Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 335: Old Sweetheart

“The Smith Group is really interesting. Mr. Smith’s old sweetheart returned home and actually has to work for him!”

“It seems that the Smith Group is going to go bankrupt. Mr. Smith can’t even support her!”

Sean looked at Lu Xiangxiang with gloomy eyes.

Amber thought she suffered grievance because of Lin Man, so she asked Lu Xiangxiang to fight back for her?

When didn’t Amber become so narrow-minded?

Even if Lu Xiangxiang backed her up, he wouldn’t watch her and other women bully Lin Man!

“Miss Lu, I wonder if Mr. Feng knows you are so sharp-tongued?”

“Instead of doing your own job, you’re using your office hours to meddle in other people’s family affairs!”

Lu Xiangxiang took out an apple from the fruit basket, took a bite and smiled, “Why don’t you call Mr. Feng?”

The Smith Group and the Feng Group were rivals. Moreover, she had asked Mr. Feng for leave!

Even if Sean did call Mr. Feng, she wouldn’t be afraid!

Sean curved the corner of his mouth and said nothing. He raised his eyebrow slightly, looked at Amber and said in a low voice, “Aren’t you going to apply the medicine for me? Do it.”

Hearing this, Amber walked towards the bed and stretched out to open the drawer. As soon as she took out the ointment, Lu Xiangxiang grabbed her wrist.

“What are you doing. Amber, you are also a patient!”

“Since Sean’s old sweetheart is here, you should go out with me and have a good rest!”

Sean, “…”

Saying that, Lu Xiangxiang picked up her handbag on the desk and pulled Amber out.

“Since Miss Lin is Mr. Smith’s old sweetheart, you don’t mind helping Mr. Smith with that, do you?”

Amber licked her lips. The atmosphere in the ward was depressed, and she didn’t want to stay here any longer.

She stood behind Lu Xiangxiang silently. Obviously, she had agreed to leave here.

Sean glared at Amber, and his eyebrows almost knitted into a ball.

“Director White, don’t forget what you promised to my mother!”

When Amber got up in the morning, she received a call from Mrs. Smith. He vaguely heard their conversation.

“You promised to take good care of me, why? My mother is not here, so you are going out with your friend?”

“And leave me in the hospital alone?”

Sean was so angry.

He was injured because of Amber. However, she was going to leave him alone and hang out with her friend?

“Sean, how could I do that? Isn’t Miss Lin also here?”

“Miss Lin, when you are leaving, give me a call, okay?”

Lin Man’s expression changed.

Sean’s words slammed into her heart, suffocating her.

“Mom, mom! Where are you going?”

Suddenly, Cindy sat up from the bed and asked, blinking.

Lu Xiangxiang raised her eyebrow, “Last time I said I would take you to the amusement park. Do you still want to go?”

“Auntie, you finally have time?”

“I’ll take you there even if I don’t have time!”

“I can’t leave you in the hospital to take care of your dad, can I?”

Cindy was taken aback, “Stay in the hospital to take care of dad!?”

Cindy’s tone was hesitant. Sean felt a little better. At least in Cindy’s heart, he was a bit more important than the amusement park!

She was quite grateful.

Sean was delighted. After a pause for less than half a minute, Lu Xiangxiang nodded and said, “Yes!”

Cindy got up quickly from the bed, “Aunt Lin, then I’ll leave dad to you. Thank you for taking care of him!”

Cindy put on her shoes, and hopped up to Lu Xiangxiang, and whispered, “Auntie, let’s go to the amusement park!”

“The one that my dad took me to last time was not very fun. How about going to Disney Land this time?”

Lu Xiangxiang smiled brightly.

What Cindy said might be the children’s playground. Cindy was not an ordinary child who would be fond of that!


But Lu Xiangxiang liked that.

“Amber, let’s go!”

Amber nodded and followed Lu Xiangxiang. Halfway through, she turned back.

Sean raised his eyebrow, thinking that Amber had dispelled the idea of going out with Lu Xiangxiang, “You made the right ch…”

Before Sean finished speaking, Amber suddenly stretched out her hands, picked up a stack of documents on the desktop, and whispered, “I will take these discarded documents to the doctor’s office and shred them.”

Sean abruptly sat up from the hospital bed.

“Amber, you should know that the document that Xu Lin sent to me aren’t small projects that your marketing department handles,” he said.

“You better think twice before you do that!”

Amber’s expression remained unchanged. She shook the document in her hand, making a rustling sound as the paper rubbed, “Sean, with your attitude toward documents, you think others would cooperate with you?”

“Do you know how long it will take to produce a document? You threw it on the ground. Your work attitude is lax, and you don’t respect partners!”

“What makes you think they would choose the Smith Group?”

She looked serious, “If it is the advantage and strength of the Smith Group, it’s not your credit but dad’s!”

After that, she held the document and went straight out of the ward.

Sean kept silent with a gloomy face.

He hadn’t been in the Smith Group for long, but when he was in HK, the profits he brought to the company was something Amber had never seen in her life!

How dare she criticize him like that?

Was she very competent?

He would not be convinced by her few words and hand over the position of President Smith to others!

Sean licked his lips. When he reacted, Amber was gone.

Sean’s eyebrows knitted, and he took out his phone to call Amber.

Then Amber’s phone rang in the ward.

Sean held the phone tightly and then smashed it to the ground.

Lin Man was taken aback.


Sean rubbed his temples. Hearing Lin Man’s words, he licked the corners of his lips and softened his expression.

“Sean, are you… angry with Amber? You don’t want her to leave?”

Sean forced out a stiff smile, “I’m fine. Did I scare you?”

Lin Man shook her head, waved the ointment, and whispered, “Sean, shall I apply the medicine for you?”

Sean froze.

He glanced at Lin Man and said in a low voice, “No, can you get a male nurse for me?”


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