least, that was how Gu Jinyan would describe it. It was too obvious, he just couldn’t help it. He could picture Sean Smith carrying a woman’s bag.

He cleared his throat as his face sank instantly.

“Did you throw it away? Where did you throw it? Bring it back to me.”

“I want to see the bag tomorrow.”

Gu Jinyan smiled, “Sean, just admit it. You like sister-in-law, don’t you? You like her so much as the matter of fact.”

“You want her all for yourself. You’re not even willing to give the bag to others!”

Sean Smith’s face was getting darker.

Gu Jinyan had a mouth and it was getting worse.

He interrupted him in a cold voice, “Have you said enough? I’ll remind you again. Send the bag to my office!”

“Also, let me make one thing clear, I don’t like Amber White!”

“Even if she is the last woman on Earth, I will never feel anything for her.”

“Alright, Sean, you don’t have to say that.”

He struggled with his sentence and laughed in a low voice, “Let’s get down to business.”

“What business?”

Sean Smith brought this up and his attitude followed.

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