Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 334: I Can’t Stop Him

The corner of Sean’s mouth twitched. Sure enough, Lin Man cared about him more!

Amber should feel guilty!

Hearing this, Amber stretched out her hand to stroke her hair, smiled and said, “Miss Lin, Sean loves Cindy and likes to hold her. I can’t stop him!”

“When Sean’s back was badly mutilated after he was whipped by his father, he still carried Cindy!”

“You don’t have a daughter, so you won’t understand! When you have children in the future, you will feel the same way!”

Amber couldn’t bear Lin Man being such a bitch. After pausing for a while, she answered in a bitch’s way.

Since Sean left her without saying goodbye eleven years ago, he no longer cared about her. She loved with him for eleven years, but every time she was considerate of him, all she got was a broken heart.

She was not a masochist.

As expected, Lin Man’s expression changed.

Sean suddenly stopped.

Why did he have to love Cindy?

Why did he have to love another man’s child?

Did he owe Cindy?

Amber was still thinking about how to sow discord between him and Lin Man?

What a wishful thinking!

Sean turned his head and glanced at Amber.

Although his expression was calm, it was enough to tell Lin Man that what Amber said was not true.

The dark cloud on Lin Man’s face fragmented. She smiled shyly and looked at Sean, “Sean, my emerald earrings…”

Amber froze and looked in Lin Man’s direction.

Lin Man’s earlobes were fair-complexioned, and she was wearing only one emerald earring, which emphasized the fairness of her skin.

Sean suddenly remembered that Lin Man was also wearing this earring yesterday.

When did she lose the other?

At that time, he went in to find Amber and didn’t notice that.

He licked his lips, and just wanted to say that he would give her another pair when he recognized that it was the earring sent to her by her grandmother.

Three years ago, when Lin Man was still with him, she mentioned the earrings to him more than once.

Sean suddenly reacted. Lin Man probably lost it in the Paramount and wanted him to help find it?

“Lin Man, the fire was too big. I guess it’s hard to get it back…”

Lin Man looked a little melancholy. Sean softened his tone and said in a low voice, “You can give me the one on your ear. I will try to make one exactly the same.”

A faint smile appeared on Amber’s face.

Her heart contracted terribly.

Back then, when Lu Yi gave Lin Man that different explanation, she still had some hope…

So Lu Yi said that he was trying to save Lin Man, in case she would be sad.

After all……

Comparing with the fact that she was not important as Lin Man’s earring, it was easier for her to accept that she was not important as Lin Man in Sean’s heart.

Amber had never been so embarrassed.

Even when Lin Man begged her to give Sean a child, she was not so embarrassed.

She was proud of the fact that Sean once loved her deeply, especially in front of Lin Man.

However, their past was torn to pieces by Sean in person, and annihilated to ashes.

Amber suddenly laughed. She took out the earring from the pocket of her sun-protective clothing and whispered, “Is it this one?”

Lin Man’s eyes lit up.

Sean’s head was a little stiff.

Why did Amber have Lin Man’s earring?

“Why do you have my earring?”

Amber’s eyelashes slightly lowered and she said, “The doctor gave it to me, saying that he found it on Sean’s clothes. He thought it was mine!”

Sean glanced at Amber.

He didn’t know what she was thinking. Seeing her expression, he felt guilty somehow, as if he had cheated on her.

Sean cleared his throat and then wondered why.

Amber also cheated on him!

She should be the one who felt guilty!

Amber glanced at Sean and put the earring in Lin Man’s hand.

“Amber, thank you.”

Amber’s heart was like being pierced by a knife.

“No worries.”

Amber smiled, and her eyelashes fluttered. Under the sunlight, she looked weak and pale.

She pointed to the single sofa next to her, “Well, I’ll go and read the document.”

After she turned around, Lin Man looked at her back with a meaningful smile on her lips.

Sean entered the ward and went to bed. The nurse gave Sean a drip. Cindy was lying in his arms and playing on his phone.

The nurse asked, “Have you applied medicine on your burn?”

Sean said nothing. The nurse turned her head looking at Amber and asking again.

“Not yet…”

“What kind of wife you are? When will the injury on his back be cured if you don’t apply the medicine for him?”

Amber nodded silently.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to apply the medicine for Sean, but that Sean didn’t allow her to do that.

“Sorry, I will do that later.”

The nurse snorted and said, “Three times a day. Otherwise, he will stay in hospital for a long time!”

Amber nodded again.

As soon as the nurse left, Amber stood up and looked for the ointment she bought before.

Before she reached the bedside, the door of the ward was knocked.

Amber turned her head and saw Lu Xiangxiang standing at the door of the ward with light makeup on her face. She was in a white shirt and black trousers, carrying a fruit basket. The straight trousers outlined her long legs.


Lu Xiangxiang smiled and walked in directly.

“Amber, is the Smith family going bankrupt? Why are you sharing the same room with Mr. Smith!?”

Amber froze.

Everyone in the Smith family knew that Sean almost died in Paramount when he tried to save her.

She didn’t want to irritate Mrs. Smith and Tomas, so she volunteered to take care of Sean.

“Why are you here? You came from the company?”


Lu Xiangxiang didn’t mean to say anything else. She curved her red lips and looked at Lin Man jokingly, “Who is this?”

Lin Man stood up from the stool and said in a low voice, “I’m Lin Man, a fashion designer hired by the Smith Group.”

Hearing this, Lu Xiangxiang glanced at Sean.

In fact, Lu Xiangxiang had recognized Lin Man. Yesterday at Paramount, she didn’t take a closer look at her.

Besides, she was originally unfamiliar with Lin Man and hadn’t seen her for many years. At first glance, she naturally thought Lin Man was a stranger.

So when she met Lin Man again, she recognized her.

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