Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 326: Something Was Wrong With Your Cousin

Gu Jinyan was a playful man, but when he was down for business, he was nothing but serious.

“Sean, something is wrong with your cousin.”

Sean Smith was stunned.

He only had one cousin and that was Lu Yi.

“What is it?”

Sean Smith casually asked, “Did he say anything to you?”

Gu Jinyan shook his head and said, “Long story short, you should be careful of him.”

“I can’t really tell, but I can feel that something is off with him today in the hospital.” he added.

“Nothing is wrong with his excuse, but—”

Gu Jinyan couldn’t really put his fingers on it. He couldn’t really tell what was weird about Lu Yi.

Sean Smith froze.

He remembered that if it wasn’t for Lu Yi, he wouldn’t have entered Paramount at all.

If it weren’t for Gu Jinyan, he might have died in Paramount.

Last time in the mountain behind Smith Group’s building, Lu Yi said that he saved Amber White.

At that time, Amber White didn’t look like she left Fenglin Area on purpose and let Lu Yi save her.

Sean Smith shook his head.

Although Lu Yi was weird, but he was his mother’s nephew, his own cousin. It would be impossible for him to want him dead, right?

He leaned on the bed and stopped thinking.

But sometimes, the truth was only a human error.

He hung up the phone and lied on the hospital bed with eye closed.

His body was so painful that it tormented his nerves. Even if he wanted to sleep, no matter how sleepy he was, he couldn’t sleep.

When Amber White came in, his blurred consciousness suddenly came back.

She stood by the bed and put down her plate, “Sean?”

She paused and reached out to unbutton his hospital clothes.

His body froze with a jerk.

Amber White, a shameless woman, was going to take advantage of him when he was asleep.

She was so lonely that Lu Yi was not enough to satisfy her.

He breathed heavily. He bit his lips tightly and noticed that Amber White unbuttoned his upper clothes and slid her fingertips on his skin.

He just wanted to open his eyes and cursed on Amber White.

He could feel the wound on his waist and belly suddenly cold. It seemed to be rubbed with ointment.

A burning sensation gradually spread a little.

Did Amber White apply the medicine for him?

His face was hot. He had some dirty thoughts.

But, on a second thought, who let Amber White come and unbutton his shirt? Any men would misunderstand her intention.

After knowing what she was about to do, he relaxed himself and lied comfortably on the bed letting her do what she was going to do.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked at Amber White who was applying the medicine for him. Her hand was holding the ointment.

The headlights in the ward had been turned off but the bedside lamp remained on.

The light was dim. Amber White cocked her head reading something on the ointment packaging, “Get rid of the scar…”

After reading it, she opened the lid, squeezed out a bit, and applied it to him.

Her movements were light. However, it felt ticklish on his waist.

It even felt ticklish to the heart.

After applying the medicine for him, she reached out her hand and pushed him a little, “Sean, wake up.”

He turned over, faced her, opened his eyes, and asked with an attitude, “Don’t you have anything else to do?”

“Sean, I’m applying the medicine for you.” she replied.

“I just asked the doctor this ointment can be used together with the scar removing medicine.” she added.

He looked at the sincerity in her eyes with a complicated feeling.

She could lie but no matter how hard she tried, her eyes would always look innocent and clear.

He snatched the medicine from her hands and glanced at it.

Well, just as she said, he could use both of the medicine at the same time.

“Where did you get the ointment?” he asked with a heavy voice. When he asked the question, the atmosphere suddenly froze.

She was stunned.

He held the ointment tightly and his frown was deep.

“My skin is sensitive. I should be careful when taking medicine, but you actually pick the medicine I usually use! Are you investigating me?!”

He sipped his lips and deepened his frown.

His eyes were cold. Amber White clenched her fists.

She couldn’t give an answer. Everything she did today was in vain. He resisted her too much. She felt that her decision to stay and take care of him was too hasty.

Perhaps, it would be fine if it was the nurse. No matter how it turned out, at least the nurse wouldn’t break his mood.

While lying on the edge of the bed, Amber White turned her back to Sean Smith. She thought that she couldn’t sleep but after lying down for a while, she was in daze. She didn’t remember whether it was a floating thought or a dream.

Eleven years ago, Sean Smith and Amber White were new to their relationship. He asked her to go climbing with him. She was so whipped for him that she didn’t hesitate and immediately agreed.

She thought in the scenic spot should at least be a ladder to climb the mountain. She was tired. He carried her on his back to a deeper part of the mountain.

There were many dead branches and the mountain were steep. Most importantly, there were no guardrails around them.

Amber White almost fell down. He was quick-sighted. He reached out his hand and grabbed her hers. They fell down on the trail.

It was summer. His calf was scratched by a branch.

Blood flowed out and she was startled.


She screamed and subconsciously covered his wound.

He reached out his hand and rubbed hers, “It’s okay. It just hurts a little.”

Amber White suppressed her feeling and tried not to cry. She grabbed the bag and whispered, “I brought an ointment. I’ll take care of the wound for you.”

He wanted to refuse, but when he saw the guilt in her eyes, he just let her do it.

The ointment she brought was a regular ointment bought in a pharmacy.

At that time, she didn’t know much about his physical condition. She just wanted to make his wound heal quickly. But, at night, instead of getting better, his wound looked more serious.

The wound was way worse. Amber White couldn’t stand it.

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