Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 336: Am I An Antipathy for You

Lin Man bit her lip, “Sean, the nurse may not do it better than me!”

“When you were injured, it was me who applied the medicine for you. Remember? Am I an antipathy for you?”

Sean’s eyes flickered.

It was just because he didn’t believe in Amber. She wouldn’t be so kind as to let him spend time with Lin Man alone!

Who knows if it was her trap?

What if Amber couldn’t wait anymore and wanted to get a divorce!

What if she hired a detective and asked him to take photos of them? He would be convicted of marital infidelity as soon as he took off his shirt!

Then he had to give up all their joint property when they divorced!

He would rather throw all his money away than give it to Amber!

“Lin Man, you overthink it.”

“How can I regard you an antipathy?”

Sean took a deep breath and whispered, “I am married, and the matter between me and Amber hasn’t subsided on the Internet. There may be reporters in the hospital.”

“If they find you here, you might be blocked in the hotel again.”

“I’m in hospital now, and I can’t help you out in time.”

Lin Man’s eyes were red, and she forced out a smile, “Sean, you are so considerate.”

“Then I’ll get a male nurse. Wait a moment.”

Sean nodded.

Lin Man walked out of the ward in high heels.

There are few people on the SVIP floor. The people staying there were either rich or influential. Basically no one would come up except those who visited.

Lin Man came out. Standing in the empty corridor, she threw the ointment in her hand into the trash can.

She felt dirty even if she touched Amber’s stuff.

Lin Man blinked, called a male nurse, and then walked to the pharmacy. She stopped there for a moment, and bought an ointment whose package was very similar to that of the one bought by Amber.

In Disney Land.

Amber was a bit absent in mind from the moment she came out of the hospital.

Lu Xiangxiang took a bite of the ice-cream cone, “Amber, you don’t look like you are having fun with your child!”

Amber smiled and said, “You don’t look like you’re out for fun in that outfit!”

“I told you on the phone I was fine. Why did you still come to me today?”

Lu Xiangxiang, “I have to confirm that with my own eyes!”

“You always hold back bad news!”

“Moreover, you didn’t tell me Lin Man was back!”

Amber paused.

Lu Xiangxiang said, “I saw her at the gate of Paramount yesterday!”

“She was back to take away your man from you?”

Amber lowered her eyes. Lin Man wouldn’t write what she was up to on her face, so she didn’t know what she was back for.

“By the way, Lin Man said that Sean went in Paramount to save you?”

“If this is the case, he is not as bad as I thought!”

Amber’s mouth corner twitched and did not answer.

Lu Xiangxiang saw Amber’s weird expression and asked, “Am I wrong?”


“He indeed saved me.”

Lu Xiangxiang looked at Amber suspiciously, and said tentatively, “When I wanted to take you out, Sean looked like he didn’t want you to leave him alone.”

No matter what Lu Xiangxiang said, Amber nodded and admitted.

Lu Xiangxiang pressed her lips tightly, “Amber, tell me the truth! We are friends! You can’t keep everything from me!”

“Unless you don’t treat me as a friend!”

Amber’s eyelashes trembled. Lu Xiangxiang asked carefully, “He went in Paramount for Lin Man?”

Amber nodded.

“But Lin Man had already come out at that time!”

“It was Lin Man’s earring. Sean went in for her earring!”

Lu Xiangxiang cursed and turned around abruptly, “Son of a bitch, I’ll go to him!”

Amber grabbed her with one hand, “No!”


“I don’t want to invite humiliation anymore!”

Lu Xiangxiang kept silent for a moment and felt something was wrong. After a pause, she asked Amber, “No, Amber!”

“Lin Man loves Sean. How can she let Sean risk his life for an earring?”

“Amber, did Sean personally admit that or something?”

Amber’s eyebrows twitched, and she looked at Lu Xiangxiang, “Lin Man told that to me.”

“You believe what Lin Man said?”

“Isn’t she just expecting you to break up with Sean? If I were Lin Man, I would say Sean hired someone to kill you!”

“You are usually smart. Why are you so confused when it comes to your own affairs?”

The spectators saw the chess game better than the players.

Amber curled her lips.

“Sean probably indeed went in for you. It was urgent at the time. Lin Man didn’t want Sean to die, so she told the truth!”

Amber, “…”

She didn’t believe that she was that important in Sean’s heart!

But what Lin Man said was indeed not credible.

“Amber, you should ask Mr. Smith directly.”

Would he tell her the truth after she asked?

Amber hesitated and shook her head.

After being out for nearly an hour, Amber watched the time three times and held on for another fifteen minutes. She lost her patience and whispered, “Xiangxiang, I’m going back!”

“I’ll go get Cindy!”

After taking a step, she was dragged back by Lu Xiangxiang, “Why?”

“Can Sean really not live without you?’

Amber drew her hand back, “Xiangxiang, Sean won’t let Lin Man apply the medicine for him.”

“What do you mean?”

“He loves Lin Man, but he married me. We had such a big scandal before. No matter how much he desires Lin Man, he will not do anything improper to her!”

“He will not bear Lin Man being blamed, and let her become the other woman!”

“He won’t let Lin Man apply the medicine for him, because there may be reporters in the hospital who want to get something on him! I have to go back!”

Amber said, turning around to find Cindy.

Lu Xiangxiang stomped her feet in anger. She had to send Amber and Cindy back!

When Amber returned, the nurse had finished applying the medicine for Sean. Sean was reading a file with an apple Lin Man peeled for him.

She took a step into the ward. Sean saw her at a glance, and said sarcastically, “Director White, you are finally back. Did you have fun?”

“Yes!” Cindy said, “Dad, when you are recovered, I will also take you there. I played the Flying Saucer today. It was fun.”

She walked forward with a smile, looked at Lin Man, and said, “Aunt Lin, you are still here. Thanks to you, my mother had such a chance to have fun.”

Lin Man, “…”


Amber tried to stop her. But Cindy didn’t seem to hear her and then continued, “Aunt Lin, you know what, my dad is clingy to my mom. Every time he sees me, he would ask where is your mom?”

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