Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 327: Would You Die Without A Man?

Back in the city, Amber White sent Sean Smith to the hospital.

The doctor told Amber White that Sean Smith had sensitive skin and that he couldn’t use just any medicine. Regular medicine would had no effect on him or worse, it would kill him.

“What medicine can he use?” she asked blankly.

The doctor took a strange look on her and whispered, “You should ask him. He knows better.”

In the ward, Sean Smith was applying a special anti-inflammatory drugs.

She looked at him and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me that your skin was sensitive?”

He smiled and replied, “It’s not a big deal. Look, I’m okay, right?”

She knew that he was only trying to lift the guilt off her heart. She was moved. His answer hurt her even more.

She didn’t make a commotion without a reason. She looked at him and asked, “Can you tell me what medicine you use when you’re injured?”

He nodded.

She learned that she couldn’t afford the medicine he regularly used.

But, love knew no reason.

For his sake, she worked double shifts just to make sure he had a medicine he could use and kept it always in his bag.

She kept this habit for eleven years and never thought that one day, because of such thing, she would be question by Sean Smith whether she was investigating him.

It was windy outside and before long, it started to rain.

Raindrop after raindrop fell hard and splashed on the window. Amber White slept lightly. She woke up from her dream and looked at Sean Smith behind her.

He was still sleeping in his previous posture, motionless, and seemed to have no intention of waking up.

She got up from the bed, stretched her hand, and closed the window before turning around.

He didn’t actually fell asleep. The injury on his body was pretty bad and it felt like burning. He couldn’t even move his body especially his hands. If he did, it would be very painful.

Maintaining a certain position was hard. Even though he was tired, he was not sleepy.

Therefore, as soon as Amber White approached him, he noticed her.

She should be leaning in because he could smell the fragrance of her body.

His breathing got heavy.

She was too close to him. He remembered that he left a wide space vacant for her.

Perhaps, she just wouldn’t back off and tried getting closer again to seduce him.

She was clever, wasn’t she?

He was badly injured. He wouldn’t be able to satisfy her.

What a shameless woman! Would she die without a man?

He involuntarily lowered his breathing.

The next second, he put his hand over his forehead.

Amber White was taken aback.

He endured the pain and sweated a lot especially on his forehead. She thought he had a fever.

However, after seeing that he was okay, she breathed a sigh of relief and lied down beside him.

It was awkward for him.

It turned out that she was only checking whether she had a fever.

He hooked the corner of his mouth, but there was no smile on his face.

The next day, when Xu Lin called, Sean Smith sent Amber White out to buy breakfast.

Soon after Amber White left, Xu Lin entered the ward.

“Sir, this is the stuff Mr. Gu sent to the company.”

He was stunned by a courier package in front of him. It was sent by Gu Jinyan. He didn’t need to guess, he knew that it was Amber White’s bag.

“Put it in the drawer.”

Xu Lin nodded and stuffed it inside the drawer.

Then, he took out a document from his bag, “Sir, this is the document you need to check with President White today.”

Sean Smith raised his eyebrows, “Can’t you look at the situation right now? Do I look like I can process a document with my current condition?”

Xu Lin was embarrassed. He sipped his lips and said, “These documents need to be check on immediately. I cannot proceed by myself.”

“Sir, if you don’t mind… what about letting President White to read it for you?”

“Or, I heard that President White was very capable. What about you let her handle these?”

Sean Smith froze.

He was not dead yet. Why would he hand over his works to Amber White?

Xu Lin was scarred by Amber White’s eyes. The man knocked on the desktop, “Put it down. Come and get it in the afternoon.”

Xu Lin hurriedly put the documents on the table and rushed out.

He stayed for quite a while and happened to bump into Amber White who came back with breakfast.

“President White.”

“Secretary Xu, you’re early. Do you want to have breakfast together?”

He shook his head like a rattle, “No, thank you. I have had breakfast.”

She smiled. She took care of her appearance very well, but after all, she was in the hospital and the condition was not as comfortable as home. She didn’t wear makeup. That’s why her face appeared paler.

Xu Lin sighed and whispered, “Miss White, I hope you can help Mr. Smit later. I brought a lot of documents to check on to the hospital. He may have some difficulties looking at them alone.”

She nodded and assured him, “Sean is seriously injured. These days, the company’s affairs will trouble you.”

Xu Lin nodded and bid farewell with Amber White.

She entered the ward and set up a small table. Then, she prepared the breakfast on it.

She put the documents Sean Smith was reading on the side table and handed him a spoon, “I bought you your favorite dumpling soup. Eat it and read the document later.”

The dumpling soup he liked?

He lowered his head suspiciously. His expression was stiff.

The prosperous life he’s living mad him picky. There was only one dumpling soup he liked in Tongcheng.

It was the one in Huaiyang Road.

But, how did she know this matter?

Even if she did investigate him, she couldn’t be investigating him this thorough.

After all, after working formally, he hadn’t have this soup for a long time.

He held the spoon as strange feelings rose in his heart.

Amber White had a deep understanding of him in many aspects which exceeded his cognition of himself.

He didn’t move for a long time. Amber White tilted her head looking at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“President White, I don’t think I have ever told you that I liked eating dumpling soup.”

“Your mom did.” she replied naturally.


He didn’t like eating stuff with filling. They didn’t make it often at home. The dumpling soup was more like an accident.

His mother loved him dearly. At home, not only that he didn’t eat dumpling soup, no one ever mentioned it to him.

Amber White knew him too well. it was definitely not a year or two worth of experience.

Even more than that, how did Amber White know about the blood cancer running in the Smith family?

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