Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 330: Cindy, Why Were You So Rude?

He wondered why everyone listened to her so much.

Fortunately, there was still some sanity left in his mother’s mind. Yes, it was indeed a good decision to burn incense. Amber White’s presence in the Smith family brought a bad luck.

She was listed on his household registration book for three years and he was still living just fine. It was all thanks to God that he found a way to live with it.

“Mom, what is this? This looks delicious. Can I try it?”

The driver left. Amber White glanced at where the little girl was pointing at.

She pursed her lips and said, “That’s the chicken soup Aunt Lin Man cooked for your father. If you want some, I can go home and cook it for you.”

Cindy White replied, “Mom, don’t lie to me I know you have to stay to take care of dad in the hospital.”

“Grandma said that my dad was ill and had to be hospitalized for a long time.”

Amber White breathed a sigh of relief. She was worried that Mrs. Smith would be angry with Cindy White and talked nonsense to her because Sean Smith was injured.

Fortunately, Mrs. Smith still had some discretion in her heart.


Sean Smith reached out his hand and touched his belly. In the morning, because he was upset with Amber White, he ate a little too much.

He couldn’t drink the chicken soup made by Lin Man right now.

He closed his eyes, opened it, and stared at Amber White, “Do I look so stingy in your eyes that I won’t give your daughter a bowl of chicken soup?”

Lin Man’s face slightly changed.

“Aunt Lin Man, can I have a drink?”

Lin Man was surprised.

“Sure. I’ll pour you a bowl.”

As Lin Man spoke, Amber White stepped forward and grabbed Cindy White’s arm immediately, “Cindy, why are you so rude?!”

“Is this how I teach you? Where did you learn to learn to eat something that’s not yours?”

“If you want to eat something, Mom will buy it for you. This soup is not cooked for you.”

Amber White’s tone was intimidating. She managed to scare the little girl.

She looked at Amber White with glistened eyes. Her little hands curled up, “Mom, didn’t you say that Dad is not an outsider?”

“Amber, don’t be angry. I make a lot of soup. Cindy can have some.”

“It’s not something special either.”

“Amber, you should be patient with children.”

Lin Man said as she poured a bowl for Cindy White and handed it to her.

She looked carefully at Amber White’s face. Amber White turned her head away as Cindy White took the bowl.

“Thank you, Aunt Lin Man.”

She was so clever that Lin Man was out of words.

She was holding the bowl, sitting on the edge of the large hospital bed, blowing the soup, and drinking it.

There was only one bowl in the ward.

Cindy White was using it. Lin Man didn’t give it to Sean Smith.

Lin Man was sitting on a stool. Three of them looked like a family of three. They looked harmonious.

Amber White’s heart was sour. She clenched her hands.

She lowered her head for she couldn’t say anything.

Sean Smith, this man, she couldn’t control and interfere his business, but Cindy White was different. Cindy White was her daughter. One day when she had no business with Sean Smith anymore, she hoped she could take her daughter away with her.

The atmosphere in the ward was decent. Lin Man suddenly opened her mouth, “Sean, what did you call Cindy just now? Why did you call her Amber’s daughter?”

Sean Smith was surprised.

What did she mean why? It was clearly because Cindy White was not his biological daughter!

He sipped his lips hesitating. It didn’t appropriate to tell Lin Man, “It’s only a nickname.”

Cindy White interrupted him. Lin Man looked at her, “Mom gives me the same nickname. She will call me daddy’s daughter.”

Lin Man and Sean Smith were at loss for words.

Amber White didn’t know how to explain to Lin Man. she choked when she suddenly heard her daughter interrupted Sean Smith.

However, she knew that Lin Man asked this out of malicious intention.

Amber White wet her lips and didn’t argue.

Cindy White sipped the soup and smiled, “Aunt Lin Man, many people say that I look like my father. What do you think?”

When Sean Smith heard this, he turned his head and looked at Amber White.

How could Cindy White ask such question?

Did Amber White teach her this?

He frowned.

Amber White lowered her eyes and found that Cindy White was different from other children. She didn’t make a fuss like Sean Smith and didn’t care what Sean Smith would think.

Lin Man smiled awkwardly, “You do.”

Amber White was surprised. She looked up and glanced at Lin Man involuntarily.

“But, Cindy looks more like Amber especially the mouth. You inherit her beauty.”

Cindy White smiled.

She was a child and loved to hear praises from the adults. Lin Man’s was no exception.

She took another sip of the soup and sat quietly.

Lin Man smiled faintly, lowered her head, and played with her nails. Before long, she wet her lips and asked, “Cindy, are you finished? Auntie will pour another bowl for your father.”

The smile on Cindy White’s face disappeared.

“Aunt Lin Man, my father is very hygienic. He won’t use the bowl that I have used.”

Sean Smith raised his eyebrows. He heard the same sentence from Aunt Lee and Cindy White.

He happened to be there that day when he heard it.

But, he was surprised Cindy White actually remembered it after so long.

He sipped his lips, tilted his head, and glanced at Amber White.

She was sitting on the sofa wearing the same white dress as yesterday. There was no stain her body. She looked delicate and fair.

She was carefully looking at the documents. No matter what they were talking about at the other side of the ward, she wouldn’t look up.

It seemed that Amber White worked hard to get the management right of the company.

Could his cousin get a tight grip on a woman like Amber White?

Sean Smith doubted it.

Lin Man’s voice rang in his ear, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll go wash it.”

Cindy White responded and handed the bowl to Lin Man, “Bu I want to drink another bowl.”

“Aunt Lin Man, I heard that it was your first time cooking chicken soup.”

“Yes. Is it good, Cindy?”

The little girl shook her head, “It’s too salty. I think it’s burned.”

“By the way, Aunt Lin Man, aren’t you and Dad friends?”

“Then, you should know that my Dad’s stomach is sensitive. My grandma said that he should pay an extra attention to what he eats.”

Lin Man smiled.

“Cindy, you’re in good health. I think I should just pour you another bowl.”

Amber White finally responded. She suddenly put the documents on the table, stood up, clamped the little girl’s hand, and dragged her to the front.

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