Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 332: Dad Doesn’t Love You and Me

“Ouuuu… So that aunt Lin would not leave him after she knows that…”

Despite Cindy shouldn’t have said such words, Amber was suddenly amused by her scornful tone.

Probably before, she created a perfect image of Sean in Cindy’s heart. So after knowing the truth, she couldn’t accept it.

In her eyes, Sense was like trash.

And Lin Man was like a garbage picker, always staring at the garbage in Amber’s hand.

If it wasn’t for Cindy’s young age, Amber would even think that she said that on purpose.


Amber said sorry, leaned over and picked Cindy, stepped out of the ward on high heels.

She regretted clashing with Sean in front of Cindy.

She should have held back her anger.

But the word Lin Man said, your daughter is my daughter, completely offended her.

After holding Cindy to the door of the safe passage, and sitting on a green plastic bench, Amber hugged Cindy, patted and coaxed her. She thought she was going to coax Cindy for a long time, but the little girl wiped her tears, sniffed back her tears and stopped crying.

Amber was speechless. The strange feeling that she might have been deceived by Cindy in the ward became more and more strong.


Cindy curled in Amber’s arms and fiddled with the pink diamonds on her shoes.

Hearing Amber’s voice, Cindy moved, “Mom, you lied to me, didn’t you!”

“Dad doesn’t love me and he doesn’t love you either.”

Amber’s pupils contracted suddenly, and her heart seemed to be squeezed by a big hand, which made her unable to breathe.

“Cindy, Mom never lied to you.”

Sean loved her and they spent a long time together. Amber understood Sean. He had a strong sense of responsibility. If he knew Cindy was his daughter, he would definitely love her.

But it was in the future.

Sean loved her. Back then, everyone in the school could testify that. Sean liked to be high-profile, so he made everyone know that he was in a relationship.

But it was in the past.

She wanted Cindy to have a perfect childhood, but she couldn’t do that.

Maybe she asked too much.

A bitter smile appeared on Amber’s face, and tears ran into her heart silently.

She was heartbroken.


Amber nodded.

Cindy didn’t believe her, “Mom, I have known everything. I have never seen dad before because dad didn’t want to come back.”

“Every time we went to grandpa’s house, dad would be beaten, because he treated us badly.”

“It was you who bought me Barbie dolls and beautiful dresses.”

“It wasn’t dad.”

Cindy’s eyes reddened again. She resisted her sobs and did not let the tears fall.

“That’s also why others called me bastard when I was in school.”

“Every time I had a conflict with my classmates, it was you who always helped me solve it.”

“You said I have a dad. Actually, dad is like Superman in the cartoon. I can seen him but can’t touch him.”

Saying that, Cindy broke into tears.

The excuses Amber came up with was suddenly pierced like a huge balloon. She almost also broke into tears.

She was too busy with her work before. She needed to earn Cindy’s milk powder money, clothes money, and high school fees.

She thought she loved Cindy and had taken good care of her, but she never knew that her child would often have conflicts with others in school and be called bastard.

After meeting Sean, Cindy, a three-year-old child, suddenly grew up in less than a month.

However, such a way of growing up made Amber heartbroken.

Amber’s eye sockets reddened uncontrollably. Cindy covered her own eyes and held back her sobs, whispering, “Mom, I’m not sad at all.”


Looking into Amber’s eyes, Cindy licked the corners of her lips, compromising, “Just a little bit.”

Amber suddenly smiled and held her tightly in her arms, “Cindy, remember, you are dad’s child and you always will be.”

“Don’t be sad and do what you want in front of him!”

“If he dares to treat you badly, grandpa will teach him a lesson for you!”

Sean who just walked behind Amber, “…”

Cindy wiped her tears and put her arms around Amber’s neck.

“Mom, Lin Man likes Dad, and Tang Tian also likes Dad. Why do so many women like him?”

Amber didn’t know how to answer.

Hearing this, Sean smiled proudly. The answer was that he was charming and rich.

This question was tailor-made for Amber. If she counted on Cindy to fight for the Smith family’s wealth, she would not smear him in front of Cindy, would she?

With this in mind, Sean changed his position, waiting to hear how Amber would praise him!

Amber, “Maybe, they have a poor insight.”

Sean suddenly stood straight. Cindy was also shocked, “Mom, you have a poor insight too?”

Amber, “…”

Was Amber serious?

Three years ago, she desperately tried to marry him. That was also because she had poor insight?

Sean gritted his teeth. Hearing Cindy’s question, he turned his head slightly to look at Amber. She was holding Cindy in her arms with a soft expression.

This expression…

Could it be that Amber loved him so much and couldn’t live without him?

Maybe she said that to cover it up!

“That was a long time ago.”

Sean paused and was somewhat glad.

Amber actually admitted that she liked him?

Sean tsked. The tough Amber actually fell in love with him?

But what did she mean by long time ago?

She didn’t like him anymore?

She didn’t appreciate it after she got him? Was she still confused about who she was?

She was Mrs. Smith. If she fell in love with others, that would be marital infidelity!

“Mom, is it a disease to have a poor insight?”


“Then have you been cured?”

Amber hesitated and nodded.

She guessed so.

She was cured by Sean. After being with him for more than ten years and being hurt constantly, she understood.

Love couldn’t conquer everything.

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