Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 331: Apologized to Aunt Lin Man!

“Apologize to Aunt Lin Man!”

Lin Man and Sean Smith were startled when she suddenly came over.

Especially after seeing her action, Lin Man stood up and said, “Amber, you don’t have to apologize. I know my cooking skills. She just told the truth.”

Amber White stood still.

Lin Man on the other side looked at her with panic eyes.

Sean Smith sneered.

Amber White was a woman of strong desire. She might be having another trick up her sleeve.

She dragged her daughter into playing the stunt every day. It must be tiring becoming Amber White’s daughter.

He reached out his hand and pulled Lin Man away with an explicable look, “Man Man, since Miss White is sincere, you better not interrupt her.”

“Amber, we’re not that distant. Your daughter is my daughter too.”

“What are you apologizing for?”

Sean Smith raised his eyebrows. Making Cindy White a daughter for Lin Man must be Amber White’s purpose. She must have known that someday he would divorce her.

He found that Amber White was not an ordinary woman.

He should be happy that Amber White was educating her daughter, but he didn’t know why, he felt a rage in his heart that wouldn’t come out.

He thought that it must be doubt. He didn’t care if Amber White tried to covet him. He just didn’t expect that she would covet Lin Man as well.

He stared straight at Amber White. After listening to Lin Man, she straightened up her back and stepped forward toward Lin Man.

There was no expression on her face, but the momentum suddenly raised, she looked at Lin Man and said, “Miss Lin, to correct you, I asked Cindy to apologize not because she was wrong. I just think that my daughter shouldn’t be this rude.”

“One more thing. You said that my daughter is also your daughter. She was born nine months after my pregnancy. Where were you in those nine months?”

“Or, do you want to be a stepmother to Cindy after Sean and I divorce?”

The atmosphere froze.

Sean Smith suddenly sat up from the bed. He glared at Amber White, “what did you say?”

“Amber, how dare you talk to Man Man like this?!”

Amber White smiled, “Am I wrong?”

“If I am wrong, I dare Miss Lin to sign a letter of guarantee to promise not to have an affair with you and not to marry you for life!”

Sean Smith’s eyes flickered.

Amber White was very vicious.

She didn’t let Lin Man marry him. Did that mean that she was going to keep the title of Mrs. Smith for the rest of her life?

She w as a little too confident, no?

He sneered, “Amber, don’t push your luck, will you? Don’t you dare thinking just because you have my father’s support then I dare not phase you out!”

His eyes were red. Amber White’s chest was stuffy. She smiled and said, “Oh, right, about pushing my luck. Thank you for reminding me. Miss Lin’s letter of guarantee may not be useful. So, I think you should sign it with me!”

“Sean… Sean, stop arguing with Amber.”

“I don’t want you to have any conflict with Amber because of me. I think I told you before I didn’t want to cause any burden to you and Amber after I came back.”

He sneered, “Man Man, you’re wrong. Even if you don’t come back, there is no harmony between me and this woman!”

“This marriage is only a stage play. Unfortunately, someone’s too evil to snap out of the game!”

Amber White didn’t move. She stood there quietly like a lifeless porcelain doll.

“Dad, are you going to divorce Mom?”

Cindy White suddenly asked. Her question echoed in the room.

She blinked her eyes and tried to cry.

Cindy White inherited the best of Sean Smith and Amber White. She was good looking. Her eyes started to glistened.

Suddenly, something popped in her mind. She looked at Amber White and Sean Smith, “Dad, after you divorce Mom, are you going to marry Aunt Tang Tian?”

“I know she has your baby.”

“Dad, the teacher in my school said that after you had a secret lover and another baby, you didn’t want me anymore. Is that true?”

She was at loss. She curled her little hands as she asked.

After Sean Smith heard the question, he was stunned.

Tang Tian was pregnant with his child?

Did Amber White make this up?

He never touched Tang Tian. How could she was pregnant with his child?

Amber White had corrupted Cindy White so much so that one day she could compete for family’s property.

This way, she could also break the momentum between him and Lin Man. it’s called killing two birds with one stone.

He narrowed his eyes and wet his lips. His eyes were burning as they fell on Amber White obscurely, “Tang Tian? Who is Tang Tian?” Lin Man asked.

When Cindy White opened her mouth, Amber White didn’t pay much attention to Sean Smith and Lin Man’s reaction.

Last time she met Tang Tian in the hospital, it was only an accident.

Although it was unclear whether the baby belonged to Sean Smith or not, Amber White didn’t expect that this incident would have such a great impact on Cindy White.

She blinked her eyes. Her stuffy heart was heavy and sour.

None of them responded to Lin Man’s question. This kind of silence sounded like a confirmation to the little girl.

She cried out, “Dad… I thought that someone… can only have one wife in his life!”

“Cindy thought… Mom was the one who’s going to birth my little brother.”

“I hate you, Dad. I hate you!”

Cindy White turned around and threw herself into Amber White’s arms. She held her mother’s hands tightly and cried her heart out.

From now on, her good impression on her father started to crumble.

Amber White couldn’t really tell how she was feeling. Her heart felt like it was being squeezed. It was painful and sour.

The feeling choked her throat. She couldn’t escape it.

It was even more embarrassing that in front of Sean Smith and Lin Man, she told her daughter that she had a beautiful and perfect family.

Sean Smith was upset by her crying. He reached out his hand and rubbed her short hair.

What the hell was happening? Cindy White was not her daughter at all.

Why should he take the blame for Cindy White’s unknown father all this time?

Did he owe money to Cindy White?

Sean Smith sipped his lips and rubbed his temple. Cindy White said, “Aunt Lin Man wants Dad, right?”

“Mom, I don’t want my father anymore. Since Aunt Lin Man likes him, you should just throw him away!”

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