Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 329: Did You Need My Help To Sign The Paper?

Sean Smith was stunned.

All the documents Xu Lin sent to the hospital were those of big projects and most of them could bring huge effects to the company.

Amber White said this in order to trick him. She wanted him to bow and admit his mistake.

But, it was not easy to fool him.

He sneered without moving. He picked up a document and put it in her hand, “Read it for me.”

“My body hurts. I cannot move conveniently.”

She held the document and asked, “Do you want me to sign the document for you?”

He tilted his head and glanced at her faintly.

This shameless woman didn’t even try to hide that she wanted his power.

Could anyone be the president of the Smith Group just because they wanted to?

He was staring at Amber White when suddenly the door was knocked and someone wearing a crimson colored dress came in.

It was Lin Man.

She was carrying a food box in her hand while stepping on a pair of five centimeters high heels on her feet. Her posture was swaying and it looked beautiful.

Lin Man went directly to Sean Smith’s hospital bed, “Sean, you—”

Before she could finish her sentence, she choked on tears.

“Sean, I left you before you could come out yesterday.”

“The news about you and Amber is still a trending topic. I let Mr. Gu to let uncle and aunt know that it will only bring you trouble.”

“You won’t blame me, will you?”

Her eyes were glistening. She looked at Sean Smith with an apologetic look.

He put on a smile, “How can I blame you?”

He looked at Lin Man and then at Amber White who was holding the file seriously.

Lin Man was someone deserved to be called a woman while Amber White, if she didn’t stage a car crash and framed him, she would die lonely.

It had been torturing him for three years.

When Sean Smith thought this way, his mood was getting better for no reason. His eyes were on Lin Man’s food box, “Man Man, what’s that in your hand?”

When Lin Man heard this, she hurriedly put the food box on the table beside the bed, “Sean, I cooked up this chicken soup for you this morning.”

“I hope you will get better soon.”

Her voice was soft like dripping water. Amber White couldn’t help looking at Lin Man from where she was standing.

It happened that Lin Man turned her eyes and their eyes met. She wet her lips and asked, “Amber, you don’t mind, do you?”

“Of course.”

Amber White stood up and vacated a chair near the hospital bed. She said without a trace of emotion, “Visitors are guests. Miss Lin, you can sit down.”

Lin Man was surprised. Amber White added, “Mr. Smith had just finished breakfast. His stomach is full right now. He can drink your soup later.”

Sean Smith’s eyes flickered.

Did Amber White just challenge Lin Man on a duel?

Did she think that he would eat the breakfast she bought but not the chicken soup?

“Man Man, I didn’t eat enough during breakfast. I want to drink your chicken soup now. Can you pour me a bowl?”

Lin Man blushed, “Sean, this is my first time doing this. It may not be very good.”

“Mom, Dad!”

Cindy White’s voice suddenly echoed in the ward. A three years old child with a tiny body came in like a gust of wind. She gathered her strength and jumped onto the bed.

Sean Smith didn’t react. His back was wounded. His mind was blank for a second. He felt like he almost vomited blood.

The next second, they heard Lin Man screaming.

Sean Smith subconsciously looked at her. When Cindy White jumped onto the bed, she kicked Lin Man with her feet. No one knew whether it was intentional or unintentionally.

The little girl was wearing a princess sandals he bought her. The sandals were covered with rivets and pink diamonds. It looked pretty and fancy.

But, when they were used to kick someone, it would be pretty painful.

His brain ached along his back, waist and abdomen.

His eyebrows raised. Cindy White must have done this on purpose.

It was probably one of Amber White’s trick. Before Lin Man came back, she used Cindy White as a pawn against him and now, she’s using the little girl against Lin Man.

Sean Smith got angry. He gritted his teeth and said in a cold voice, “Stand up!”

Cindy White blinked her eyes, obediently climbed down the bed, and stood on the ground.

She cocked her head and blinked her eyes. She looked at Lin Man and Sean Smith, “Dad, are you angry? It was an accident!”

It was an accident?

He opened his eyes wide staring at the cunning little girl.

Cindy White must have thought that he was blind. She even told him that she didn’t do it on purpose.

He raised his head and was about to talk when suddenly Cindy White grabbed Lin Man’s sleeve, “Aunt Lin Man, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. Don’t be angry with me.”

Lin Man wet her lips and nodded. Her face was pale. She put the hand Cindy White kicked behind her back and whispered, “It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt.”

Cindy White smiled, “I knew Aunt Lin Man would forgive me!”

“Dad, don’t be angry, okay?”

Sean Smith was at loss for words.

Of course, he was angry. Why couldn’t he be angry?

He got all these injuries to save Amber White but she sent a little devil to torment him?

What pissed him off even more was that he was angry but Cindy White check-mated him, so he couldn’t say that he was angry.

The little devil was born to kill him, wasn’t she?!

He closed his eyes and wet his lips. He stared at Amber White with deep eyes, “Miss White, please take a good care of your daughter!”

Amber White lifted her face and looked at the little girl standing near the bed, “Why are you here?”

The driver at the door replied, “Fourth Young Lady, the little lady insisted on seeing her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Smith couldn’t hold her back so I sent her over.”

Amber White nodded, “where is mom and dad?”

The driver hesitated for a long time and replied, “Mrs. Smith thinks that something evil is onto the family lately. She went to the temple to burn incense.”

“Mr. Smith is at home today. When I went out, I met his personal doctor. It seemed that he was having his regular examination.”

Amber White nodded her head.

“Cindy is here now. You may go back. I’ll take care of her.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The driver listened to Amber White and Sean Smith could only look at the scene strangely.

Amber White not only succeeded in hooking his father, even the people around his father bowed their heads to her.

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