Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 328: Should I Feed You?

Since Amber White could marry him with pregnancy, it showed that she had something u her sleeve.

Sean Smith was not in the mood to eat, but Amber White misunderstood him.

“Is it hurt again?”

She put down the chopstick and lifted the breakfast box in front of him, “Should I feed you?”

He trembled and subconsciously reached out against her shoulder to keep her away, “Amber, do you think you can fool me like I’m three?”

“I’d rather starve myself to death than to eat what you feed me… mmm—”

Amber White directly stuffed a spoonful of dumpling soup into his mouth. She moved quickly and Sean Smith was dumbfounded.

The dumpling soup was already in his mouth. He had to swallow it. He couldn’t vomited it out because he was so hygienic.

The dumpling soup was stuck, not in and not out. His face stiffened.

“Sean, you have to eat your breakfast first. You can check on the documents later.”

“The doctors are busy. Let’s not keep them waiting, shall we?”

His face was getting darker.

He swallowed the food in his mouth and turned his head way as soon as Amber White got the second spoonful ready.

She sipped her lips and said, “Sean, I met a reporter when I bought breakfast. The hospital’s security system is not as good as Ye Se. You will not be able to stop all the reporters from coming during your hospitalization here.”

“If you don’t eat well, your injury will take a longer time to heal. Do you want to stay here longer and think of ways to get rid of those reporters?”

He was at loss for words.

He turned his head fiercely, reached out his hand, grabbed the breakfast box, and quickly ate the dumpling soup.

After eating, he threw the lunch box away. Amber White moved quickly and took the dining table off the bed. When she was about to stand straight up, Sean Smith suddenly reached out his hand and pulled her fiercely.

She gasped and fell into his arms.

He clasped the back of her head and pressed his lips on hers.


He didn’t give her a chance to react. He didn’t hesitate to conquer her absorbing the breath out of her lungs.

Her strength was not to be compared to his. It was not until he was satisfied that he let her go.

Her breathing was cut off. She took a deep breath immediately and with widened eyes, she looked at Sean Smith.

He didn’t look surprise. Instead, he smirked and asked shamelessly, “What is it, Miss White? Don’t tell me you don’t want to break free.”

She jumped out of his arms.

“Mr. Smith, this kind of action will make people misunderstand. I hope you won’t do this again.”

He lifted his face.

Why wouldn’t he do this?

She was his wife. Why could others kiss her but not him?

He sneered and asked casually with his head propped up, “Miss White, if you don’t let me kiss you here, where should I let go of this temptation?”

She stiffened.

He was right.

She almost forgot that he was only a man, a normal man and in his mind, she was nothing as good as the stars and celebrities. She was only a tool used by Sean Smith to let go of his temptation.

She took a deep breath, “Sir, if you feel the need to do this again, you can tell me. I can find you a woman.”

He froze.

Before she could say a word, Sean Smith thought that Amber White would be so happy if he just let her feel him.

After all, he was an eligible bachelor in Tongcheng. Each and every women would be lining up to sleep with him.

What Amber White said surprised him.

The emotion in his heart finally cooled down and his face gradually froze.

“What did you say?”

He gritted the words out of his mouth.

He stared at Amber White trying to find a flaw.

But, she didn’t change her look. She sat on the stool eating her breakfast without an appetite.

When she was aware of his sight, she turned her head, put down her things, and stood up without replying, “I will call a doctor.”

After saying that, she left the ward leaving Sean Smith alone with his documents.

His dark and obscure eyes looked like a stagnant pool of water.

As soon as she left, he snorted coldly, picked up a document, and opened it. Even if he handed over the work and chose her as a delegate, she might not be able to handle the work well.

He was so pissed off that he couldn’t read the document. He sulked and whisked the document to the ground.

When she was back with the doctor, half of the documents were already on the ground.

The A4 papers were all over the ground.

Amber White was surprised but the doctor next to her didn’t react. She asked, “Sir… Sir, did someone come in and make a trouble? Do you want to call the police?”

He was still holding a document in his hand. When he saw the doctor coming, he whisked away the document in his hand. Another stack of document was all over the floor.

Both the doctor and Amber White were at loss for words.

She was used to Sean Smith’s abnormality. Every time he went on rage, he raged without giving people a chance to help him.

She converged her expression, entered the ward, and leaned over to pick up the documents. She said to the doctor, “Come in. Mr. Smith has some problems with his brain lately. I hope you can understand.”

Sean Smith was surprised.

“Perhaps, yesterday at Paramount he breathed in too much smoke and it affected his brain. I hope the doctor can give a good examination on your brain.”

Sean Smith smiled coldly.

The doctor shivered for no reason, “Mrs. Smith, you crack a good joke.”

The doctor noticed Sean Smith’s eyes and pushed him out of the ward.

Amber White was left alone. She picked up the documents and separated them one by one. She had not done sorting them out yet when Sean Smith returned.

Seeing her movements, Sean Smith smiled.

“The director of the marketing department is actually doing the chores for me. I have been bothering you.”

She smiled nervously, “Mr. Smith, you misunderstand me.”

“The documents you threw on the ground were unsigned cooperative documents. I didn’t sort that out.”

“The ones I compiled were the documents from the marketing department!”

“As for the other ones, I will personally take it to the doctor’s office later!”

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