Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 333: Daddy Lu Is Good

Cindy licked her crimson lips and whispered, “Mom, can you get me a dad. I think daddy Lu is good.”

Amber froze.

However, Sean, who was standing behind them, reacted.

He didn’t even notice that he was frowning.

Daddy Lu?

This brat!

Didn’t he tell her not to call other people dad casually?

She wanted a new dad. So she didn’t care?

If he saw her later, would she call him uncle Smith?

Sean laughed in anger. It seemed that Amber had a strong influence on Cindy!

She was almost as artful as Amber!


Amber said in a disapproval tone, “Sean is your dad!”

“Your only dad.”

Amber probably never thought about letting him go, and handing over the position of Mrs. Smith to others!

Of course he was Cindy’s only father!

Maybe the reason why Amber insisted on saying Cindy was his daughter was that her private life was indiscreet and that she didn’t even know who Cindy’s real father was!

She was like forcing him to shoulder a father’s responsibility for another man!

If Amber wanted to remarry, the man she remarried would only be Cindy’s stepfather!

Sean felt like a loser.

He never had such a feeling before!

“Cindy, dad loves you very much. You should be good and get along with him!”

Cindy curled her lips with an upset face, “Dad loves aunt Lin more.”

Sean, “…”

Amber was surprised that her daughter would be jealous at such a young age!

Amber licked the corner of his mouth and said in a low voice, “If dad loves Aunt Lin more, when you kicked Lin Man on purpose, he would have hit you!”

Hearing this, Cindy pinched her fingers.

Sean was shocked. Cindy kicked Lin Man on purpose?

Weren’t all children pure in mind?

Did Cindy learn that from Amber?

Did Amber privately teach Cindy to bully Lin Man?

However, Amber glanced at Cindy’s petty action.

She knew her daughter well. Obviously, she felt guilty.

Amber didn’t expect that she would get something out of her mouth.

“Mom, Lin Man wants to take dad away from you.”

“Mom, isn’t dad ours?”

“Dad told me that Aunt Lin was his girlfriend. He said he would marry her in the future. What will happen to you?”

Cindy sobbed and looked at Amber with big eyes.

Amber didn’t know how to explain the past to Cindy. She could only tell her vaguely, “Cindy, dad wouldn’t be taken away easily.”

“Are you serious?”

Sean’s voice suddenly sounded. Amber and Cindy had a pause and both looked back.

“Amber, have you forgotten what you did? Do you dare to tell your daughter who took whose man away three years ago?!”

He and Lin Man had been in love for many years. Lin Man was his first love and the only woman he loved in his life!

With her bone marrow, she convinced his mother to force him to marry her.

Amber was the other woman!

If that was the case, it was easy to take him away!

Most importantly, Amber was his legal wife and her position was protected by law! However, it cost her no efforts to turn Lin Man into the other woman!

With that in mind, Sean couldn’t help getting angry. He looked directly at Amber.

He thought Amber would compromise after hearing his words.

However, she stood up holding Cindy, walked up to him, and directly stuffed Cindy into his arms.

He was caught off guard, subconsciously holding Cindy steadily.

If Cindy fell to the ground and was hurt, he wouldn’t know how to make it up!

“What are you doing?”

Sean snapped in a low voice.

Amber glanced behind him, and also said in a low voice, “Sean, we are in a public place. Are you sure you want to talk about this here?”

Sean paused.

He glanced at Amber with sharp eyes, “Amber, don’t think I can put up with your behavior. I do that for the Smith Group!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Cindy reached out and grabbed his collar.

“Who is the Smith Group? Is she also dad’s mistress? Dad, do you like the Smith Group more or Aunt Lin more?!”

Sean was dumbfounded.

The Smith Group and Lin Man were totally different.

Sean glanced at Cindy in his arms, turned his head, and let silent.

After two steps, Amber tugged at Sean’s clothes, and Sean turned his head impatiently. “You have injuries. Let me carry Cindy!”

Sean said sarcastically, “What do you mean? Am I too weak to carry my daughter?”

“I am injured, not disabled!”

Sean pronounced the words “my daughter” heavily in a strong irony tone.

Amber was smart and understood what he meant. When Sean looked at her, he saw a slight smile on her face which was like a soft breeze.

Sean’s pupils contracted, and he looked away quickly.

He headed directly to the ward, and as soon as he reached the door, he ran into Lin Man.

Seeing Sean holding Cindy, Lin Man pressed her lips delicately.

“Sean, you are injured. How can you carry Cindy?”

As soon as Cindy saw Lin Man, she was alert. She stretched out her fleshy little arms and tightly circled Sean’s neck. Before Sean could answer, she said to Lin Man, “Aunt Lin, my father is indeed injured, but not disabled!”

“He is not too weak to carry his daughter!”

Amber, “…”

Cindy’s hostility towards Lin Man was really strong!

Sean’s two thin lips pressed tightly into a sharp blade, glowing with a cold light.

He took a look at Amber with a sarcastic smile, and then looked at Lin Man, who was holding the corner of her clothes and lowering her head and said softly, “Man, I’m fine. Let’s go in.”

Lin Man nodded and walked in. Sean walked in front, and Amber and Lin Man followed behind.

Lin Man looked at Amber and said in a low voice, “Amber, Sean is badly injured. How can you let him carry Cindy all the way here?”

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